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Diane Farr talks the inspiration behind 'AssCastles'

Diane Farr has never had a problem hanging with the boys, whether that be on Loveline, The Job, Rescue Me, or Californication. So it’s somehow fitting that she’s brought AssCastles to Funny or Die. For each installment, she takes a tour of a real “AssCastle” — that’s any home with three or more bedrooms that a man resides in without a wife or children and maintains for the sole purpose of “pulling down ass.” She walks through the house with the owner, who takes her through his rap (which room he starts in, which room he puts his best shine on, which room he closes). She then scripts the video based on the highlights of that experience and returns to the AssCastle to recreate them with an actor, who assumes the role of the bachelor. The first installment, embedded below, begins with the claim that Farr and her team added only one thing to the mix. Guesses? It’s the wardrobe rack upon which “Troy” keeps the extensive bikini collection (up to size 6) for guests who choose to join him for a dip in his living room swimming pool, which he fills with a garden hose. “The bathing suits actually existed in the house, but they were hung over the top of the glass that surrounds the pool in gigantic piles. It was like a bad Filene’s Basement moment gone wrong,” Farr says. “There is no subtlety in the AssCastle, it’s all like, ‘We want you to get down into this size bathing suit within the first 20 minutes of being in our house.” But did “Troy” really have the scale there? “He really had the scale there,” Farr says, “but I don’t think he really used it to weigh people. This is Art Deco for these guys. This is as artistic as it gets. It wasn’t right there next to the pool, it was actually right behind the pile of bathing suits, which made it all the more scary to me.”

Here, Farr explains the very personal inspiration for what she hopes becomes a late night talk show. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Carson website relaunches: What clips do you want to see?

reynolds-johnny-carsonA new johnnycarson.com has been unveiled that includes select Tonight Show moments for fans to enjoy as well as a searchable archive of 3,300 hours of show content for members of the media and production industry interested in licensing clips for commercial use. Granted, no one would ever work again if that archive was accessible to all, but we’d love to see that happen. (Anyone else who’s interested — students and researchers with a relevant need — is encouraged to register and see if they get approved.)

At least the public clips, which we’re told will most likely be updated weekly or bi-weekly, will give everyone a quick fix. There are general “Tonight Show Samplers,” and clips meant to advertise the many DVDs available for purchase through the site. Definitely start up top with the Burt Reynolds one. Not only is his leather suit a sight, you get Burt and Dom DeLuise cackling as Reynolds and Carson partake in a battle with a can of whipped cream. I’ve watched it three times. I’d also recommend the rooster taking a dump on Johnny desk in 1978, and Putt Mossman tossing horseshoes in the direction of Carson’s crotch in 1973. And, just because there’s no better feeling than watching a comic kill his first time in front of Carson, check out Louie Anderson recounting his attempt to compete in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Which clips do you want to see on the site?

Lunchtime Poll: Dress you up in 'Mad Men,' 'Glee,' or 'Jersey Shore,' all over, all over (your real pecs)

It’s a landmark day for fashion! There’s a Glee-inspired juniors line from Macy’s launching this weekend, Jersey Shore Halloween costumes are available for pre-order RIGHT NOW, and Mad Men‘s 10-day charity auction — including dresses worn by Betty, Joan, and Bobbie Barrett (ugh) — begins today.

I’ll phrase today’s Lunchtime Poll in the style of its inspiration, Heathers (which I probably should have been doing this whole time):

That’s pretty very. Now check this out. You win five million dollars from Publishers Sweepstakes, but on the same day what’s-his-face gives you the check, aliens land on earth and say they’re going to blow up the world in two days unless you spend all of it on hoodies from Macy’s, skanksuits à la Snooki, or dresses from Mad Men. What would you do?

Vote below and let us know if our readership is as trashy as we suspect!

Read more: Yesterday’s Lunchtime Poll: Would you be caught dead singing Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know”?

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Battle of the ballads of JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater

Last night, Jimmy Fallon sang “The Ballad of Steven Slater.” And it was pretty good. Except I’d already heard a different song called “The Ballad of Steven Slater,” and that one is mas macho. Or something. Take a listen (contains salty language): READ FULL STORY

007's number may be up. But there's Connery galore at the website 'Blog, James Blog'

aug132010_1115As my colleague Benjamin Svetkey details in this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story, James Bond fans may have a long wait before they see their hero on the big screen again. How to spend those long Bond-free hours? May I humbly suggest a few of them could be filled checking out the 007-centric essays on a new website called Blog, James Blog? READ FULL STORY

Angelina Jolie joins Twitter: What would you tweet to her?

angelina-jolieIt’s no secret that many celebrities are on Twitter (they’re just like us!) — often mainly just to build their public persona — but there’s something special about the more private ones or non-believers jumping on board.

Last October it was Tracy Morgan, who joined after fans started a campaign to get the 30 Rock star on the microblogging site. Then, in February, Conan O’Brien joined shortly after the late night fall-out. But stop the presses! Angelina Jolie — the elusive, mysterious, polarizing actress — has recently joined Twitter. I’ve got to know, @angelinajolie: How can I wake up looking like this?

But for now, I’ll have to find another source for tips on a voluminous ‘do and slightly smoky eyes, because, at this point, the Salt star doesn’t have any tweets or followers — and her account is locked. Us Weekly says Jolie will start spitting out 140-word messages later this year, but given the actress’ penchant for privacy and good deeds, my guess is the tweets will be charity-focused. (Jolie’s rep has yet to return EW’s calls for comment.)

But in a dream world, where Jolie would dish on Jennifer Aniston and other juicy items on her page, what message would you tweet to Jolie?

Photo: Starface.ru/Splash News

'Tosh.0' attracts 2.4 million viewers: The best pop culture clip show out there?

daniel-tosh-computerImage Credit: Ian White/Comedy CentralCould Comedy Central ever have known what a hit Tosh.0 would become when they launched it in June 2009? A web-clip show modeled after The Soup, Tosh.0 features comedian Daniel Tosh offering his spin on viral Internet videos, and in just one year, the program has grown from “3-year-old crying over Justin Bieber” levels of notoriety to “Charlie bit my finger — again!” levels of fame. Now, in its second season, Tosh.0‘s most recent episodes have garnered more than 2 million viewers, with the most recent airing achieving a huge 2.4 million. This is a far cry from the first season average, which came in at just above a million viewers, so it’s no surprise that Comedy Central has already renewed the program for a third season, set to debut in January 2011. Still, I’m wondering: In a television landscape inundated with pop-culture clip shows like The Soup, The Dish, and Web Soup, why is Tosh.0 blowing up?

Is it the host? Clearly, audiences are on board with Tosh’s brand of frat star/web geek humor, and while some write him off as obnoxious, he has a knack for making pop culture accessible to the uninitiated. READ FULL STORY

Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald want you to be in their new documentary. Auditions are July 24, on YouTube.

SchnauzerImage Credit: Design Pics/Getty ImagesLife in a Day seems like a filmmaking dare made in the wee hours after a determined effort to kill brain cells. The concept behind the “historic cinematic experiment” is that on July 24, anyone with a video camera can film and then upload footage to YouTube, with the hope that it will then be incorporated and edited into a cohesive feature documentary about mankind. “One World. 24 Hours. 6 Billion Perspectives,” is how it’s being sold. (Watch a promo below.)

Intriguing. But my soul weeps for filmmakers Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott, the brave chaps who’ve volunteered to cull the exhausting clips of footballs to the groin, dancing babies, and endless navel-gazing talking heads to concoct something meaningful. A reasonably sober Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) doesn’t seem to have any second thoughts about the imposing assignment, saying, “It’ll be kind of like a time capsule, which people in the future…could look at and say, ‘Oh my god. That’s what it was like.’

But what are you supposed to shoot? Does executive producer Ridley Scott, the man who filmed Gladiator, really care to see my four-minute short about my Schnauzer’s ability to reliably pick the winner of college football games? READ FULL STORY

Luke Jerram's 'Play Me, I'm Yours' art installation: Play us a song, piano strangers (and Cyndi Lauper!)

No one wants to hear me play the piano. My repertoire features only one song: “I Dropped My Dolly.” Yeah, I’m THAT bad. But if I wanted to, I could take my act (I use the term loosely) a couple of blocks down to Times Square and play to my heart’s content. All thanks to artist Luke Jerram’s “Play Me, I’m Yours” art installation across New York City.

Jerram installed 60 pianos across Manhattan and the surrounding areas for anyone to play from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (The pianos are locked for safe keeping and opened again in the morning by volunteers.) From Battery Park to Central Park, pianists can showcase their skills while others enjoy the music. And if you’re not in New York, you can still enjoy the show — the “Play Me, I’m Yours” website offers photos and videos.

That’s how I stumbled across none other than Cyndi Lauper performing at the Times Square 44th Street location. (See video of her performance after the jump.) Had I known she was there, I would have bolted out of the office and run the six blocks to have a listen. I mean, really. How important can work possibly be when Cyndi Lauper is outside singing? For free! I think the answer is pretty clear. READ FULL STORY

Let's just buy Star Jones this George IV rectangular tray in sterling silver with handles already

Star-Jones-platterImage Credit: Anthony G. Moore/PR PhotosA tipster wrote in with this breaking scoop: Star Jones and Al Reynolds are still registered at Tiffany & Co. for their 2004 wedding. The George IV rectangular tray in sterling silver with handles is one of only four items left to purchase. Back in September 2004 it was only $10,400, but today it’s $16,000!

It is probably worth a little more now that I’ve finished typing that!

We here at PopWatch Gumshoes, Inc. suspect that Star is still holding out for this wedding gift. If she leaves the registry up JUST ONE MORE DAY, someone will eventually hand her her dream of a silver platter, possibly atop another silver platter, which would look a lot more fabulous and intricate than the pictured one but would not cost $16,000. She probably keeps the registry open in a tab and refreshes it every morning. Well, I for one can’t stand to see Star Jones suffer like this and think we should all chip in. Just a few pennies! It’s the least we can do.

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