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This Week's Cover: We pick the five best new shows in our Fall TV Preview

Need a good excuse to spend your September cooped up indoors, remote control in hand? We’re happy to help with our annual Fall TV Preview issue, which features TV critic Ken Tucker’s picks for the five best new shows. Spoiler alert! One has a sexy homeless guy in it. One features two smart-mouthed New Yorkers. One stars an actress from a beloved teen drama… that was not about vampires. One is on NBC. And one will scare the sweet bejesus out of you. (Click here to buy the issue.)

Plus, we’ve got all the scoop on 127 new and returning shows, including:  READ FULL STORY

Ashton Kutcher's character to be suicidal on 'Two and a Half Men' -- funny!

Ashton Kutcher dropped by Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night (clip embedded below) and did his best not to reveal anything about his Two and a Half Men character, Walden Schmidt, a billionaire Internet entrepreneur going through a nasty divorce who ends up moving in with Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones). But David Letterman wouldn’t let him off the hook. He badgered him to reveal how Charlie Sheen’s character dies, and when Kutcher finally pleaded the fifth saying he didn’t know because he wasn’t in the scene, Letterman called bull. I hate it when actors try to use that line, too. Even if the scene is so secretive it’s not in everyone’s script, that’s something you hear about — especially when it’s a character you’re replacing and you’re a movie star coming back to sitcoms and need to know the show is funny.

Of course that’s a spoiler Kutcher shouldn’t reveal, but then come prepared with jokes to deflect from the fact that you’re not saying anything real. Letterman’s face after Kutcher responded with a vague, “I show up when Jon Cryer’s character needs me the most” when asked to describe how Walden enters the picture was classic. “Here’s my fear, next week you’ll go on Leno and spill your guts,” Dave said. Guilt does sometimes work: “I’m very heartbroken over this breakup that’s taken place….I may, in some way, shape, or form, be tryin’ to kill myself,” he finally coughed up. “I’m no genius, but what better way to kick off a new season of a sitcom than with a suicide,” Letterman cracked. “You already killed Charlie. You got a murder-suicide.”  READ FULL STORY

Jon Cryer talks Charlie Sheen on 'Letterman': 'None of us wanted to continue with the show if we felt like it was hurting him'

Jon Cryer opened up to David Letterman last night about the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Charlie Sheen’s exit from Two and a Half Men and new co-star Ashton Kutcher. Simultaneously, he reminded us that despite everything that’s happened in the past year, he’s still a classy guy.

Cryer, who has remained pretty mum about the situation (sans his hilarious rebuttal to being called “a troll” by Sheen), was candid about the time when he believed he was out of a job because of Sheen. “None of us wanted to continue with the show if we felt like it was hurting him. And there was a point at which everybody felt like, ‘There is no control here.'”

But not soon after, he said, CBS had quickly assembled a plan B: Bring on Ashton Kutcher. He joked, however, he remains wary of his new co-star. On the way to the network’s Upfronts presentation, held last month in New York, “Ashton came on the plane and said, ‘You know what I love about private jets? You can bring knives on board.'”

Watch the clip below, PopWatchers. READ FULL STORY

'Two and a Half Men' not submitted for Outstanding Comedy Emmy consideration: Should it have been?

Sources have confirmed that CBS’ sitcom Two and a Half Men will not be submitted in the Outstanding Comedy category for the upcoming Emmy Awards, a decision made by producing studio Warner Bros. Television. That may not be that much of a shocking news bulletin, considering that star Charlie Sheen put the show through the ringer earlier this year, before he was fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. READ FULL STORY

How should they write Ashton Kutcher into 'Two and a Half Men'?

You can’t say CBS isn’t creative: Just days after reports claimed that Hugh Grant was close to sealing a deal to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men before backing out, the network confirmed that Ashton Kutcher is set to return to his That ’70s Show sitcom roots by starring in the hit CBS sitcom. (Kutcher himself encouraged chatter around the news, tweeting Thursday “what’s the square root of 6.25?” For those of you who are math-adverse, the answer is 2.5.)

At this point, Sheen’s violent torpedo has lost its explosive allure. But still, there’s no denying that Kutcher has some pretty big cargo shorts to fill on Men. READ FULL STORY

FunnyOrDie exec says Charlie Sheen video shoot was 'more like going to your neighbor's house than going to a circus'


Less than 24 hours. That’s how long it took the FunnyOrDie crew to shoot, complete, and post its “Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes” video from the moment its 10-man crew rolled up at Charlie Sheen’s house on Wednesday morning. The comedy website’s president of production, Mike Farah, tells EW that his team was eager to work with Sheen on something original. “He’d done his own web stuff, but he hadn’t done any sort of scripted comedy piece since this whole thing began,” says Farah. “We wanted to be the first ones out of the gate.” READ FULL STORY

Who should replace Charlie Sheen? Poll!

two-and-a-half-replacementImage Credit: Mitchell Haddad/CBSIn a PopWatch poll earlier this week, 46 percent of readers though Two and a Half Men should continue with a replacement for Charlie Sheen. (Eighteen percent thought CBS should continue producing new episodes of TV’s top comedy without replacing him, and 36 percent thought the show was kaput without him.) As EW’s Lynette Rice points out, Spin City and Cheers did it. Even though Chuck Lorre created the show with Sheen in mind, who’s to say he couldn’t get inspired by another actor (or actress, as EW’s Jennifer Armstrong has suggested)? Let’s take it to a vote with the 10 suggestions below culled from reader picks and my brain. (I’m leaving in Rob Lowe and John Stamos even though those actual rumors have been shot down, because, well, things could always change.)  READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen fired: Should 'Two and a Half Men' live on without him?

Two-Half-Men-CryerImage Credit: Greg Gayne/CBSLet’s start with the facts: Charlie Sheen was the highest-paid actor on television… who has now been fired… from the highest-rated sitcom on TV. Now the question: Should Two and a Half Men live on without its biggest draw? (That is, if we judge by paydays. We still love you, though, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones.) Granted, it’s unlikely we would have seen Charlie Harper in the same light had Sheen not been let go from the show after we witnessed his recent “winning” (losing?) media blitz. But from a pure business standpoint, it seems a risk to go on without him — yet also a risk not to go on without him. Airing a Sheen-less Two and a Half Men means airing a show without its biggest star, who would disappear suddenly and noticeably from the plot. But not airing a Sheen-less Two and a Half Men means risking losing a show with a massive built-in audience. (After all, after Valerie Harper’s contentious exit from Valerie in 1987, the show lived on an additional four seasons, albeit retitled as The Hogan Family with star Sandy Duncan.) Oy, my head hurts. What to do, PopWatchers? Tell me how to think in the poll below. And for more on Sheen, visit our Charlie Sheen hub. READ FULL STORY

Jon Cryer plays Ellen DeGeneres' receptionist in sketch: 'I needed the work'

Take a look at that, eh? A different Two and a Half Men star has made a headline! After a week of nothing but Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Jon Cryer (a.k.a. the one without warlock wings) has stepped into the spotlight, appearing in a sketch that will air on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show that pokes fun at his currently unemployment. (Following Charlie Sheen’s combative radio interviews, CBS shut down filming on the final eight episodes of the season.) In the sketch, Cryer plays DeGeneres’ new receptionist: “I needed the work,” he shrugs, shortly after DeGeneres applauds his work ethic by telling him, “You do the work of two and a half men!” Tune in today to find out if the two dance enthusiasts pas de deux to “Try a Little Tenderness.” Watch the clip after the jump. READ FULL STORY

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