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Brad Pitt joins Chinese Twitter, implies he'll visit China despite ban

Once again, Brad Pitt is releasing cryptic messages — only this time, his words are inspiring excited speculation instead of baffled derision.

The international man of mystery recently joined Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese Facebook-Twitter hybrid, and posted what so far has been his only status update: “It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming…” So Brad Pitt’s planning a trip to China? Not really newsworthy — except for the fact that he was reportedly banned from entering the Chinese mainland after starring in Seven Years in Tibet. At least Pitt’s in good company; Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, and Martin Scorsese have also reportedly been put on a blacklist that prevents them from entering China and/or Tibet.


Did His Holiness send out a tweet? Is the Pope Catholic?

Some people say Pope Benedict XVI is stuck in a previous century, but yesterday, the pontiff took one giant step forward for the Roman Catholic Church. He tweeted.

After joining the social networking site on Dec. 3, Pope Benedict — a.k.a. @pontifex (meaning bridge builder) — tweeted out his first message yesterday. But those hoping to hear the Pope’s instant thoughts on Homeland or SAG nominations were, of course, disappointed. The Pope instead went with, “Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart,” for his first message. Later tweets (he’s sent seven messages so far) asked his followers to think about how to be “more prayerful” and celebrate faith.

“Video footage showed that the Pope seemed confused and had trouble hitting ‘send,’ forcing Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, to step in and touch the screen to send the first papal message,” according to the New York Times.

Currently, the Pope has 1,065,501 followers (up from his first-day total of 148,402). Only 31,013,586 followers to go until he overtakes fellow Catholic Lady Gaga.

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2012 Year on Twitter: Obama wins, Sandy strikes, and a panda procreates
Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter
The Ballad of Chris Brown and Rihanna continues

2012 Year on Twitter: Obama wins, Sandy strikes, and a panda procreates

Ahh, the year of 2012. When we think back, what will you be remembered for? The London Olympics? The U.S. presidential election? The NFL replacement refs debacle? These and more were featured on Twitter’s year-end review chronicling the biggest moments of 2012. The flashy report details everything from the posts with the highest re-tweets to the top trends to the famous users who finally caved and joined the site. It’s entertaining, but extensive, so we’ve picked out our favorite tidbits and compiled them below. Here are the top 10 things we learned on Twitter in 2012:

1. If the election came down to mentions, Mitt Romney would have won: “#romney” and “mitt romney” occupied the fourth and fifth spots on the Politics Trends list, whereas “#obama 2012″ took 10th place. However, the most re-tweeted post (by far) of 2012 was President Barack Obama’s simple yet sweet acknowledge of his election victory:

That post was re-tweeted over 810,000 times by people in more than 200 countries. Talk about Klout. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Seinfeld' Twitter account imagines Jerry and co. in the digital age

It’s a show about nothing… and the Internet!

Our new favorite Twitter feed is Modern Seinfeld, an account that posts loglines for imaginary, 21st century-appropriate episodes of the classic Must-See TV sitcom. The joke works because it’s not just a matter of name-dropping Reddit and Grindr — whoever runs this feed clearly knows a lot about the show, and uses that knowledge to perfectly match each of Seinfeld‘s core four with the modern phenomena that would fascinate and vex them. (Of course George would go nuts “trying to decipher the fact that a pretty woman ‘liked’ his Facebook status.”) Take note, budding young Larry Davids: This is what your pilot should look like.

Though it first tweeted only about 19 hours ago, Modern Seinfeld has already racked up over 13,000 followers as of this post’s publication. Here are a few of the feed’s best tweets:


Bret Easton Ellis thinks Kathryn Bigelow's overrated because she's 'a very hot woman'

Professional troll Bret Easton Ellis has grown weary of baiting gay people and defending socialites who make anti-gay remarks. If he wants to keep making headlines — and he does, he really does — he’s going to have to target an even larger swath of the population. Like, say, women.

The controversial author tried this new tactic on his Twitter page last night, lobbing an insult at Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow weeks before her latest film, Zero Dark Thirty, opens in theaters.


Instagram decouples from Twitter, thereby making it slightly more difficult to share your cool photos that are actually terrible


Offering further evidence that all the fun internet things you love are owned by companies with the goal of ruining your life forever, Instagram has disabled its Twitter cards integration, which means that any Instagram photo viewed on Twitter’s website — all those shots of you and your friends partying in a sepia-tinged universe, all of your vacation pictures which look like they were taken on a Polaroid in the ’70s back when things made sense, various semi-nude portraits of Rihanna — now look a little bit off-center. You might think that they look artfully off-center, much like how all of your Instagram pictures look artfully terrible, but you would be wrong. READ FULL STORY

Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter


The Papacy has joined The Twitter.

Pope Benedict XVI has launched an official Twitter account. But those looking for additional spiritual insight will have to wait until Dec. 12 when he’ll compose his first tweet.

Going with the handle @pontifex, the account currently has 148,402 followers and and follows seven other accounts –  the same accounts as his in different languages.

The 85-year-old is catching onto Twitter lingo quite quickly. Reportedly, he will be hosting a Q&A to kick things off, and his followers – in the technological sense, not the original religious sense – can submit questions using hashtag #askpontifex. READ FULL STORY

The Ballad of Chris Brown and Rihanna continues


How long before these two release an updated version of “’03 Bonnie and Clyde”?

So yeah, it sure looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together. Exhibit C: This photo, which Brown posted to his Instagram feed yesterday. (For reference, here are exhibits A and B.) The caption: “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?” Never let it be said that Breezy isn’t humble.

The filtered snapshot — featuring Rihanna clad only in underwear and an oversized camo blanket, the most she’s worn on camera in awhile — is notable for being the first recent Instagrammed picture of the pair in which both of their faces are clearly visible. Sorry, anyone who thought the photos Rihanna posted previously weren’t actually of Chris Brown; your hopes have just been shattered.


Boy banders be brawlin': The Wanted and One Direction get into Twitter fight

It’s the Sharks vs. the Jets, with a 2012 twist.

Members of the British boy bands The Wanted and One Direction got into it this past week. But instead of Jeté-ing across recording studios, the members went the much more efficient but boring route of Living Like They Were Young by engaging in a ridiculous celebrity Twitter feud.

It all started when One Direction’s Zayn Malik tweeted at The Wanted’s Max George. George had written, “Psy and me getting messy #geekandproud,”which “forced” Malik to write, “The first step is totally acceptance. #geekoftheweek. You display just how much of a wannabe you are. : )” READ FULL STORY

Twitter RantWatch: Alec Baldwin calls 'New York Post' 'the worst newspaper in human history'

Apparently, there’s just one thing Alec Baldwin hates more than those lying so-and-sos at the New York Daily News: those lying so-and-sos at the New York Post.

In June, Baldwin spent an entire day raging at the Daily News on Twitter after he got into a physical confrontation with one of the paper’s photographers. One of his tweets even included this totally reasonable hashtag: “#allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded.” Today, though, another news source has stoked the 30 Rock star’s ire: the Post, which recently published an inflammatory column that calls Baldwin “bully-boy,” “blubberous,” and a “bloviating psycho who seduce[s] small women and bash[es] puny photographers,” all while defending his alleged stalker Genevive Sabourin. Andrea Peyser, you simply must learn to form an opinion.

Baldwin, naturally, wasn’t about to take this lying down.  READ FULL STORY

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