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TV's greatest tearjerkers: Which moments made you cry?

A war is raging in the comments of our recap of last night’s Sons of Anarchy: Some fans think a character’s brutal, tragic end was epic storytelling (our view), while others consider it a sucker punch. To bring a little peace, let’s focus on the fact that people on both sides of the debate fought back tears and, more often than not, lost the battle and sobbed. In a world where we’re constantly deleting episodes from our DVRs to make room for the next ones, moments that stay with us are special.

We want to do a gallery of TV moments that left scars. The wounds can be fresh (Anna reuniting with Pearl on The Vampire Diaries, anyone?), or faded (I still remember curling up in my mother’s lap after watching Brian’s Song and tear up when I talk about this one episode of Three’s Company or even read the title of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “The Body“).

Your picks, your stories. Go!

'Sons of Anarchy' react: The death of [SPOILER] is series' saddest moment

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy yet, STOP READING. Sorry, West Coast, we need to start the viewer support group nowREAD FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy': Who got a little misty?

Have you recovered from last week’s emotional season premiere? FX sent the first two episodes to TV critics together, which was fitting because in episode 2, “Authority Vested,” smoke was still coming off poor Dawn’s body when Jax, Bobby, and Chibs (“Tiggy!”) arrived on the scene. But also because together, they show you what this series is capable of: Brutality that landed a spot on our list of TV’s most disturbing scenes ever and moments of love and loyalty that bring a tear to the eye. SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode! READ FULL STORY

'The X Factor': Listen to Britney Spears and Don Philip's 1999 duet, then weep for humanity

Update: Annie’s full recap is live.

Here’s Britney Spears’ duet with 32-year-old vocal coach and X Factor contestant Don Philip — “I Will Still Love You,” off her debut album, 1999’s …Baby One More Time. Something …drastic has happened to Don’s voice since then. Ugh, life. It’ll getcha.

We didn’t get many details on why current Don is such a mess, but the guy’s clearly been through hell and, thanks to the “magic” of a network television production team in search of a buzzy premiere moment, has made it back to one of the gates of hell — The X Factor audition stage!

Britney was so distraught after Don walked away that Simon had to interrupt his Skittles consumption to come over and hover over/console her.

What a difference 12 years can make. Listen to Britney and Don here: READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' anniversary: What's been your favorite twist?


Three years ago today, Sept. 10, 2009, The Vampire Diaries debuted on The CW. To celebrate, exec producer Julie Plec tweeted her favorite episodes (in order of airdate) Sunday night. Check out her picks here. She named 17 episodes, with season 3’s “The Reckoning” — when Klaus finally succeeds in forcing Stefan to turn off his humanity on Senior Prank Night — as possibly her all-time favorite.

Reading her list, filled with general epicness and top tissue moments (“Plan B,” “The Descent,” “Ghost World”), I was surprised that I reacted so strongly to Plec’s mention of season 2 episode “Klaus.” As Plec wrote, “[N]ever was an episode full of exposition so well-executed. And because the Sun and Moon Curse was fake.” I still remember how shocked I was when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) said that. Everything we thought we knew was wrong.

In honor of the show’s anniversary, name your favorite twist. The show has about 10 each episode, so there are plenty to choose from!

Read more:
‘Vampire Diaries’ season 4 promo: Elena in transition, Klaus still in Tyler? — VIDEO
Nina Dobrev among nominees for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards for the Emmy-snubbed
More ‘Vampire Diaries’ scoop

'Louie' destroys me, and I can't get enough

What is your damage, Louie? Every time I watch you, I become simultaneously depressed about the state of the world/my life and thrilled that such an accurate depiction of this terrible truth is on television. Your flawlessness drives me crazy. In the immortal words of Angela Chase, “You’re so beautiful. It hurts to look at you.” You’re just too good. That is your damage. And damn you for making me watch Leno! READ FULL STORY

'Anger Management' gets 90-episode run on FX. What else could you do with 45 hours?

Wednesday’s news that FX’s Charlie Sheen vehicle of destruction Anger Management will produce 90 more episodes over the next two years has prompted us to think short and hard about how else we could piss away FORTY-FIVE HOURS of our one life on this earth. Presenting…

4 or 5 Alternative Uses of 45 Hours

1. Construct, then float along Laziest River
2. Interact with other humans
3. Finally write novel (50 Shades of I Don’t Give a F—)
4. Watch The Expendables 2 26.2 times, instead of running a marathon
5. ANYTHING. Literally anything else! Forty-five hours!!!

What’s your suggestion? Just comment with the first thing you think of. Keep it clean!

'Abby & Brittany' series premiere: 2 Girls, 1 Bod

You may remember conjoined twins Abby (left) and Brittany Hensel from the documentary Joined for Life when they were 16, or Oprah or their Life magazine cover when they were 6. Now they have an eight-episode TLC series, Abby & Brittany, which premiered Tuesday.

I’d call this show “mundanely fascinating.” I’m not sure if we’ll get into heavier subject material later on, but much of the action in the first two episodes involved shopping for groceries and shopping for clothes. Believe it or not, that seemed like enough for now. Through voiceovers, we learn that the point of the series is to present “our normal, regular life.” I learned more from watching them navigate simple moves — eating chicken wings, riding a bike, hugging (which side???) — and hearing from their fun-loving, delightfully Minnesotan group of college girlfriends than I might have learned during an entire season of a typical reality show. It’s about basic humanity, and I didn’t find it exploitative in the slightest. And it made me think a LOT. READ FULL STORY

'Gallery Girls' vs. Ukraine's real-life 'Sleeping Beauty' art installation: Which is worse?

Where’s the art? I’m stumped.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “living fairy tale” exhibit (see video below) at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, at which any male suitor above the age of 18 may kiss a young painted lady who’s pretending to be asleep. If she opens her eyes, they must get married. This is real! Look at her ear doilies! It’s all so bizarre and disease-y — but after settling in for some Monday night cable, I had to ask: Is it worse than Gallery Girls on Bravo?  READ FULL STORY

'Gallery Girls' on Bravo: What is your damage?!

I’ve found my new favorite show to hate-watch (well, I love it but you will definitely maybe hate it): Gallery Girls on Bravo. This grotesque reality TV canvas is like a post-surrealist hybrid of The Hills and Girls — priced at $0 for all you art collectors! — that should probably just be called Bitches. It stars six young snots and one hardworking woman from Long Island who live and “work” in NYC and Brooklyn, which the show treats like a separate country.

Have I lost you yet, or do the two melting clocks in the desert (pictured) have you intrigued? READ FULL STORY

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