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'True Blood' burning questions: Can we have more Jessica, please?

true-blood-30Image Credit: John P. Johnson/HBOLast night’s True Blood was probably the best of the season — which is now at its halfway point. I get that the show’s building dramatic tension and whatnot, but I still feel like all the wrong things are being emphasized. Action = Good! Talking about dog fighting = Sorry, I slipped into a coma. Here are my burning questions:

When is Jessica going to get a bigger storyline?
I’m tired of her being relegated to second-redhead at Merlotte’s. This is a travesty. Jessica is far, far more interesting than Tommy, and maybe through her newbie eyes we could learn a little Vamp Politics 101? Like if everyone knows the Vampire King of Mississippi is gay, what kind of stock might they put in his power-play marriage to the Vampire Queen of Over-Acting Louisiana? READ FULL STORY

Lunchtime Poll: Paul Bettany will not rest until Christianity is totally badass again

When I was young, my local church spent several years trying to make religion “cool” for us modern youth-kids, with our short attention spans and our punk rock music and our Super Mario. Traditional religious hymns were played during church services by a junior-high rock band. Terrifying teen-only “ice cream socials” were held in the Rec center. Turns out, my church had it all wrong. All you have to do to make Christianity cool is add one buff Paul Bettany and one million rounds of  ammunition.

Mr. Bettany proved this in Legion, in which he played a gun-toting Archangel. (That might sound sacrilegious, but most scholars agree that The Adventures of a Gun-Toting Archangel at Earth’s End was the working title of the Book of Revelations.) But Mr. Bettany doesn’t think we got the message. So he’ll be back next summer in Priest, playing a badass warrior-pastor hunting vampires in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. What other roles can Paul Bettany play to pump Christianity full of steroids? Watch the Priest trailer and take the poll after the jump…


Our ultimate Sexy Beast bracket game continues! (Top 64, Part 6) Vote now!

sexy-beast-july-26-aImage Credit: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Mick, Stefan, Cherry, Leeloo) Adam Taylor/CBS; Quantrell Colbert/The CW; McGowan: Rico TorresAs the philosopher Timbaland once instructed: “Get your sexy on.” And here at EW.com, that’s exactly what we’re doing on Day 6 of our Sexy Beasts single-elimination tournament. Today’s showdowns include characters from Moonlight, The Vampire Diaries, Grindhouse/Planet Terror, The Fifth Element, Beauty and the Beast, Beastly, Blade, and Interview With the Vampire. As you may know by now, out of the 64 contenders chosen by a team of EW editors, only 32 will advance to Round 2. So click here to see the entire bracket (then click again on the image for a zoomed-in view) and after the jump, vote for your favorites in four sexy showdowns, plus get a look at lists of the 16 seeded players (and the actors who portray ‘em) in all four of our beastly divisions. Polls are open for 84 hours only, so support your favorites in battle, lest they pay the ultimate price for our entertainment. [Related: Polls are still open for Part 5, so ch-ch-check 'em out; to get updates on every Sexy Beast bracket, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!] READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' leaves some lingering questions

true-blood-jasonI’ve been a faithful True Blood fan from the get go, and, on balance, I really love the show. It’s so naughty and weird! (My faves.) But as much as I love a blood-drenched orgy and twangy f-bombs (a lot!), I am often left with a feeling of complete befuddlement after an episode. Last night’s was a prime example. Behold, my lingering questions about True Blood (just the show, not the books):

So…Just how dumb is Jason Stackhouse?
Well, he ate ink last night, so that pushes him past “dumber than Joey Tribbiani” territory and dangerously close to “I wonder about this person’s ability to function in adult society.” Let’s make sure he gets a gun, pronto! READ FULL STORY

'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' author will write a 'Dark Shadows' remake for Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

In news guaranteed to satisfy a unique coalition of vampire obsessives, soap opera devotees, and Jane Austen lovers, Warner Bros. has put the long-discussed remake of Dark Shadows on the fast track with the hiring of a new screenwriter. According to Variety, Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, will work on a new adaptation of the 1966-1971 supernatural soap. Tim Burton will direct Johnny Depp for the millionth eighth time.

I haven’t watched very much of Dark Shadows, but from what little I remember about tuning into reruns of the show on the network formally known as the Sci-Fi Channel, the vampire melodrama was played pretty straight. Between Burton, Depp, and Grahame-Smith, you have to figure that the movie version will lean in a slightly more absurdist direction. Just imagine what sort of exciting new accent Depp will invent to play lead vamp Barnabas Collins!

Are you excited about this news, PopWatchers? Is this one vampire film too many, or do you think that this creative team will inject a little life into the genre?

'Vampires Suck' trailer: The folks behind 'Disaster Movie' take aim at 'Twilight,' 'Jersey Shore,' and Lady Gaga

vampires-suckI’ve spent a lot more time zoning out on my couch to the spoof films Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie than I would care to admit. They do tend to feature an awful lot of jokes — even if said gags are of a decidedly uneven quality — and at least one of those movies always seems to be, well, on. And, hey, they’re better than the Twilight films, right? (Note: the opinion of this writer does not necessarily reflect that of Entertainment Weekly as a whole, but can be further investigated in his Eclipse: A Hater’s Guide post.)

Ooh, I feel a nice segue coming on!

That’s right, the guys behind those movies — writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer — have turned their attention towards Bella, Edward, and Jacob for the pair’s latest spoof-o-rama, Vampires Suck, which, judging by the new trailer, also takes aim at Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga.

You can see the clip after the break. Take a look and tell us what you think!


'True Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard is on our Summer Must List

Alexander-SkarsgardImage Credit: BEN WATTS FOR EWTrue Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard made the cut on our Summer Must List thanks to his devilishly delicious performance as uber-sexy vampire sheriff Eric (it also helped that Skarsgard handles the nude scenes on Blood with, uh, aplomb). Skarsgard talked to EW about acting in the buff, his storyline this season, and his opinion (or lack thereof) on Twilight.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What’s going on with Eric this season?
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: I think it’s about vengeance. You find out pretty early on in the season that something happened centuries ago that Eric’s been carrying inside and suddenly he gets an opportunity to avenge someone. That’s kind of his arc during the season. This comes off something he’s been carrying, something we didn’t know before.

We get to see flashbacks to your family right? READ FULL STORY

Move over 'Twilight': The first trailer for kid-vampire movie 'Let Me In' debuts online

Let-Me-In-vampireWhen people say to me, “Clark, you really hate vampire movies, don’t you?” I reply, “Au contraire!” — at least on those days when I’m pretending to be French. The truth is that, while I do hate the Twilight movies, I’m generally a big fan of the genre.

One of my favorite films of the past few years was the brilliant, atmospheric, Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In. The movie has now been remade in English — and renamed Let Me In, by Cloverfield director Matt Reeves — and the first trailer just hit the Internet. I’m not entirely at home to Let The Right One In being remade at all, but the clip is actually somewhat encouraging. It also features more blood than all of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which I’m going to go ahead and call, “a good thing.”

What do you think of the trailer, which you can see after the jump? And of the idea of them remaking Let The Right One In? READ FULL STORY

'Paranormal Activity 2' trailer: Too scary for young 'Eclipse' fans?

This morning, I went to my local cinema palace to see the stinkfest that is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (and if that opinion offends ye, feel free to avoid my Eclipse: A hater’s guide post). The one part of the experience I did enjoy was watching the trailer for Paranormal Activity 2, which scared me as rigid as the adventures of Whiney, Glittery, and Would-you-like-to-see-my-abs?-y would later bore me stupid. In fact, I remember thinking at the time that the clip might be a tad too frightening for younger Twilight fans.

Apparently I was right. Variety is reporting that the theater operator Cinemark has pulled the trailer for PA2 from several cinemas in Texas following complaints that it is too scary. (Although, while I assume the complaints were genuine, I can’t help but be reminded of the publicity stunts of ’50s horror director William Castle who insured viewers of his film Macabre against “death by fright.”)

Have you seen the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer? Do you think it is unsuitable for young Eclipse viewers?

‘Paranormal Activity 2′ trailer: a dog, a baby, and a bump in the night. Oh, man…

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‘Eclipse’: Most Improved Vampire Actor — Jackson Rathbone?
‘Eclipse’ opening breaks record for biggest single-day Wednesday opening
Movie Review: ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse': A hater's guide

twilight-eclipse-haterWARNING: The opinions printed below do not necessarily reflect those of the EW staff — or anyone else on Planet Earth. Instead, this piece of work comes courtesy of a professional Twilight hater. So prepare yourselves, spider monkeys.

You can see why the folks at Summit Entertainment recruited David Slade to oversee this third movie in the stupefyingly successful vampires-and-werewolves-and-Kristen-Stewart-looking-like-someone-just-shot-her-kitten-in-the-face franchise. The director has crafted a genuinely frightening movie from a beloved work of vampire fiction that makes the most of its snowy northern setting. Unfortunately, the film he did all that crafting on was 2007’s 30 Days of Night. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse stinks worse than Taylor Lautner’s werewolf Jacob apparently does. (Note to Taylor Lautner: It’s probably best from now on to avoid films that make a plot point out of your character’s b.o.). And the fact that those of the lycanthropic persuasion have a stench problem is pretty much the only thing I learned from this interminable snoozefest. Needless to say, I don’t speak for EW — you can read Owen Gleiberman’s B+ review here — but speak I must. (And you can read my previous Twilight hater’s guides here and here.)

Those who saw last year’s New Moon and weren’t lucky enough to slip into a coma before the end, may recall that the film’s third act featured both Robert Pattinson’s bloodsucker Edward Cullen asking Stewart’s Bella to marry him and the introduction of Michael Sheen’s vampire head honcho. Thus, the movie strongly suggested that its successor would feature (a) some sort of the resolution to the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle, and (b) someone who can actually act. READ FULL STORY

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