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Chloe Moretz to guest on '30 Rock'... but as what?

Chloe-MoretzImage Credit: Jon Furniss/WireImage.comChloe Moretz, star of Kick-Ass and Let Me In, is in New York City this week filming an episode of NBC’s 30 Rock. We know this because she tweeted it. And because the network confirms it. The show’s rep, however, won’t reveal what part 13-year-old Moretz is playing. Care to guess, PopWatchers? I’m thinking maybe Liz gets some kind of Sliding Doors episode, and we find out what her life would have been like if she hadn’t been head writer at TGS — and Moretz plays her smart-mouthed daughter. Or, maybe it’s time for a Pete-centric episode – and she plays his smart-mouthed daughter. READ FULL STORY

'Castle' kiss tonight: What was your most eagerly-anticipated prime-time pucker? And was it worth the wait?

castle-kissImage Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC/AP ImagesTonight, Beckett and Castle lock lips on Castle (ABC, 10 p.m. ET). EW’s spoiler maven Sandra Gonzalez, who will post an exclusive interview with the episode’s writers after it airs over on our Inside TV blog, just explained to me what she meant when she recently teased that the kiss wasn’t even the best part of the episode. When she finished describing her two favorite moments from the hour, she was collapsed in her chair, physically spent after experiencing the kind of emotional afterglow that those of us who truly love TV know all too well. Because those same people know how will-they-or-won’t-they couples tend to work on TV– and because we can clearly see Beckett looking at someone out of the corner of her eye in the sneak peek of the kiss — we’re prepared for this NOT to be the start of a beautiful romance.

But it still needs to do two things to be satisfying to viewers: READ FULL STORY

'Hannah Montana Forever': Promo for final episode has best freeze frame ever

hannah-montanaHannah Montana concludes its four-season run on the Disney Channel this Sunday, and the promo for the series finale shows Miley (Miley Cyrus) having to make THE BIGGEST DECISION EVER — doing a movie or going to college. I really have no idea which way she’s gonna go. When she flops herself on the couch and says, “I want this part more than anything else in the world,” I’m thinking movie. But then we see what appears to be young co-eds in pajamas at a dorm and I’m thinking college. But then she’s at an airport — movie? Then she looks at a framed graduation photo sitting in a set that looks like it’s been borrowed from a soap opera — movie, but she quits, and then college? What’s your guess? Watch the promo below.  READ FULL STORY

What midseason TV has you hot and bothered?

Parks-Recreation-Amy-NickImage Credit: Justin Lubin/NBCWatching TV this week is like participating in the opening scene of The Walking Dead — you’re an aimless zombies shuffling around on abandoned city streets, ready to lunge at a tasty rerun of The Barefoot Contessa at any moment. But lo! The 2011 midseason TV cometh. Hark! A new crop of shameless teenagers think they can sing. Paula Abdul will presumably live to dance. Oh, there will be so much new TV in January. And bitter cold, and depression, and fat. But focus on the TV! So much TV. (Check out our lists of start dates for the broadcast networks and the cable networks.)

What midseason TV are you dying to see right now? My top five:

5. TV Land’s Retired at 35, starring Jessica Walter as a hopefully Lucille Bluth-esque mom
4. NBC’s David E. Kelley/Kathy Bates legal drama, Harry’s Law
3. Survivor: Redemption Island, because Dalton Ross insists it’s going to be great and I know I’ll constantly be messing up and calling it Temptation Island.
2. Parks and Recreation. Finally.
1. American Idol — looking forward to the challenge of telling J. Lo and S. Ty apart!

What are yours? Also, what would you realistically pay to watch your No. 1 choice on-demand RIGHT NOW? I had myself convinced I’d blow $50 to see the Idol premiere because it’s going to be such a mindf—, but when I really thought about it and clicked over to Paypal, I realized it was probably more like $4.99, and it would probably have to include some sort of special “Steven Tyler Lip Dub” package, so…no. The real answer is zero dollars. Oh well!

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

'Breaking Dawn' photo: And with this, Bill Condon proves he's our people

Breaking-Dawn-photoIn case you missed Bill Condon’s Thanksgiving present to Twilight fans on Twitter, behold the first non-paparazzi photo from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. Condon posted it on the film’s official Twitter page Nov. 25. He’s a classy Oscar winner, so he didn’t go with the accompanying text I would have: SEX! SEX! SEX! But still, more than 64,000 people have viewed the honeymoon shot. (In the book, Edward bites a pillow, or two, instead of Bella’s neck during their first night together, hence the feathers.) I love that this is the first photo he chose to reveal. He’s letting us know we’ll get our romance, and even if we won’t be seeing things that would garner the film an R rating, it’ll still get us excited.

Read more:
Breaking Dawn: 18 on-the-set photos

'Vampire Diaries': Could Jules give Matt a story line? What's Elijah's offer?

Annette Brown/The CW

As our Vampire Diaries withdrawal continues, all fans have to obsess over are episode descriptions, promos, and photos for 2010′s remaining episodes, the Dec. 2 return, and the Dec. 9 midseason cliffhanger. Watch the promo for the first hour, “The Sacrifice,” below. Elena doesn’t want the others to continue risking their lives to save her, so she comes up with her own plan. Jeremy tries to help Bonnie retrieve the moonstone from Katherine, and, we’re guessing, gets a little too close to her and Stefan must come to his rescue. Alaric finally gets naked. And yet, it’s the Dec. 9 synopsis — and accompanying photos — that we find most intriguing…

In “By the Light of the Moon,” the full moon approaches, which means Tyler will be transforming. That exec producer Julie Plec had already filled us in on. We also already knew that Damon and Alaric will rekindle their bromance — turns out it’s to investigate the arrival of Jules (guest star Michaela McManus, pictured), who shows up in Mystic Falls searching for her missing friend, Mason, and, possibly, a shirt that covers her bra. (Actually, I dig that she dresses sexier than the younger ladies on the show, and should she turn out to be a werewolf, like Mason, it would make sense that her body runs hot and she wears as little as possible.)

What I like about these two photos of her is 1) We can’t tell what’s behind that smile of Damon’s. Is it him welcoming her to town, pretending to be genuine; him toasting her because she’s as big a flirt as he is; or him being a smartass and the toast is “Game on”? 2) She’s talking to Matt. Is that just because he’s on the clock at The Grill, or could he fall for the older woman, which, if she is a werewolf, could get very interesting? Clearly, I’m hoping for the latter, because I want to see more of Zach Roerig, and a game of Matt in the Middle would get him some more screentime. Even though Caroline set Matt free, she would be jealous, and her desire to figuratively kill Jules could become literal since wolves and vamps are mortal enemies. Fun! READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelor': ABC celebrates Brad Womack hatred with slap-happy promo

The Bachelor‘s Brad Womack, the man who notoriously rejected both finalists, wants another chance at love and lucky for him (and us?), ABC is more than willing to make that happen. But are the single women of America ready to forgive and forget? Not exactly. ABC’s new promo for the upcoming season reveals that the emotional wounds Brad inflicted on our hearts back in 2007 still haven’t quite healed. Acting on behalf of jilted women everywhere, one of his potential soul-mates-to-be left her mark — and possibly a hand print — during their in-no-way-rehearsed introduction. Check it out below. READ FULL STORY

'Harry Potter' stars practice their American accents, charm us all

I’m always pleasantly surprised when actors play along with off-the-wall interview angles, but after answering “How does it feel to be done with filming Harry Potter?” for the millionth time, it makes sense that the good-humored Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 stars would be game to test their American accents with MTV. Watch the video below. I got slightly distracted by Daniel Radcliffe’s heavage (hairy!) and how great that color of blue looked on him, but I was focused enough on what he was saying to chuckle when he asked, “Do I have to say this one?” before pronouncing “Glenn Beck.” Emma Watson proves she is, in fact, a very smart young lady when she balks at saying, “Twilight blows,” because it could be a trick (and used against her in the wrong hands). Rupert Grint’s enthusiasm for “Charlie Sheen” is adorable. And Tom Felton charms with improvisation.  READ FULL STORY

'Episodes' trailer: Matt LeBlanc returns to TV in a big way

The trailer for Matt LeBlanc’s first TV show since Joey, Showtime’s Episodes (premiering Jan. 9), gets right to the set-up: A British husband-and-wife writing team foolishly believes an American TV exec when he says he loves their award-winning show and wants to bring it across the pond as scripted. When they get to Hollywood, they find out the suit has never seen their series and the network has some suggestions — like casting Matt LeBlanc as the erudite head master of a boys boarding school. The twist — LeBlanc plays “Matt LeBlanc” — isn’t exactly rare these days, and it feels like it’s been a while since America has butchered a British show as badly as Coupling. But for me, the trailer starts clicking when we come to learn that the husband warms to LeBlanc (after LeBlanc shows him his penis, “It’s enormous, like a sea creature, like something of Jules Verne”) and the wife thinks he’s an infant. That LeBlanc will drive a wedge between the couple as he’s ruining their show — that’s fun! Watch the trailer below. Does it look like a hit? At least something that will keep talk shows from making fun of him? Tell me you didn’t miss the look LeBlanc flashes right at the end. READ FULL STORY

'Skating With the Stars' pros, host, and color commentator announced

skating-with-starsImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCOkay, it’s easy to look at the roster of “pros” on ABC’s Skating With the Stars and dismiss them. But ask yourself this: How many of the pros’ names did you recognize on Dancing With the Stars that first season? It’s just because you — especially those who enjoy PopWatch on Ice coverage — can actually rattle off some famous figure skaters that you’re questioning these pros’ abilities before even seeing them in action. (That was a tougher spin than a Biellmann!) Here are the pairings. The show premieres Nov. 22.  READ FULL STORY

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