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'The Walking Dead' walks right into my nightmares

walking-deadImage Credit: AMCOooh, The Walking Dead — the zombie series based on the revered comic books — is finally in production, and it looks like the make-up department spared no expense. At least Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies are playing non-zombie humans. You can see more photos on AMC’s site, and you can watch the full trailer below: READ FULL STORY

George A. Romero in 'Vanity Fair': Turns out, zombies do not eat brains

night_living_deadVanity Fair has up a great Q&A with horror movie master George A. Romero on the occasion of Survival of the Dead, his fifth sequel to his 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. First off, Romero dispels the notion that zombies eat brains. While his many cinematic undead have feasted on flesh, he insists they’ve never sampled gray matter. Romero also makes the interesting point that movie zombies have gotten fleeter of foot — like in 28 Days Later and Zombieland — since the days of his lumbering, staggering monsters: He blames videogames for the new need for speed. Also? He’s really pissed that John Landis got to direct Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video instead of him. Zombies are back in vogue these days, but for me, Romero’s Dead is still the gold standard. Do you agree? Will you be catching Survival of the Dead?

George A. Romero's 'Survival of the Dead': Watch the new trailer

Zombies, to quote Joy Division, will tear us apart. Sometimes literally (the better to feast on our warm human flesh), and sometimes more figuratively, as in the trailer for horror master George A. Romero’s latest flick, Survival of the Dead. The film appears to take place on a beautiful island “off the coast of Delaware,” where the residents all speak with campy Irish accents, for some reason. These residents all belong to two families that have undergone an epic schism due to their differing takes on the undead menace: One side wants to re-kill ‘em all, the other one seems to be keeping afflicted nephews and nieces in some sort of zombie nursery in hopes of an eventual cure. Sounds like a situation that will end well for all involved.

Watch the Survival of the Dead trailer after the jump, then let us know if it’s whet your appetite. READ FULL STORY

'Love Actually' actor Andrew Lincoln cast in AMC zombie thriller. To me, he is perfect.

Andrew-LincolnImage Credit: Peter MountainEvery year, a few days before Christmas, I plop myself down on my couch to watch Love Actually. And every year, I always wonder why Andrew Lincoln, the actor who plays Keira Knightley’s love interest in the movie, has yet to really hit it big here in the States. I mean, audiences for the beloved holiday romantic comedy are actually cheering for him to stalk Keira Knightley’s married character by constantly filming her — something that would be somewhat creepy in real life, but in rom-com world, is oh-my-gosh-so-romantic-squee!

So I’m thrilled to see that (according to The Hollywood Reporter) he’s nabbed the starring role, small-town cop Rick Grimes, in AMC’s zombie thriller, The Walking Dead, which is based on a comic book series. I’ll admit that I’ve never seen Lincoln in anything other than Love Actually, but to me, he is perfect for this role, . And I will support this casting choice until I look like, well, a dead ol’ zombie. I say this after seeing comments from Robert Kirkman — the author of the comic books — about Lincoln: “Andrew Lincoln, wow — what an amazing find this guy is…. Writing Rick Grimes month after month in the comic series, I had no idea he was an actual living breathing human being, and yet here he is.”

Who else is happy for Lincoln?

'Resident Evil: Afterlife' trailer: Watch it now!

The first trailer for the new Resident Evil movie — Resident Evil: Afterlife, which stars Milla Jovovich (pictured), Ali Larter, and Wentworth Miller — has turned up online. The clip’s arrival follows its premiere at Wondercon yesterday where director Paul W.S. Anderson recalled how he decided to make the fourth film in 3D after James Cameron showed him footage from Avatar a year ago. Indeed, the Afterlife clip itself boasts that the film was, “Filmed with the James Cameron/Vincent Pace Fusion Camera System.” Snappy! READ FULL STORY

'The Hills' final-season trailer: Heidi moves her face

As the cast of The Hills begins contemplating how they’ll remain relevant following the death of their reality show, MTV has released a trailer-teaser for its final season. Besides making me nostalgic for the days of Heidi’s old nose and Lauren’s drunken arguments (“You started a sl-si-sick rumor about me!”), the trailer also makes me just a bit excited. The cast thinks Kristen is doing drugs?! Heidi talks divorce?! And most importantly, Brody has a beard?! (I’ll name it the best Hills accessory since Spencer’s cowboy hat.) Plus, the trailer teases the reunion between the long-suffering Mrs. Montag and her daughter post-plastic surgery: “I just can’t do this anymore,” Heidi tells her mom. What, smile? Frown? Apparently, she can cry though — and, ouch, did that look painful! (See trailer, embedded after the jump.)

But who am I kidding? Yes, this trailer promises plenty of drama. But should we really tune into The Hills‘ final season? After all, we’ve probably seen the entirety of the season in these two minutes and 56 seconds. Just fill in 10 hours of awkward pauses and shots of Audrina’s boobs and you’ve got 20 episodes right there! READ FULL STORY

Rob Zombie directs tonight's 'CSI: Miami'

Thanks to Rob Zombie‘s mom for putting CSI: Miami on her son’s radar. The horror wizard directs tonight’s new episode (CBS, 10 p.m. ET), just as the TV-viewing audience emerges from a 17-day hibernation period in which our loofahs remind us of Olympic curling brooms. Expect blood, guts, and William Forsythe. “I was amazed at some of the things we did get away with,” the horror wizard told Show Patrol. Watch CBS’ preview for the episode, below.

I’m liking the way Michael Madsen‘s CSI version of jazz hands (when his name appears on-screen) mimic Malcolm McDowell‘s finger-wag as he sings about libel. We can only guess McDowell’s next musical number will be “Singin’ in the Rain”….

Will Zombie’s guest direction lure you in to CSI: Miami, or do you watch it anyway?

'Plants vs. Zombies' (App review): Tower Defense gameplay...undead!

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is far from a fresh video game concept. But even within the overcrowded graveyard, PopCap’s wildly addictive and endlessly charming Plants vs. Zombies has managed to stick out like a decaying appendage from under a tombstone.

The folks who previously siphoned untold hours from our lives with can’t-put-‘em-down entries Bejeweled and Peggle now bring this latest pick-up-and-play hit to the iPhone. Like its PC predecessor, the App borrows the tried-and-true Tower Defense gameplay formula that’s been taxing our thumbs and brains for years, but injects it with fresh accessibility and appeal. The simple concept has players planting a variety of zombie-slaying seeds in their yard to keep the shuffling corpses from reaching their home — it’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. Over 40 types of seeds spawn an agricultural arsenal of pea shooters, undead-stomping squash, and butter-flinging corn on the cob; the aggressive parade of undead crazies use pogo sticks, ride dolphins, and even dance like Michael Jackson in “Thriller.” PvZ’s engaging style perfectly complements its strategy-driven play.

While the iPhone version does drop a few of the modes from the PC original, the content is still piled as high as the zombie corpses. And at just $2.99, you’d be as brain-less as the game’s flesh-craving freaks if you passed this one up.
Grade: A

Mirror shots in horror movies: Look out behind you!

True story: I watched about 40 seconds of this supercut and got too scared to continue! I am a total wuss about horror movies, and this list of spooky-stuff-in-the-mirror shots from Rich at FourFour freaked me out.

Previous PopWatch supercut favorites include: the slow clap, “I’m not here to make friends,” geography, every “holy” from Batman, cell phones not working in horror movies, and “enhance.”

What’s your favorite scene excerpted above, PWers??

Videogame face-off: 'Assassin's Creed 2' vs. 'Left 4 Dead 2'

Gore. Action. Sequels. Lots of solid, inventive games came out this year, but if you were going to narrow your list to the cream of the crop, Face-Off has you covered. Today, it’s Assassin’s Creed II against Left 4 Dead 2. Check back each weekday through Dec. 24 for a new match-up.

In this corner: ‘Assassin’s Creed 2
The original Assassin’s Creed in 2007, set during the Third Crusade in the late 1100s, was addicting. The sequel is life-encompassing. Once again, the main character Desmond in the year 2012 must use a virtual reality machine, called an Animus, to stop a world-domination plot by modern-day Templars. Desmond uses the Animus to view the memories of his assassin ancestor Ezio in the late 1400s, gathering ancient Templar clues and gaining skills he can use in his own time. The vibrant Italian Renaissance cityscape includes a host of new assassination missions (completed third-person sandbox-style, like Grand Theft Auto) and plenty of cutlasses and sabres — some stolen from enemies, some provided by the game’s gadget expert, a young Leonardo DaVinci. As you dodge hunters by bribing informants and tearing down wanted posters, you’ll marvel at how the hours just simply… vanish.

In the other corner: ‘Left 4 Dead 2
You want violence? Get it in oh-so-many-spades with this sequel to last year’s Left 4 Dead. Once again, you and three others have survived a terrifying disease that turned most of the world’s population into zombie-like horrors. You traverse post-apocalyptic wastelands — most of which are on fire — toting guns, chainsaws, and frying pans, facing hordes of disgusting enemies — including one who literally blinds you with vomit. With a new “scavenge” mode option and an improved AI that presents dynamic challenges as you play (rearranging walls, upping enemy count), this L4D iteration is just as engrossing and wonderfully creepy as the original.

And the winner is… READ FULL STORY

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