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Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Frank Ocean dominate Twitter conversation on Grammys night

The 2013 Grammy Awards didn’t inspire a record number of tweets — but events like the award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Rihanna’s scorching solo performance, and fun.’s Best New Artist prize did move plenty of Twitter users to turn to their keyboards.

Twitter reports that Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The-Dream’s Best Rap/Sung Collaboration win drove more micro-blogging conversation than any other moment at the Grammys. More than 116,000 tweets per minute were sent as the “No Church in the Wild” team accepted their golden gramophone (and a natty Jay-Z poked fun at Dream for wearing a Boyz N the Hood hat on top of a “Parental Advisory” cap).


Lena Dunham did go all the way with Obama on the ballot after all...

President Obama carried New York by 27 percentage points, but that doesn’t mean that every vote in the Empire State didn’t count — especially if you are the “voice of a generation” and made a campaign plea for first-time voters to go all the way with Obama at the ballot box. Last Wednesday, a blogger for the website Room Eight claimed that Lena Dunham had failed to vote, based on their review of New York City voter files.

Well, Dunham’s not having any of it. She popped up on Twitter this afternoon to correct the rumor, explaining that she actually flew back to New York to cast her vote at her old polling place rather than deal with the frustrating absentee ballot system:


Wendell Pierce Bunks-out (on Twitter) over the Super Bowl

Last night’s Super Bowl was the fiercest, darkest sporting event of the year.

Also, for a few brief moments, the Bunk-est.

Actor Wendell Pierce took to Twitter to talk about the big game — and tweeted from the perspective of Bunk, the eye-rolling, good-hearted, foul-mouthed detective he played on HBO’s The Wire (the show that made America fascinated and repulsed by Baltimore institutionalism).

The tweets, which mixed quotes with exclamatory ad-libbing, were a welcome reminder of the show, and a shot to the heart of its fans (like me) who are still trying to get our friends to watch it.

Warning: NSFW for Baltimore-approved language


Super Bowl drives 24 million tweets, easily surpassing last year's game

The night the lights went out in Louisiana, keyboards around the globe kept buzzing — clacking out nearly twice as many tweets about the big game and its halftime show as last year. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering that last night’s football championship may have been the most-watched in TV history; still, the sheer deficit between 2012 and 2013′s tweet totals is pretty remarkable.

According to Twitter’s own blog, users sent more than 24 million micro-messages over the course of last night’s Super Bowl. That dwarfs last year’s total of 13.7 million tweets. In fact, says Twitter, that number had already been surpassed by the beginning of the game’s second half.

Sunday’s tweet-a-palooza was driven to further heights by that 33-minute power outage, which gave spectators at home and in the Superdome no choice but to amuse themselves with the glow of their smartphones. The blackout drew 231,500 tweets per minute, making it by far the most-tweeted moments of the game. Savvy marketing teams also took it as an opportunity to promote their own products in a cheeky way:


'Happy Endings' cast will live tweet tonight's back-to-back episodes here on EW.com!

And they’ll be doin’ it IN BED. #notreally

Penny (Casey Wilson) gets engaged to Pete (Nick Zano) tonight and it’s going to be amahzing! There will be slime involved, which is sahhh not cyute, but rest assured the P&P Romance Factory will no longer be keepin’ it cazh. To celebrate tonight’s back-to-back episodes, the cast of Happy Endings will be live-tweeting from 9-10 p.m. ET. You can follow along with their commentary right here on EW.com in the nifty module below — so bookmark this page, save the drama for Wilmer Valderrama and come back later on! READ FULL STORY

Katy Perry celebrates inauguration with her own tiny Aretha Franklin hat

Trust Katy Perry to focus on what’s really important.

Throughout all of Monday’s inaugural hullabaloo — the music! The balls! The music at the balls! — the media somehow failed to focus on the event’s real cause for celebration: Last weekend marked the four-year anniversary of Aretha Franklin wearing her Hat to End All Hats at President Obama’s first inauguration. (Eat your heart out, Princess Beatrice.)

Thankfully, Katy Perry stuck around D.C. after performing at the 2013 Kids Inaugural Concert last Saturday — and on Monday, she honored Aretha’s bodacious bow by wearing a tiny version of it to this year’s Inauguration Day festivities. Here’s photographic evidence:


Chad Lowe liked Lena Dunham's Golden Globes shout-out as much as you did

The funniest thing about Lena Dunham thanking Chad Lowe during her second Golden Globes acceptance speech last night? The people in Dunham’s demographic — 26 and younger — probably had no idea why she was giving a shout-out to Chris Traeger‘s brother.

Awards buffs, of course, know that Dunham was making a reference to Hilary Swank’s Best Actress acceptance speech at the 2000 Oscars. After receiving her award, the Boys Don’t Cry star neglected to thank her then-husband Lowe — even as the ceremony’s camerapeople kept cutting to a teary Chad sitting in the audience. Swank and Lowe eventually got divorced, though not until seven years had passed (and Swank had snagged another Best Actress statuette. That time, Lowe was one of the first people she thanked).

What those same buffs may not know, though, is that Dunham actually pledged to thank Lowe if she ever won an award way back in August.  READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan tweets trenchant Golden Globes analysis

It will surprise no one to learn that Lindsay Lohan evidently was not invited to last night’s Golden Globes. But thanks to the Internet, we can know all of her thoughts on the event anyway — the Canyons star spent Sunday evening live-tweeting the ceremony, proving once and for all that the Globes are just as important as a presidential debate.

Lindsay kicked the night off by reminding us all that she was once the fresh-faced star of Mean Girls, thus inspiring the Twittersphere to contemplate its own mortality:

She went on to express controversial opinions about Damien Lewis (“he is incredible”), Paul Rudd (“Paul Rudd is the best. Ever”), and Jessica Lange, who is Lohan’s “FAVOURITE!” even though neither she nor Lange is British (or Canadian). A tiny bit of negativity crept in, though, when Lindsay sensed that somebody was disrespecting her iconic Prairie Home Companion co-star:


Katherine Webb not offended by Brent Musburger's remarks -- VIDEO

Katherine Webb, the Alabama beauty queen who set hearts aflutter during Monday night’s college football game when ABC cameras lingered on her after she was recognized for being Alabama’s quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, told The Today Show this morning that she is “flattered” and “humbled” by her moment in the spotlight. Commentators Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit stopped for a moment during the Tide’s championship game against Notre Dame to compliment McCarron on his “beautiful” girlfriend, and the 73-year-old Musburger recommended on air that young men in Alabama pick up football in order to land women like Webb. ESPN issued an apology yesterday.

But Webb, who is Miss Alabama USA, told Matt Lauer that she wasn’t offended by the remarks and didn’t feel an apology from ESPN was necessary.


BCS Championship: Who are celebs rooting for?

The undefeated Notre Dame takes on Alabama in tonight’s hotly anticipated BCS National Championship Game. And on Twitter, a clear divide is forming.

From our extensive search (well, as “extensive” as Twitter search can be…), the Fighting Irish seem to be the favorites among the Hollywood crowd, but will more Bama fans come out in support as the game goes on? Check back for updates. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the action so far.

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