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Judge Judy is richer than Nicole Kidman?!

Forbes has announced its list of the Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. That Oprah Winfrey tops said list is a given. But Judge Judy coming in at No. 13, ahead of Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen, Ellen DeGeneres, Nicole Kidman, Christina Aguilera, and Renee Zellweger is… freakin’ awesome. (Though we suspect they’ll all get more screen time than her when E! counts down the list in a one-hour special premiering Jan. 20.) As for Nos. 2 through 12, they are: J.K. Rowling, Martha Stewart, Madonna, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, the Olsen Twins and Britney Spears.

Another interesting tidbit to note: when Forbes asked people "Who will make the most from the great beyond?" to coincide with its unisex list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, Oprah did not top the list. (Enjoy it while you can, Winfrey!) That dubious honor went to Paul McCartney, followed closely by George Lucas. Hey, what’s Rowling, chopped liver? If there’s anyone who’s not going to let a little thing like death crimp her earning power, it’s the creator of Harry Potter.

50 Cent and Richard Gere loooooove condoms

50gere_lThe rapper-cum(ha!)-actor and America’s original gigolo are trying to steal each other’s safe-sex thunder. See, Fiddy’s going to sell his own line of condoms. They’ll probably cost more than 50 cents, but as EW.com’s Gary Susman suggested, "You can puncture them nine times, and they’ll still work." Meanwhile, Richard Gere spoke at what the New York Post called a "pep rally" of 10,000 sex workers at an AIDS awareness event in Mumbai, India. Wait, so these 10,000 women showed up voluntarily? And they were, like, the cheerleaders? Apparently: Mr. Goodbar got them to chant "No condoms, no sex!"

What? The hell? Don’t get me wrong, safe sex is terrif. But I need a moment to process these reports and figure out which is weirder. And it’s worth asking: Which celeb (and his admonishing finger) do you find a more credible safe-sex advocate?

addCredit(“50 Cent: Johnny Nunez/WireImage.com; Richard Gere: Tony Menicucci/WireImage.com”)

Will the next Carrie Bradshaw please stand up?

Lucy_lOkay, I’m going to commit a bit of pop-cultural blasphemy right now: Are you ready for Sex and the City 2.0? Yeah, yeah, I know, nothing’s ever going to replace HBO’s groundbreaking, hilarious dramedy — and thanks to DVDs and cable reruns, we can relive highlights like Lexi Featherston falling out the window as if new episodes were still in production. (FYI, Lexi’s legendary "I’m so bored I could die" rant, often referenced by PopWatch reader Ed, has found its way to YouTube. It’s, in a word, awesome.)

That said, it’s been almost three years since SATC‘s finale, and you can’t really blame the networks for dreaming about bringin’ Sex (and the City) back. To that end, The Hollywood Reporter notes that three new similarly themed pilots have been greenlit by the networks:

  • ABC’s Cashmere Mafia brings together SATC exec producer Darren Star with scribe Kevin Wade (Working Girl, Maid in Manhattan) to tell the tale of four female Manhattan executives who’ve been friends since college.
  • ABC has also optioned James Patterson’s mystery-novel series Women’s Murder Club — which centers on four female crime-solving friends — from director Brett Ratner (the Prison Break pilot, X-Men: The Last Stand) and two writers from The WB’s defunct Angel (Liz Craft and Sarah Fain).
  • NBC, meanwhile, has gotten into bed with SATC author Candace Bushnell, making what’s reportedly its third attempt at adapting her bestselling Lipstick Jungle for the small screen, this time with a pair of producers who previously worked on Three Sisters and Committed.

addCredit(“Lucy Liu: Rob Loud/Getty Images”)


What's the top entertainer-coined word of the year?

A editor of the Oxford American College Dictionary announced on The Rachael Ray Show last week that "EVOO" will become an official part of our language. Like it isn’t already. Ugh! Okay. Like Slezak, I don’t particularly mind Rachael Ray. When she was confined to Food Network, I warmed to her because whenever she dumped a recipe’s finished contents onto a plate, she’d make a hearty, uninhibited growl, like "Yay-uh!" or "Hoo-ah!" or just "Unnnnhh!" I found this endearing. That said, I am getting tired of having her and the little yellow AOL man be the only two characters I can count on seeing hundreds of times a day. And for the record, R-squared totally didn’t come up with EVOO herself. People have been using it ever since acronyms became legal, i.e., forever. If you play "Strawberry Fields" backwards, John Lennon even says it. Not to mention, Ray kind of negates the entire concept by clarifying "YOU KNOW, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL" after each usage. We know.

What other words or catchphrases from 2006 do we think should become legit? Auf, obviously. In fact, a friend who’s a graduate student in medieval studies triumphantly forwarded me an urgent message from the American Dialect Society’s listserv with the subject "Auf (v.)," which cited the term’s usage in many major news outlets (and, duh, blogs). Ha! I’m talking about listservs on an entertainment blog. Such a nerd. Anyway, Truthiness is Merriam-Webster’s pick for 2006, even though the ADS picked it last year. So what else? I’m sure we can do better than Carbon Neutral. I refuse to say SexyBack, even though I just did. And while we’re on topic, which words can we please ban? I’ll start: Paris Hilton. Bloggable. Organic. Holiday Tree. This s— is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

PopWatches (tee-hee!)

91851__nic_lIf you’re thinking of getting your favorite star a gift this holiday season, we have one very important suggestion: Do not — we repeat, do not — get them a watch. (Thankfully, we didn’t recommend any in our Holiday Gift Guide.) Based on our super-scientific research — which consisted of meticulously, um, paging through the December issues of Esquire and GQ and looking at the ads — Hollywood is already teeming with expensive timepieces. Uma Thurman sports an 18K gold Link model encrusted with diamonds from Tag Heuer. Eric “Slow Hand” Clapton, his ad for Rolex suggests, is as timeless as the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date piece he sports (it also seems to suggests that most of his "contemporaries" are dead, which is definitely bad news for Jeff Beck’s album sales — and, apparently, his chances of landing a Rolex ad). Nicolas Cage, at least, is hawking his Montblanc TimeWalker for charitable reasons, a "significant donation" from each purchase going to something called the "Heal the Bay" organization (though this great American actor’s org is curiously spelled with the British "s"; maybe he’s smarting over not getting that 007 role, you know, the one that landed Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, as well as an ad for Omega watches by Tourneau). Keifer Sutherland and Meg Ryan have teamed up with Baume & Mercier, again for charitable reasons (though child education and cancer research are more immediate reads, admittedly).

So anyway, yeah, don’t get your favorite celebs a watch. It seems they already have at least one. Plus, if they’re like Cage, who I saw come in late and leave early from a Nine Inch Nails show at Madison Square Garden this past year, with Willem Dafoe and matching Asian dates in tow, they probably don’t really need something that tells accurate time — since they probably make everyone else operate on theirs anyway.

What Is the Approval Matrix?

13112__office_l It’s difficult to explain New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix to someone who has never laid eyes on the mag’s “deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.” But basically, the folks at New York take sundry pop culture phenomena — the death of Betty Comden, the tights-with-shorts fashion statement — and plot them on a graph according to whether they are deemed highbrow or lowbrow, brilliant or despicable. You should probably just see for yourself. Though things involving x- and y-axes usually cause me to experience sudden bouts of narcolepsy, I am addicted to the Approval Matrix. I pore over it, I argue with it and, most of all, I wish I’d thought of it.

And I’m not the only one who’s a little obsessed. A recent Gawker item about the “Godlike Authority” of the Matrix links to another blogger, Gabe, who has also thought about this way too much. Gabe wants to know, for example, why The Office is more lowbrow than For Your Consideration. In a response, the “matrix editor” explains that the Christopher Guest movie is highbrow “because indie movies are kind of highbrow by nature,” while The Office is “a sitcom, an inherently lowbrow venture.”

This got me thinking: If For Your Consideration occupies one quadrant and The Office another, where, O Matrix Gods, does that place John Krasinski (pictured, left, with Office costar Jenna Fischer), who has a role in both? It seems like the only fair thing to do would be to determine the slope of the invisible line connecting the movie and the show, find the resulting right triangle, and place Krasinski somewhere within that area (giving more weight to The Office, of course, since he gets a lot more screen time). Wow, I really hope my 10th-grade math teacher is reading this entry.


Everyone else is wearing the Constantine, so why shouldn't you?

20128__constantine_lForget the buzzhawk. Associate picture editor Katy Caldwell has noticed a new hair trend on fall TV: The Constantine. Named for the American Idol Season 4 finalist (pictured, left) and flaunted by Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick (I love you I love you I love you) and Santiago Cabrera from Heroes (you are also attractive), the Constantine is characterized by loose waves, lack of motivation to shave, and supersleek shine with a chance of grease in the early evening. Bonus points may be awarded for embracing layers, standing downwind, being hot.

The Constantine: The time is now! Who else should try it?

addCredit(“Constantine Maroulis: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com; Henry Ian Cusick: Bob D’Amico; Santiago Cabrera: Mitch Haaseth”)

More celebs will be wearing The Buzzhawk, soon as we grab our shears

1036__maddox_lBreaking news from MTV.com: The buzzhawk is in! It’s a combination between a mohawk (think Travis Barker) and the fauxhawk (think Maddox Jolie-Pitt, pictured). Two celebrities (Diddy and David Beckham) have a buzzhawk, so it’s absolutely a trend. Really?

And yes, we’re taking fashion cues from a five year-old. Can we not?

People who could pull off a buzzhawk

-Keira Knightley
-George Clooney
-This isn’t very fun. How about:

People who I’d like to give a buzzhawk to in their sleep just because

-The Simpson sisters, so that they might go into hiding
-The doctors on Grey’s Anatomy so we could see if people would unconditionally obsess over them without the floppy hair
-Tom Cruise (‘Cause you know he’s got a little Travis Bickle in him waiting to burst forth.)
-Everyone on The View
-Tyra Banks (One per weave… so I guess I’d have to do it daily.)
-Joey Lawrence (Whoops, too late!)

Who else? "Let the great experiment begin!" (Five points if you can name that quote.)

addCredit(“Maddox Jolie-Pitt: Matt Cardy/Getty Images”)

Things That Make Me Die Inside (Vol. 1)

16724__carters_lIf I were an emoticon right now, I’d look like this: xx. No, that’s not ”kiss-kiss,” it’s ”emotionally dead.” Because that’s how I feel now that the Carter brothers — Nick and Aaron frakkin Carter, people! — have not only scored a spot on the AOL welcome screen, but also been described as ”Sexy Siblings.” Sexy? Really? Sexy as the little niblet of roast beef that gets caught in your back teeth, the one you spend the afternoon trying to pry free, to the point where the tip of your tongue gets sore? That kind of sexy? I’m so upset I can’t even talk about this right now. I’m goin’ to get a mojito. Bye.

Justin's hanky-panky must end!

144815__justin_lDear Justin Timberlake,

I’m going to be quick and to-the-point about this: Lose the mankerchief. I don’t care if you’re wearing it like a bank robber from Ye Olde West, or a luxury-yacht owner from Boca Raton, it’s got to stop. Seriously. The only person who can successfully rock a mankerchief is George Hamilton, and that’s because he’s nearly 70, and is deeply tanned. So unless you’re secretly trying to win a spot on Season 4 of Dancing With the Stars (where you and Usher will stage an epic battle that’ll make Lopez-Lawrence look like a grade-school talent show), keep those unsavory squares of cloth in your pocket. Unless you feel a really big sneeze coming on. Thank you. (And thanks to Dlisted for the heads up.)

-Michael Slezak

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