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'American Idol' 2014: And the Top 5 are...

For the first time, the contestants got to sing two solo songs Wednesday night, one country and one rock ‘n roll. With too many guitars and not enough personality, the final six continued to make similar mistakes from week’s past. And now that mistake may prove fatal as one more singer was unplugged for good.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead about tonight’s elimination!


'Parks and Recreation' finale ending: What did you think?

[SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this story until you have watched tonight's season finale of Parks and Recreation.]

So… that happened. Or will happen three years from now. READ FULL STORY

James Earl Jones to return to Broadway this fall in 'You Can't Take It With You'

It appears that Broadway’s current obsession with Moss Hart (now embodied in the just-reviewed Lincoln Center production of his beloved memoir Act One) is going to continue just a bit longer. James Earl Jones, a.k.a. The Voice (well before it was a hit NBC reality competition program), will lend those Darth Vader tones to the 1936 American classic You Can’t Take It With You, written by ace scribes Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman and even better known for the Best Picture Oscar-winning 1938 film by Frank Capra.

In the first revival in over 30 years, Jones is assumed to take the role of Grandpa Vanderhof, the head of the eccentric Sycamore family, who lock horns with another family, the Kirbys, over a real-estate dispute that interrupts the romantic progress of two younger members of each clan. The production, a Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama, will be directed by Broadway vet Scott Ellis (Curtains).

You Can’t Take It With You is slated to begin previews this August, with an opening night set for September 28. Additional cast and creative team will be announced at a later date.

Man dressed as Spider-Man is running for political office in India

An unusual new contender has entered India’s general election from South Mumbai. The contender is none other than Spider-Man, the wall-crawling protector of the innocent beloved for his 50-plus years of thrilling comic book antics and also for like maybe half of his movies. Or anyhow, it’s a guy dressed as Spider-Man: As reported by CNN, independent candidate Gaurav Sharma has donned Spidey’s outfit to climb up walls and campaign window-to-window. “People are definitely taking me seriously,” he says, which admittedly sounds unlikely, but maybe outside of America people do take politicians seriously? READ FULL STORY

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse': Bad Lip Reading version -- VIDEO


Twihards and Twisofts (can that be a thing?) alike, behold the latest Bad Lip Reading video, this time for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

The person behind Bad Lip Reading takes clips from movies, like Twilight, and dubs in new, random vocals making for weirder and funnier versions of the original scenes. Example: In the latest video, Jacob strides toward Edward asking, out of nowhere, “Do you ever just want to have a centipede?”

Watch the entire video below:


Today in 'Frozen' WTF: Anna and Elsa do 'Thriller' dance, Backstreet Boys -- VIDEO


Are you off the Frozen train? It’s okay if you are. Most people seem to be, in fact, except…they’re not. The soundtrack for the wildly popular November movie just hit its biggest sales week yet, which means that, hard as we try, we haven’t escaped the winter just yet.

There’s still plenty of hilarious pop culture to be mined from the biggest event to happen to Disney animated movies since that thing with Bambi’s mom. Don’t worry—you’ll find no “Let It Go” covers here. But if you think you’ve seen everything to do with Frozen, I submit to you something completely different: READ FULL STORY

Shailene Woodley hits peak Shailene with 'Natural Health' magazine cover story

Shailene Woodley hit peak Shailene while gracing the cover of, of course, Natural Health magazine.

The actress — who tends to double as a One Woman 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution  — couldn’t resist opening up to the magazine’s sympathetic audience about some of her quirkier habits that she’s quickly becoming known for in interviews (i.e: clay eating).

“There’s one defining moment that I’ll never forget: It was an incredibly windy day and I was walking through the quad of my public high school, which is surrounded by pine trees,” Woodley shared about where her interest in environmentalism began. “There were hundreds of pine needles swirling around in the air, and I looked down and scattered across this huge grassy expanse was all of the trash left over from lunch— plastic bags, soda cans, that kind of thing. And something just clicked when I saw the juxtaposition of the ignorance on the ground against the beauty and freedom in the sky.” READ FULL STORY

The 20 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time: 'The Dark Knight'

There’s before The Dark Knight, and there’s after The Dark Knight. Before The Dark Knight, superhero movies were big for Hollywood and Christopher Nolan was a culty stylist and everyone loved Batman. After The Dark Knight, superhero movies were the defining Hollywood product and Christopher Nolan was everyone’s favorite Hollywood director and everyone really loved Batman. READ FULL STORY

'Speed' writer Graham Yost responds to VHS collector's quest

Whether Ryan Beitz, the man setting out to collect every VHS copy of the 1994 movie Speed, succeeds in meeting his $2,500 Kickstarter goal to convert his van into a replica of the film’s bus, remains to be seen. But it sounds like his collection, estimated at 500 copies, will definitely be growing after he was profiled on Vice.com.

“Everyone has been sending me links to the Vice article on this guy,” Speed screenwriter Graham Yost, now showrunner of FX’s Justified and an executive producer of The Americans, tells EW.com in an email. “I am going to see if I can dig up a copy or two to send to him. Other than world peace and ending hunger, I can think of no greater cause than what this one brave and visionary man has embarked upon.”

Watch Beitz’s Kickstarter pitch below. As stated on the site, “This bus will be used for a national tour wherein the [World Speed Project] will display the collection at gallery showings, county fairs, diy punk basement shows, collector’s conventions, and the like; as well as hunt for VHS copies hidden all over the U.S. and World.” READ FULL STORY

Broadway's 'Rocky': Go behind the scenes of the climactic fight scene -- EXCLUSIVE

Much like the pugilist champ at its center, Rocky is proving a power player on Broadway. Its numbers keep going up, and more and more people are becoming ringside fans of the Philly palooka Rocky Balboa (Andy Karl) and his shy, pet-store employee girlfriend-in-waiting Adrian (Margo Seibert) all over again, after the great successes of Sylvester Stallone and company in the Oscar-winning 1976 movie. (Stallone is a book writer on this show, and could very likely be a Tony nominee this coming Tuesday, along with several others involved.)

But the ringside mention earlier is nothing short of completely literal, as director Alex Timbers (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) and scenic designer Christopher Barreca devised a regulation-size boxing ring for the 15-minute, climactic bout between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed (Terence Archie), in which a sizable portion of the orchestra patrons are (quite ingeniously) repurposed so that the ring may become a four-sided, true-to-life event for the audience. What results is one of the most eye-popping bits of stagecraft ever created, with no shortage of fun details (check out all that blood!).

In the exclusive three-minute feature below, watch as director Timbers and his fearless cast and crew explain how they went about making what seemed impossible in concept to a fully-realized reality for 1,500 attendees per evening. (And they managed to do it with far less event than another recent mega-musical, as well.) READ FULL STORY

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