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'Saturday Night Live' host poll: Can Will Ferrell dethrone Jimmy Fallon?

In the pantheon of Saturday Night Live performers, Will Ferrell is one of the all-time greats. Yes, I know, I know, the show hasn’t been funny since 1978… blah, blah, blah. But Ferrell’s seven-season stretch from 1995 to 2002 was one of the most brilliant runs in the show’s history. Saturday’s appearance was his third time back as host, since leaving to star in films like Elf and Old School, and fans were expecting great things. The results… were mixed.

With only one show remaining, Ferrell was positioned to seize control of our season-long competition to determine SNL‘s best host. Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy have been resting in the clubhouse for weeks, waiting for the final hosts to perform. A huge show may have put Ferrell over the top, but I think he left the door open. (Not enough cow bell?) READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Welcome to Will Ferrell's Cameo-fest 2012


Children, gather ’round, and I’ll tell you a tale of the long-long ago — when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and every episode of SNL wasn’t stuffed to the gills with celebrity cameos. Today, these amusing guest appearances are an essential part of Saturday Night Live‘s DNA — especially when a former cast member returns as host.

So it’s no surprise that last night’s Will Ferrell-led episode featured surprise appearances by Ana Gasteyer and Will Forte, as well as Will Ferrell’s adorable mom and Battleship star Liam Neeson. But a special, 100th anniversary Digital Short was what really catapulted the show into the cameo-choked stratosphere. This nostalgia-palooza also injected excitement into an episode that was pretty by the numbers. (The only real shock: No “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch. Damn you, Trebek!)

Will Ferrell’s next big project is The Campaign, a political comedy that opens in August. But since the movie’s debut is still several months away, it wouldn’t have made much sense for Ferrell to plug it now. Luckily, Ferrell’s got a famous impression that also serves as a tacit Campaign promotion: his George W. Bush, who has apparently been roaming the hallways of Obama’s White House since he got lost chasing a butterfly in ’09. Ferrell’s genial, dim-witted Bush is a great foil for Jason Sudeikis’s petulant Joe Biden — and pairing them as fratty, overgrown Calvin and Hobbes analogues (Obama thinks Biden’s friend “George” is imaginary) in the cold open was a stroke of genius. Get your damn pants on, we’re about to bomb blabbity blee blee blah blah:


Will Ferrell hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live': Talk about it here!

Will Ferrell doesn’t need to do much to win over Saturday Night Live‘s audience. If he appears dressed as Alex Trebek, they’ll be eating out of his hand. If he so much as says the word “cowbell,” the cheers will be deafening. So on tonight’s show, will Ferrell simply break out his George W. Bush, bring back Rachel Dratch for another “Lovers” sketch, do a few “GOU-let”s for good measure, and call it a night? Or will he — and the rest of SNL‘s cast — reject retreads of old sketches in favor of new material?

Yeah… that probably won’t happen.  READ FULL STORY

Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon fondly remember their 'SNL' low points -- VIDEO

Maybe Jimmy Fallon should make a point of inviting an ex-Saturday Night Live cast member to every episode of Late Night. Whether he’s helping Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell perform a live version of “Lazy Sunday” or riffing about fake movies with Amy Poehler, Fallon thrives when he can bounce off of another Studio 8H veteran — and last night’s chat with Will Ferrell was no exception.

During the interview, Ferrell got big laughs by claiming that he’s serving as musical guest as well as host of SNL this week — and that Usher’s name is actually pronounced “oosher.” (There are, according to Ferrell, two umlauts over the “u.”) Then he pushed the absurdity further, promising to bring back well-loved (and totally made up) recurring sketches like The Lemon Brothers and Garfy McCrungle. But the best part came when he and Fallon reminisced about the times Ferrell’s sketches fell totally flat — and the entire cast gathered behind the cameramen to “watch him eat it.”

Watch Ferrell on Fallon below — and check out Part 2 to see how loudly the audience screams when Ferrell says the word “cowbell.”


Will Ferrell's 'SNL' promos promise a goofy show -- VIDEO

As our own Ken Tucker once wrote, Will Ferrell “specializes in the comedy of awkwardness and oddity.” It makes sense, then, that the promos for the actor’s upcoming stint as Saturday Night Live host — which also star laid-back bro Jason Sudeikis — are stuffed with sentences like “I punched a guy when he was sleeping” and “You don’t know about fancy brooches!” Oh, and there are also funny wigs.

It’s always a treat to see Ferrell stop by Studio 8H. See for yourself:


PopWatch Planner: Finding 'The Voice,' life advice from Stephen Colbert, and celebrating mom

There are a few mysteries to solve this week, starting with a new one from Sherlock Holmes on the second season of Sherlock on PBS, then moving through the start of season finales to discover the winner of The Voice. Later in the week, find some great pop culture graduation gifts (’tis the season…) like the new Stephen Colbert book, and then don’t forget to do something nice for your mom next Sunday. Have a great week!

Sherlock returns to Masterpiece Mystery, PBS, 9 p.m.

Making plans for Sunday nights the next few weeks is elementary, my dear PopWatchers. Benedict Cumberbatch is back as everyone’s favorite detective and Martin Freeman joins him as Watson for the second season of the beloved Steven-Moffat-and-Mark-Gatiss series.  This week: Could Sherlock be in love? Check out Ken Tucker’s preview below.  READ FULL STORY

Will Ferrell, Louis C.K., Pinterest, and 'Sesame Street' Muppets among Webby Award winners

Over a decade after it debuted on Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush impression is still paying dividends. The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced today that Ferrell had nabbed a Webby Award for Best Individual Performance in an online video; the clip in question, which appeared on Ferrell’s site Funny or Die, shows Ferrell’s Bush learning about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Ferrell wasn’t the only big name to score a spiral-shaped Webby. Icelandic fairy Bjork won a Special Recognition Award for Artist of the Year, while Graydon Sheppard and Juliette Lewis of the “S— Girls Say” videos got cited as Actresses of the Year — despite the fact that Sheppard isn’t actually a girl. Funny or Die’s “Drunk History Christmas,” which featured performances by Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carrey, won for Best Online Film or Video Comedy, although none of those stars received individual awards. New essentials Pinterest and Spotify won for top social media site and music app, respectively. The adorable Sesame Street Muppets page was named Best Youth Website. READ FULL STORY

Adam McKay teases the plot of 'Anchorman 2'

Boy, that escalated quickly. A few weeks ago, we learned that the long-delayed Anchorman sequel would become a reality. Now director and co-writer Adam McKay has started to tease what might happen in the film.

When asked about the plot of Anchorman Dos, McKay told Salon that he didn’t want to give away too much. He did, however, reveal “a couple pieces of ideas” that he’s discussed with co-writer Will Ferrell. Specifically: “I’ll say one phrase for you: custody battle. I’ll give you that. I’ll give you one other one: bowling for dollars.” READ FULL STORY

Will Ferrell, Billy Crystal, Zach Galifianakis, and Conan O'Brien are up for Webby Awards

There’s something funny about this year’s Webby nominees. The long list of potential prize recipients includes a surplus of famous comedians — such as Will Ferrell (nominated for Best Individual Performance for his role as George W. Bush), Billy Crystal (Best Individual Performance for his aged Harry Burns), Zach Galifianakis (Variety Video for “Between Two Ferns”), and Conan O’Brien (Celebrity/Fan Site for Team Coco). If any of these funnymen win, they’ll be charged with giving an acceptance speech that’s just five words long. Doesn’t sound too hard, does–?

Other nominees include virtual boldface names like CollegeHumor, Spotify, and Pinterest. Instagram didn’t make the cut — but somehow, we think they’re feeling just fine. READ FULL STORY

'Anchorman' sequel speculation: This movie's kind of a big deal. What should we expect?

PopWatchers, I’m in a glass case of emotion right now. That’s because one of the funniest movies ever made — Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s gloriously absurd Anchorman — is finally getting the sequel it deserves. This news is almost as exciting as getting an invitation to the pants party. The… party. With the… with the pants.

Ferrell and McKay announced that they were developing Anchorman 2 : Return to San Diahhgo* way back in 2008. Unfortunately for Sex Panthers the world over, negotiations fell apart a few years later when the team and Paramount couldn’t agree on a budget. Now the movie’s back on — and, thanks to the four years that have passed since that first announcement, we’ve got a few clues about what might actually happen in the sequel. READ FULL STORY

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