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Spike TV's 2009 Scream Awards: star-studded and surreal

I don’t know if you caught last night’s 2009 Scream Awards on Spike TV last night. But if you didn’t, then you missed out on one of the strangest parades of Hollywood back-patting ever staged. For those unfamiliar with this new heir to the Oscars and the Golden Globes, the Scream Awards are ostensibly all about celebrating the best in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror on both the big and the small screen. And just to show that the event is even cooler than the MTV Movie Awards, the categories honor such superlatives as Best Horror Movie, Best Villain, and my personal favorite, Most Memorable Mutilation Scene.

Perhaps fittingly, the show kicked off with two little blonde, pigtailed girls standing onstage in little sundresses. A little cute, a little eerie. But eerie won out when one of them pulled out a shiny steel knife and slashed her own throat and arterial spray jetted out of the other one’s neck. Yes, it was going to be that kind of show. The camera cut away to the audience who were all in their teens and twenties dressed in zombie make-up and Pinhead costumes and general goth fetish attire. No seat-fillers or gifting suites needed for this crowd. READ FULL STORY

Michael Jackson dance record attempt: Did you 'Thrill the World'?

We reported yesterday on the global attempt to break a record for mass dancing which involved people around the world simultaneously performing the routine from Michael Jackson’s video for “Thriller.” There’s no official word yet as to whether the attempt was successful. But there are a number of videos from different parts of the globe documenting the so-called “Thrill the World” dancers (see below).

Were you one of those who shook a zombified leg yesterday in tribute to the King of Pop last night (or whatever part of the day it happened to be in your part of the world)? Or were you a witness to any of the events? Drop us a line!

Josh Wolk's Pop Culture Club talks 'Zombieland': Did it have enough brains?

zombieland-woody_lWelcome back to the Pop Culture Club, and before we begin, I should alert any newcomers that as this “Club” has all ostensibly seen Zombieland, there will be spoilers galore that will ruin your enjoyment of the movie should you choose to see it later. (That, by the way, was the longest possible way to say “spoiler alert.”)

I should start by saying that I work with many diehard zombiephiles. The kind who know every George A. Romero movie, and, after reading this post’s headline, are now itching to give an irritated lecture about how zombies don’t actually eat brains…as if accepting the walking undead is perfectly logical, but brain-eating isn’t. I went to see this movie with EW’s Dalton Ross, and when we walked out, I said, “I’m just checking: Was 28 Days Later the first movie where zombies sprinted instead of staggered?” And he replied, “That’s actually a controversial question…” and gave me his PhD dissertation on how he strongly believes that staggering is the only true way for a zombie to perambulate. Yes or no, Ross! READ FULL STORY

'Zombieland' tops our Must List. Tell us what's on yours!

zombieland-duo_lOkay, raise your hands: Who thought Zombieland was going to suck? The unexpectedly hilarious trailer left me worried we’d fall prey to some kind of bait and switch — a movie that had already exhausted its funniest lines in previews; characters who proved intolerable 15 minutes in. But that didn’t happen! We got a movie that was wickedly entertaining, and a perfect early fall popcorn entree! Sometimes things work out!

While I compose myself, you go ahead and tell us what’s on YOUR Must List this week. List up to three items from current TV/movies/music/books/games/online. And be sure to explain WHY you’ve made your selection, too — we love to hear your thoughts! Don’t forget your e-mail address, in case we decide to use your submission in the magazine. Deadline is Thursday, Oct. 8 at noon ET.

Josh Wolk's Pop Culture Club reminder: See 'Zombieland'!

zombieland-zombie_lHey, Pop Culture Club (and anyone else who likes to see actors bleed from the mouth and get hit by banjos), don’t forget to go see Zombieland, and we’ll meet back here at EW.com on Thursday to discuss.

I’m seeing it tomorrow, and can’t wait: it’s been far too long since I’ve seen a good mouth bleed banjo, or, as it’s called in zombie shorthand, a mobleejo. See you Thursday!

'Zombieland' star Jesse Eisenberg: Anatomy of a rising star

Jesse-Eisenberg_lCould Jesse Eisenberg, the gawky kid from Adventureland and The Squid and the Whale, be on the verge of breakout star status? I’d say yes, after watching him on last night’s Conan (check out the clip after the jump). The 25-year-old did a great job of plugging his new movie Zombieland, earning big laughs from the crowd with a few of his nervous jokes. And through it all, he reminded me of  some other famous  people. Here’s the breakdown: READ FULL STORY

'Zombieland': Hollywood finally offers some red meat to a starving geek nation

You know it’s a bleak time to be a movie lover when Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is the highest-grossing movie in America because it actually is the best option at the multiplex and not because the studio threw the most money at it. That may have something to do with why the geekeratti are already over Zombieland — Sony’s relatively low-budget undead buddy picture starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg — as if it were a predestined oscar-sweeping LOTR-sized phenom.

That’s a lot of pressure on a slyly self-referential genre flick that doesn’t even hit theaters until this Friday. But the film’s first-time director, Ruben Fleischer, is already getting the Quentin Tarantino treatment, with long, reverential Q&As like this one in which he explains how his movie deconstructs the tropes of zombie movies and made action scenes new and exciting again. That’s all fair enough.

As someone who has had the pleasure of seeing Zombieland, it deserves plenty of props for some genuinely hilarious banter between Harrelson, a kamikazi cowboy, and Eisenberg, a young Woody Allen-type who somehow got lost in an action movie. There’s some genuinely original filmmaking flourishes, like the signs that pop up during action sequences and the inspired use  of slo-mo during zombie chase sequences. But, it’s annoying that even goofy genre movies like this one can’t avoid being over-hyped by entertainment junkies desperate for a fix. I wonder if I would have liked the movie half as much if I had already been doused in the hype that’s already swirling around Zombieland. How about you: Do you feel like you can give a movie a fair shot even if you’ve already been told it’s going to rearrange your electrons? Has there been an over-hyped movie you feel like you might have liked better if you had seen it earlier in its life-cycle? Has Zombieland reached the hype tipping point yet?

Peter Serafinowicz: Why the least famous member of the 'Couples Retreat' cast may be the best reason to see it

Vince Vaughn. Kristen Bell. Jason Bateman. Jon Favreau. Kristin Davis. Malin Akerman. Yes, the forthcoming comedy Couples Retreat boasts a darn starry cast. But I’m most likely to go and see it because of one man: Peter Serafinowicz.

“Peter who?” you may ask. It’s a reasonable question, although Star Wars fans might recall him as the guy who voiced Darth Maul, and the British Serafinowicz is notably limber in the vocal chord department. (I remember once seeing on YouTube some footage of him running through a bajillion different voices in 7 seconds — I exaggerate only slightly.) But the guy is a hugely talented comedian whose credits include his excellent, recently-broadcast-on-Adult Swim, fake science show Look Around You, and the even more terrific UK sitcom Spaced (the first episode of which, coincidentally, was first broadcast in Britain exactly ten years ago this week!). He also played Simon Pegg’s irritating roommate-turned-ghoul in the Spaced team’s classic zom-rom-com Shaun of the Dead. Finally, those who don’t mind some very (very!) strong language should also check out his spot-on impersonation of Simon Cowell from BBC’s The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

Anyhoo, Serafinowicz is showcased in a new Couples Retreat clip streaming at Yahoo! Movies, during which, unless I’m mistaken, he appears to be channeling James Mason and Christopher Lee. (That suit-and-hair combo is very Man With The Golden Gun.) You can also see him in several scenes in the trailer below.


Anyone else out there a fan of Serafinowicz? And what’s your vibe about Couples Retreat? Next great comedy smash, or unfortunate box-office bomb?

'Walking Dead' and AMC: The best-idea-ever of the day

Walking-Dead_lIn case you’ve been living under a rock in J.D. Salinger’s yard, zombies are like the bacon of pop culture: They make everything better. Even, apparently, Jane Austen. But with apologies to Shaun of the Dead and World War Z, the best piece of zombie fiction of the past 10 years has been The Walking Dead, an ongoing comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. Following police officer Rick Grimes, who wakes up in the hospital after a zombie apocalypse, Walking Dead is a harrowing look and what humans will do to each other in the harsh face of armageddon. It is, as they say, about character. READ FULL STORY

'Zombieland' trailer: Who knew Woody Harrelson killin' zombies would be so much fun?

Everywhere you turn these days, there's a zombie: in Jane Austen, in Harvard lectures, in excellent comic books, and awesomely horrible movies. Undead is the new black. But with the exception of the phenomenal Shaun of the Dead, zombies aren't usually played for laughs. And then comes the trailer for Zombieland.

I don't know if this movie's gonna be any good, or if it's gonna stink like a shambler left out in the sun. But it's got attitude, a sense of humor, and Woody Harrelson, looking like he's having he time of his life.

Whaddya think, P-Diddlies? Are you totally zombied out, or is this flick one for the to-do list?

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