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Eight intriguing games unveiled so far at Gamescom 2014

Gamescom is a Cologne, Germany-based annual video game trade fair that’s open to both the public and industry professionals. Like the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, it’s a great place to see new games announced and get closer looks at others on the way. At the halfway point of Gamescom 2014, here are some of the most interesting looking titles from this year’s crop:


This Aaron Paul Xbox One commercial will mess with your Xbox One


Microsoft made the bold decision to spend E3 pitching the Xbox One as a lovable videogame console — a notable shift from the company’s previous strategy of pitching the Xbox One as the Orwellian super-device that watches you when you sleep and costs a hundred dollars more than the PlayStation 4. But now comes a new wrinkle: a commercial for the Xbox One featuring Breaking Bad star and Need for Speed refugee Aaron Paul. Paul appears to love his Xbox One. He commands it to turn on using just his voice. “Xbox on!” he says. READ FULL STORY

Xbox E3 2014: Microsoft is very happy you told them to stop doing everything they were doing


The corporate realities of the videogame industry operate on massive, mega, epochal levels. Release dates are planned out years in advance. New brands are built carefully over the course of years, with the implicit promise that they could run for decades. You could think of the major videogame companies as giants, skyscraper-size creatures who move at their own pace. Or you could think of them as creatures out of an HP Lovecraft story, unthinkable many-headed monstrosities who live in cross-dimensional space dreaming up new nightmares. Either way, it’s hard to imagine that the events of a single day can change everything.

But one year ago today, Microsoft woke up on top of the world, and then everything got ruined. Or maybe they ruined everything. Hard to say: Their media presentation was shaky enough, what with the rape-joke controversy and the backpedaling insistence that the Xbox One’s Orwellian Always-On requirement wasn’t a requirement, just a suggestion for cool people who aren’t lame. But then a few hours later, Sony basically made the subject of their presentation: “Here’s why we aren’t Microsoft.” The PlayStation 4 let you play any games you wanted to play. The Playstation 4 was a videogame console built for videogames, not for weird tie-ins to ESPN. Above all else, the PlayStation 4 was a hundred dollars cheaper. READ FULL STORY

'Halo 5': Master Chief's next chapter gets a name and release window

Following last summer’s teaser footage of a hooded Master Chief braving the desert, Halo fans have been clamoring for any info regarding the Spartan’s next alien-thwarting adventure. Well, the wait for fresh intel ends now, as Microsoft and Chief’s handlers at 343 Industries have revealed the name and release window for the upcoming entry in the popular sci-fi first-person shooter franchise. READ FULL STORY

Criminally underrated videogames from Respawn's Vince Zampella and Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann


While EW’s gamer braintrust compiled our list of criminally underrated videogames, we also went out to some experts in the field. And we’re not kidding about experts: Vince Zampella (Call of Duty, Titanfall), CEO of Respawn Entertainment and Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us), creative director of Naughty Dog. Here’s their picks for some game titles you’re missing out on:

Vince Zampella:

Viva Piñata (2006, pictured above)
“I don’t think they sold very well and maybe it was because I played it with my kids, but these games were really good, just really fun and colorful.”

Descent (1995)
Everyone always talks about Quake 3 and Doom when they talk about first-person shooters from that era, for me it was Descent in there too. That was a great game I played a lot of.


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