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Fright Night (1985) vs. Fright Night (2011): Why the update's far more old-fashioned than the classic

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Real men do not read Twilight.

That’s what high school kid Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) tells his nerdy, vampire-obsessed friend Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) in the 2011 update of the campy horror classic Fright Night. What he’s really saying is clear: this is not going to be one of those romantic vampire movies where some pale, skinny guy messes around with a pretty young promise-ring type but refrains from sticking it in her (his tooth, that is).

And Charley’s right. The vampire in this movie (a bloodlicker named Jerry, played by real-life nighthawk Colin Farrell) is not a moral guy. Living on the outskirts of Las Vegas, he’s a stripper-torturing, teenage-girl-perverting, Real Housewives of New Jersey-watching fang-banger who preys on single moms and brags to the cops that he’s making the local women scream every night. (Read EW’s excellent defense of Jerry’s horrible, disgusting mercilessness here.)

So what’s that bad boy doing in such a conservative movie? After the jump, we’ll discuss why this sexier, bloodier update is actually far more old-fashioned than the 1985 original. WARNING: There are tons of major spoilers below. Plus, “Edward Cullen” and “chastity belt” are used very close together. Read at your own risk.


Alicia Silverstone in Amy Heckerling's upcoming comedy 'Vamps': Are you totally buggin' for her to have a big screen comeback, too?

This could be it, PopWatchers, the thing that finally gets me into the vampire genre. I couldn’t be wooed by the Twilight saga, nor was I willing to take a bite out True Blood. But Vamps, the new comedy from director Amy Heckerling, about two blood-sucking gal pals (un)living it up in New York City, all while dealing with the drama of falling in love with a mortal, could be the one to do the trick. Why?

As if you even needed to ask: Alicia Silverstone is in it!  READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: Behind the scenes of the wild and witchy new season of 'True Blood'

Playing the smoking hot vampire Eric Northman is humbling, to say the least, for Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. So to say that he’s used to the adoration from female fans of True Blood, the subject of this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story, would be a bit of an understatement. (For proof, consider this little detail that EW dug up from Charlaine Harris, the author of the extremely popular Sookie Stackhouse novels that serve as the inspiration for True Blood: She says that fans often ask her to autograph the tomes to “Mrs. Alexander Skarsgard.”)

“I’ll never get used to that,” Skarsgard said of his googly-eyed fanbase. “It’s just very, very humbling and flattering. The character Eric means so much to me and I’m having so much fun playing him. Of course it means a lot when you meet fans and you can actually tell there are people out there who really do care about the character. It means something to you, then. That’s kind of why you do this whole thing.”  READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' returns THIS MONTH. Time to start thinking about who Sookie should sleep with first. Poll!

Have you heard that True Blood returns June 26? Yeah, we thought so. But look at this way: Now that it’s June 1, the level of your anticipation isn’t quite so freakish. As Pam suggests in the latest promo, embedded below, Sookie needs someone. Whose arms are you hoping she ends up in first? Do not let the accompanying photo sway you. READ FULL STORY

Summer Movie Body Count Update: Do vampires have souls? What if they're totally gross?

Week 2 for EW’s 2011 Summer Movie Body Count continues with Priest, starring Paul Bettany, Maggie Q, and Cam Gigandet. Click here for a reminder of our extremely precise definition for what counts as a death, and how we’re counting them. And since we’re going to be talking about deaths here, the requisite spoiler alert should almost go without saying, but we’ll say it anyhow: SPOILER ALERT!

There is no conceivable reason for a movie like Priest to be rated PG-13. The film brings together many different genres (Catholic horror, dystopian sci-fi, blood-soaked revisionist western, kung fu action, Matrix rip-off) that all have a long history of hard-R badassery. Mashing those genres together into a PG-13 film is roughly comparable to taking the twenty most vulgar death metal songs in music history and trimming them into a Kids Bop album. Except that sounds like fun, whereas Priest is terrible. However, the film does force us Body Counters to ask a semi-existential question: If a film’s primary antagonists are faceless, mindless creatures who resemble less handsome clones of the X-Files Fluke Man, should their deaths be counted in the eternal Summer Death Ledger? By which I mean: Do totally disgusting vampires have a soul? READ FULL STORY

Happy 25th birthday, Rob Pattinson! Here are 25 things that endeared you to me.


Ready to feel old? Today, Twilight star Robert Pattinson is 25 years old. That’s right: Though I’m still sticking by my theory that the guy has existed since the days of Easter Island (they have the same profile, guys!), Pattinson apparently just today turned a quarter-century years old. So, to celebrate this holiday, I’m going to slap on my beanie and list 25 things that endeared the coiffed-one to me. Without further ado:

25. As you see above, he can pull off the same jacket as Ron Burgundy.

24. He writes his own music, but doesn’t shove his music career down our throats like other actors-turned-musicians.

23. In 2009, even he looked like he wasn’t sure why he was at the Academy Awards. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: First look at the 'Twilight' finale!

Fans have waited years to see Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) tie the knot, and the wedding scene, scheduled for the end of production on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, proved to be equally climactic for those involved. “It was one of the coolest things that I’ve done,” says Stewart. “There was a certain point when I walked on set, and I saw everyone from the entire cast sitting there in the pews, about to do their bit. And it was just so perfect for me in that moment. It was so emotional in such a real way. I literally felt like thanking them for coming.”

But filming wasn’t always quite so idyllic. READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries': What do you think season 3 will look like?

If you missed last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries and intend to watch it, stop reading now. SPOILERS FOLLOW. If you’re good to go, I’ve got to know: Are you suddenly hoping Klaus succeeds with the sacrifice, becomes a werevamp (or vampolf? it’s more European?), and tries to start his own hybrid race in season 3? I am.  READ FULL STORY

Cam Gigandet slowly completing transformation into 'Buffy' vampire Spike

Oh, come now, Twilight vampire Cam Gigandet. Did we time portal back to 1997? (I wish. I need a reason to break out my butterfly clips again.) Or are you auditioning for the Buffy reboot?

Follow Kate on Twitter@KateWardEW

'True Blood' season premiere date: The waiting stops sucking June 26

HBO has announced that True Blood‘s 12-episode fourth season will premiere June 26. (Here are more midseason cable premiere dates.) This gives us an excuse to debate two things: 1) Is Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) hotter when totally shirtless, or when wearing a leather jacket with no shirt underneath? I say the latter. To make an informed choice, you will just have to watch the promos embedded below. 2) SPOILER ALERT! Which story line other than amnesic Eric are you most looking forward to — Jason becoming one of Crystal’s kind, or Sam having a new friend, Luna, who comes with a jealous werewolf ex? Watch those teases below as well.  READ FULL STORY

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