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Eminem has now dissed all celebrities; nation yawns

Eminem’s at it again with the celebrity disses in “A Kiss,” a track off his forthcoming album Hell: The Sequel. But are they even that bad, compared to some of the more ridiculous s— he’s doled out? Below, I’ve listed some of the Chrysler enthusiast’s more egregious celeb disses. And it’s not even all of ‘em! (I know you guys have been on the edges of your seats waiting for my opinions on Eminem.)

Lady Gaga (“A Kiss”)
Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office
She’s already a male lady
Wouldn’t f— her with her d—
The verdict’s in.

She must be heartbroken about that! READ FULL STORY

French government bans the terms 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' from radio and television

Proving once again that moralistic liberals are exactly as annoying as moralistic conservatives, the French government has banned the words “Facebook” and “Twitter” from radio and television, unless either company is the focus of a story. This essentially means that news organizations can no longer say things like “Find us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter.” According to the Guardian, the French government’s broadcasting authority felt that doing so served as stealth promotion for the two social networking sites, which was unfair all the other social networking sites that no one has ever heard of because everyone already uses Facebook or Twitter. READ FULL STORY

New Jersey school employee tries to pass off Lady Gaga impersonator as the real deal

Hey, remember when Johnny Depp surprised a group of kids in London by showing up at their school in character as Captain Jack Sparrow? Well, this story is kind of the opposite of that one. A staff developer who works for Tenafly Elementary Schools in New Jersey is in hot water for promising kids an appearance by Lady Gaga herself — then delivering a Lady Gaga impersonator instead. READ FULL STORY

'America's Got Talent' season premiere: Who'd you like the most? Team iLuminate? The SH'Boss Boys?

America’s Got Talent kicked off a new season of adorable minors, inspirational seniors, acrobatic dance groups, dancerly acrobatic groups, mock indignation (Howie Mandel) and genuine indignation (Piers Morgan) with a double-threat performer: A man who could simultaneously ride a unicycle and juggle torches. That he did all of this with one hand on Howie Mandel’s cranium earned him the love of everyone in the arena who was not Howie Mandel. The season premiere from there had a few high points (all hail the Kindergarten-aged rap trio, the SH’Boss Boys), low points (the Forever Young Dancers — think Cocoon with more diapers and no ladies) and a high-low point (a Fart impersonator.) READ FULL STORY

Ex-teammate tells '60 Minutes' that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs

Last night’s 60 Minutes featured an in-depth piece about the federal investigation into Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner who stands accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. The most damning part of 60 Minutes‘ investigation was the interview with Tyler Hamilton, an Olympic gold medalist and former Armstrong teammate. Hamilton was direct in his accusations, claiming that Armstrong “took what we all took … There was EPO, there was testosterone. And I did see a blood transfusion.” Hamilton also alleges that Armstrong used EPO to prepare for the Tour in 1999, although he hedged a little: “I can’t say that he used it during the tour.” READ FULL STORY

Nazis! In! Spaaaaaaaace! Check out the totally bananas 'Iron Sky' teaser


Iron Sky is a film with a fascinating backstory. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, it’s one of the first feature films with a budget that mostly derives from “cloud financing,” donations made over the internet. However, the film also has an equally fascinating frontstory: Nazis on the Moon! As seen in a just-released teaser, Iron Sky follows a society of national-socialists who fled Germany for the dark side of the moon in 1945, and their plans to launch a full-scale attack (or “meteroblitzkrieg”) on Earth. The teaser is reminiscent tone-wise of the Grindhouse faux-trailer Werewolf Women of the S.S., complete with a lead role for crazy-eyed B-movie all-star Udo Kier. Needless to say, the bad taste is off the charts here, but if Iron Sky is as over-the-top as it clearly intends to be, it could be 2012’s Hobo With a Shotgun. Check out the teaser after the jump… READ FULL STORY

Bill O'Reilly challenges Jon Stewart to a debate about 'the Common situation'

In response to Jon Stewart’s spoken-word takedown of Fox News, Fox patriarch Bill O’Reilly has officially thrown down the gauntlet. On yesterday’s O’Reilly Factor, the host had a message for Stewart: “I would like to debate you about the Common situation.” Thus, the stage is set for yet another O’Reilly/Stewart showdown, which will be sort of like an East Coast-West Coast-style rap battle, except without any killer beats, memorable rhymes, and also both men work in New York. (Actually, it will probably very genteel, since the two opposing hosts seem to positively treasure each other’s company.) For his part, O’Reilly arguably succeeded in escalating the “Commongate” debate a little bit. Where earlier anti-Commonites likes Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity had directly attacked Common’s music with all the self-awareness of preachers proclaiming that Elvis Presley’s gyrations were opening a portal to hellfire, O’Reilly focused on what he called Common’s “defense” of “two cop-killers,” apparently referring to Joanne Chesimard, a.k.a. Assata Shakur, and Mumia Abu-Jamal.) READ FULL STORY

Scrabble now accepting 'thang' and 'grrl'

Scrabble, I’m with you on Indian words like “keema,” “alu,” and “gobi.” I’ll even back you for gak — slang for cocaine — if only because it also happens to be the name of my favorite ’90s toy. But “thang” and “grrl”? No, as much as I would love to string together all my Scrabble consonants in times of desperation, I am not happy about the new slang being acceptable in the game. But acceptable it is: Apparently, the Collins Official Scrabble Words has updated its dictionary to include the tween Internet lingo. This is dangerous territory, PopWatchers. We are just years away from watching our great-aunts score 20+ points with BFFLNMW. (That’s Best Friends for Life, No Matter What. Since this is the first time I’ve ever typed this, I’ll assume I have no friends. Thanks a lot for the sad self-discovery, Scrabble.)

Seriously, Scrabble: Stop giving credence to the May 21, 2011 end-of-the-world theory. There are enough Signs of the Apocalypse out there.

Follow Kate on Twitter @KateWardEW

Will Smith's massive 'MIB III' trailer causes a stir in NYC: How could he make it up to residents?

Will Smith upset some residents of New York City when he rolled into their quaint little hamlet with a massive double-decker bus (pictured above.) Apparently, Smith’s ludicrous digs on wheels took up quite a bit of space in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, allegedly blocking business and emitted some harsh fumes.

Smith and Columbia Pictures have since moved the trailer, but some New Yorkers still seem a little peeved. So, to smooth things over we’ve come up with some ideas how the actor can make nice with the Big Apple once more:

— Sing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song at anyone’s request READ FULL STORY

David Hasselhoff joins 'Piranha 3DD.' I cannot wait to (Bay)watch this movie.


Imagine a future Celebrity Apprentice cast. Now, imagine them all getting devoured by man-eating fish, and you’ve got Piranha 3DD, the follow-up to 2010’s blood-and-boobs fest Piranha 3D. Just look at the actors involved: Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Gary Busey, Katrina Bowden, and now, David Hasselhoff. Yep, that’s right: The Weinstein Co. announced Wednesday that the America’s Got Talent judge and hamburger aficionado is set to join the sequel.

But here’s where I enter a plea to The Weinstein Co. I want just one thing for the holidays this year (the film is headed to theaters in November 2011): Please, oh please, let Hasselhoff play Mitch Buchannon. READ FULL STORY

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