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'New Girl' season 3 finale recap: Did Nick and Jess 'Cruise' the Sea of Love?

If you haven’t seen New Girl‘s season 3 finale yet, SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading now. If you have, click through for the full recap, and don’t forget to check out what Zooey Deschanel, Lamorne Morris, and EP Dave Finkel had to say about “Cruise.” READ FULL STORY

'The Following' season finale: ...who was THAT?! [POLL]

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the season finale of The Following and don’t want to be spoiled…why’d you click this story? Run away! Come back later!

As Shawn Ashmore promised us, the second season of The Following ended on a note that was less gory and more intriguing.


'Shameless' shocker: Even the cast didn't know about [spoiler]'s return!

Did you catch Sunday night’s shocking season finale of Shameless? If you did, you likely gasped at the bad-ass return of (SPOILER!) the previously-thought-dead Jimmy/Steve—and hey, you weren’t the only one to clutch your pearls.

Judging by the cast’s reactions on Twitter, not even the actors in the Gallagher clan were aware that Justin Chatwin’s perennially troubled rich kid would turn out alive, after the season three finale found him presumably dead in the water after he was escorted onto the yacht of a Brazilian mafioso who had every reason to murder him. In Sunday’s post-credits scene, it was revealed that Jimmy/Steve is alive and well and driving in Chicago with a strange woman (as one does). But what does he WANT!? READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' DeathWatch: Which character won't survive the finale?

Death is a constant fact of life for the characters of The Walking Dead — but especially on season-finale episodes. In season 1, Jacqui elected to die in the CDC explosion; in season 2, Shane died twice in the penultimate episode before the zombies overran Hershel’s farm in the finale; and last season, Andrea was the season-ender’s biggest casualty. With the final episode of season 4 set for this Sunday, none of the characters who’ve reached or will soon reach the promised oasis known as Terminus should start making long-term future plans. Dead producer Robert Kirkman has already warned us that the finale is going to be shocking, and EW’s Dalton Ross has already mentioned his leading candidates for dead-man-walking.

So clearly, someone is going to die. The big question is, will it be someone we just met this season, or will it be someone from the core pack — perhaps even someone we’ve known since season 1? Darren Franich and Jeff Labrecque spitballed the possibilities, made totally irrelevant references, and completely exposed their ignorance of gambling culture. Humor them.


'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' season finale: And the winner is...

After 39 days, 4 million tears, 1 white rock, and too many burned hidden immunity idol clues to count, Survivor: Blood vs. Water finally crowned its winner Sunday night. My full recap will be up soon, but to sound off on who won, read on for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched the season finale of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Not that I don’t want you read this article. But you really should watch the episode first. Just some friendly advice, that’s all. Take it or leave it. Totally your call.] READ FULL STORY

'America's Got Talent': And the winner is ...

SPOILER AHEAD: If you haven’t seen Sept. 18’s America’s Got Talent finale and don’t want to know who wins, stop reading now!

After six finalists battled it out in Monday’s performance finale, it was time to reveal the season 8 winner of America’s Got Talent. Out of magician Collins Key, country singer Jimmy Rose, opera trio Forte, comedian Taylor Williamson, dancer Kinechi Ebina, and singer Cami Bradley, America chose….


How will 'Breaking Bad' end? Our predictions for the One Who Knocks

How will Breaking Bad end? The answer is just weeks away: The first of eight final episodes airs Sunday, August 11, and they’re already taking wagers at BettingBad.com to predict who will survive through the show’s final hour. The central question on any gambler’s mind: Will Walter White live or die? The finale airs Sept. 29, so there’s still a little time to consider possibilities. In the meantime, let’s all pray for Badger and Skinny Pete.

The theory:
Everyone fears the One Who Knocks … except, obviously, cancer. During the flash-forward that kicked off the fifth season last year, Walt was shown swallowing some kind of prescription pill in the men’s room of the diner, which has led some fans to suspect that his cancer is no longer in remission. Of course, the fact that his hair has grown back in the same scene suggests that he might be doing better — unless he’s simply given up on doing chemo and accepted his fate. One upcoming episode is called “Ozymandias,” after Percy Bysshe Shelley’s 1818 poem of the same name, which is about “the inevitable decline of all leaders, and of the empires they build, however mighty in their own time.” (At least, that’s according to the Cliff’s Notes. Apologies to my high school English teacher.) You can hear Walt himself reading from it in this Breaking Bad preview clip. The poem focuses on the tyrannical Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II (known in Greek as Ozymandias). His story is being told by “a traveler from an antique land,” and although Ramesses II was once a powerful man, it’s clear that his life story has been reduced to one giant, broken statue with this inscription: “Look on my works ye Mighty and despair.” Like Ramesses II, a dead Heisenberg would leave destruction in his wake, but also a pretty good legend. The fact that Breaking Bad‘s posters say “Remember My Name” — a slight twist on Walt demanding, “Say my name!” — also suggests that he’s gone.
How likely is this to happen? Fairly likely. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan recently told GQ that he used the finale for M*A*S*H as inspiration: “From the first episode, these people sit around and say, ‘All I want to do is go home,’” he explained. “So of course they all get to go home in the final episode. Sometimes the best moment in a TV show is an unpredictable moment, but sometimes it’s actually being predictable.” What could be more predictable than the cancer-stricken chemistry teacher actually dying of cancer at the end?

What would have happened on 'Happy Endings' season 4? Producers say...

The bittersweet saga of Happy Endings still has a sad conclusion: No other network stepped up to the kickball field’s home plate after ABC killed the show in May, meaning that Brad, Jane, Penny, Alex, Dave, and Max — Maaaax!! — will live on only in our weird fanfiction memories.

That said, at least we’re getting a bit of closure. Series creator David Caspe and Executive Producer Jonathan Groff (no, not that Jonathan Groff) recently did a postmortem interview with TVLine in which they discussed the show’s fate — “For me, the show’s a gigantic success,” said Caspe, who is such a Dave — and teased a few of the storylines fans could have expected if Happy Endings had survived to see 2014.


'Mad Men' season finale: What did you think? [SPOILERS]

So despite all those death omens and portentous elevators, everyone’s still with us. (Well, except maybe poor Mrs. Campbell and Don’s career.) This isn’t Game of Thrones after all, and those tuning in hoping to catch the Red Partners Meeting were likely to be disappointed, while others might have been pleased with the final hour of Mad Men‘s sixth season, in which Don reaches rock bottom and finally has nowhere else to go but up.

Meanwhile, Peggy’s spirit dies a slow death even as her career flourishes, “his mother” and “the Chevy account” join “his hair” and “his family” on the list of things Pete has lost this season, and Ted begs Don to let him move to California so he can save his marriage. But the real centerpiece of the episode was Don’s psychological breakdown—or breakthrough?—in the Hershey’s meeting, a slip in the facade that eventually led the other senior partners to sign his death warrant.

So that’s it. Don’s out of the company. This could be the best thing that ever happened to him. The final shot of Sally’s curious, somewhat impressed glance implies that maybe their relationship is still salvageable, which means maybe Don is still salvageable. It’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here, with only one season left before the show pours its final afternoon drink and stubs out its last cigarette. If you watched tonight’s episode, what did you think? Were you expecting the death of a major player? Do you think Don still has a shot at redemption, or is his soul down for the count? My final recap won’t be up until the morning, but in the meantime, feel free to leave your thoughts and first impressions below!

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