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Michelle Pfeiffer discusses being part of cult that didn't eat food

Hollywood may be known for its weird diets, but Michelle Pfeiffer took things to a whole new level when she thought she could exist on sunlight only.

The revelation comes from a recent interview Pfeiffer did with The Sunday Telegraph‘s Stella. The actress explains that when she first came to Hollywood, she fell in with a group of personal trainers. “They were very controlling,” she shared. “I wasn’t living with them but I was there a lot and they were always telling me I needed to come more. I had to pay for all the time I was there, so it was financially very draining. They believed that people in their highest state were breatharian.”

Breatharians believe that food is superfluous (!) and that sunlight provides all the nutrition a person needs. These people clearly failed a basic-level biology course, but Pfeiffer said she didn’t realize she was part of a cult until she was introduced to her first husband, actor Peter Horton. “He had been cast in a film about the Moonies,” she shared, according to the Telegraph, “the name given to followers of Rev Moon Sun-myung’s Unification Church. She said that while she was helping him with research ‘on this cult’ she realized: ‘I was in one.’”

Surprise! Miley Cyrus shows some skin for Halloween

She’s just bein’ Miley Lil’ Kim.

While the rest of us are strapping on teddy bears and seeing just how far our tongues can stretch for our Miley Cyrus costume tonight, Cyrus herself is channeling a different musical provocateur. The One Who Twerks uploaded a bunch of photos to her Twitter account last night that show her channeling Kim’s get-up from the 1999 VMAs — purple pastie and all.

Check out the slightly NSFW pics below: READ FULL STORY

'Mindy Project': Should Mindy and Danny get together? -- POLL

The Mindy Project is slowly becoming all about the boys. A random episode or two excluded, the show has been less a workplace comedy and more about finding Mindy a boyfriend. Which is fine — many viewers prefer the witty banter between Dr. Lahiri and her paramour of the week (farewell, Pastor Casey!) over watching Morgan doing something dumb and/or silly at the office. But fellow doctor Danny is an enigma. I can’t work out my own feelings about whether the paramour waiting in the wings to sweep Mindy off her feet should be recently divorced Danny Castellano.

The show doesn’t seem like it knows what it’s pushing either. For most of the first season, Mindy and Danny were set up like a classic sitcom will they/won’t they couple. They bantered during work hours, kind of hated each other (Oh, Mindy! As someone who watches as many romantic comedies as you do should know, that’s a clear sign of attraction!), became friends/kind-of confidants of sorts and then — right when it looked like a smoldering Danny was going to make a move — Mindy decided to up and move to Haiti with Pastor Casey.

Run! Watch a supercut of scary movie attempted getaways -- VIDEO


It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to break out the scary movies.

And no matter where the scares are coming from, it seems all the titles have one thing in common: People attempting to run away from whatever deranged murderer, ghost, possessed demon or girl crawling out of a television (thanks for the nightmares, The Ring!) it is that is after them. But it wouldn’t be nearly as thrilling if they got away. Check out this supercut of people falling down while attempting to get away from their nightmare come true. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga outdoes herself in new crazy outfits -- PHOTOS

It’s Lady Gaga’s Wonder Emporium.

The singer is ramping up promotion for her new album Artpop (dropping Nov. 11) and that means in addition to traveling the world — she’s debuting a new song off Artpop in each country she visits — she also found the time to take a few Instagram selfies in hotel rooms.

The over-the-top photos, see below, represent a bit more dramatic look than Gaga has debuted in a while. While over the past year, her outfits have seemed comparatively toned down — like her all-white ensemble at Good Morning America –  she now seems to be craving the attention, err, applause, that only a naked photo with mustache can bring. READ FULL STORY

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.19.19 AM

Kanye West, 36, proposed to Kim Kardashian on Monday, October 21, her 33rd birthday. He did it in front of their family and friends after renting out AT&T Park in San Francisco — a park which may now be ruined for many, many people. It’s too soon to say how many, but it’s safe to say AT&T Park is not amused. “I never asked for this,” a blade of its grass told EW exclusively.

Kim said yes! There may have even been a video camera or 600 around. Expect more footage of this moment than you could possibly imagine, coming up on E! tonight, all week, and for the rest of your life.

E! — which in the case of the Kardashians is like a flesh-eating bacteria on a hand that keeps regenerating itself, and I mean that with the utmost respect (#Halloween) — announced the news at 1:13 a.m. ET. I can’t believe they got the exclusive! Do you think they pulled some strings?

The press release/article is a trip, if you’re up for it. And apparently I am!

I'm Still Not Over...Not knowing characters' fates after big cliffhangers


Cliffhangers are rough. Cliffhangers that are never resolved, despite dozens more episodes before series’ end? Unacceptable.

The most egregious example of this is Mr. Turner’s Boy Meets World fate. While like any good ‘90s kid I was obsessed with Cory and Topanga and clung to every word Mr. Feeny said, one relationship that really stuck with me over the years was the one between cool, young, badass teacher Mr. Turner and troubled teen Shawn Hunter. Fans know where I’m going with this…

Despite seasons of investment watching Mr. Turner and Shawn grow closer — even culminating in Turner wrestling with whether to become Shawn’s actual legal guardian — Turner disappeared from the show with no satisfying conclusion during the run of the show. In the season 4 episode “Cult Fiction,” a directionless Shawn decides to join a cult (!), but is rattled when Mr. Turner gets into a motorcycle accident. The end of the episode shows a distraught Shawn holding a body-cast-covered Mr. Turner’s hand in the hospital…and then Turner’s never seen again.

I’ve spent the past 15 years wondering what happened to Mr. Turner. (And happily, it looks like I’m going to — finally — get some answers.) But Boy Meets World is far from the only show to cavalierly play with my heart — and unfortunately, I don’t think these other programs are going to get information-dispensing spin-offs anytime soon.

'Reign' react: Teenagers go a courtin'

Sorry, Sleepy Hollow: Reign saw your headless horseman and raised you a French court complete with a supernatural spirit protecting a young! sexy! teenage! Mary, Queen of Scots as she works her way through the social and political minefield that was royalty at the time.

History buffs are sure to be disappointed by The CW getting into the politics of 16th century French court (Francis II of France was not so much a stud as he was sickly), but for those of us who are looking for an over-the-top costume drama by the people who brought you 90210, welcome to your new favorite show.

The premiere showcased Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) arrival at court, and — just like in high school — it’s hard to be the new girl. She meets up with her Anthropologie-dressed ladies in waiting, and awkwardly meets the Dauphin of France, Francis. (Toby Regbo)…and his hot half-brother Bash (Torrance Coombs), who looks like a Vampire Diaries castoff who already has an Oscar in smoldering.

Miley Cyrus on 'Today': Everything's going according to plan -- VIDEO


Newsflash, guys: All along, Miley’s been acting this way because she wants attention. I’ll pause while you pick your fallen monocles off the floor.

The 20-year-old revealed her dastardly strategy this morning on Today, telling Matt Lauer that her notorious VMAs performance “went exactly as planned” — after all, “it’s a month later and we’re still talking about it.” And when Lauer asked Cyrus if she’s surprised by the attention she’s been getting lately, Cyrus answered, “Not really. I mean, it’s kind of what I want. I’m an artist so I’m hoping I get a little attention. Otherwise, my record sales might be a little sketch.”

Quelle surprise! What’s next, the notion that men find Scarlett Johansson attractive?


'MasterChef Junior' premiere: A bit too sweet?

Oh no. Very talented children. In a STUNNING! turn for the worse, I feel more creaky and less accomplished than ever before now that I have watched a 9-year-old whip up a molten lava cake with glazed raspberries that Gordon Ramsay awarded “a 10 out of 10.” It’s MasterChef…Junior! READ FULL STORY

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