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Charlie Sheen's Twitter account just got 30,000 followers in the time it took me to write this post

Prepare yourself: When that little Twitter egg hatches, the odyssey that refuses to quit calling itself Charlie Sheen will be reborn, and holy hell will rain throughout the Twittersphere.

UPDATE: Sheen has sent out his first tweet. READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen's worldview brought to visual life

charlie-sheen-fistsImage Credit: Jef Castro

All day, I’d been having trouble visualizing Charlie Sheen’s unique interpretation of reality, in which he is a “Vatican assassin warlock” with fire-breathing fists, standing in an octagon and preparing to fight against some kind of maggot/earthworm/clown hybrid that would not be able to handle his power and truth. I need pictures, people, else I cannot see! Luckily, EW.com’s very own imaging wizard assassin was on hand to help me out.

You guys. Look at the Google image search results for “vatican assassin.” Look at them!

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'Shedding for the Wedding' premiere brings out best and worst in TV, weight loss, weddings, humanity

Shedding-for-the-WeddingImage Credit: J Squared/The CWHow’s that for an all-encompassing headline? This show is everything, ever! The CW’s new couples weight loss series Shedding for the Wedding debuted tonight after the cycle 16 premiere of America’s Next Top Model. So far, I like it much better than The Tired and Boring Biggest Loser and any other reality show that deals with self-involved bitches obsessing over THEIR BIG DAY. Out of nine couples, only a few are truly obnoxious, and some are actually likable! READ FULL STORY

Message to all 'Real Housewives': Please, stop acting now

real-housewives-actingImage Credit: CBS; NBCListen, I have nothing against any housewives, real or otherwise. It’s a free country, and people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and we’re all just co-astronauts on the big blue starship called Planet Earth. When people are famous in America, they get a lot of opportunities. When people are infamous in America, they usually get even more opportunities, because America is broken. I can’t begrudge people for making silly mistakes. But I can send out a message from the bottom of my heart to all Real Housewives far and wide, from Atlanta to New York, from Orange County to New Jersey, from the new one to the one we’ll never speak of again: Please, ladies, stop trying to act. READ FULL STORY

Animatronic Kim Kardashian in 'Super C-U-T-E' Old Navy commercial becomes most prominent menace in blogger's life

I am certain she wants to kill me.

No surrender. We must find the lab that harvested this exquisite robot…and exploit it! Who’s with me? READ FULL STORY

'Two and a Half Men': Art reflects Charlie Sheen's life

Excuse me. “Art.” Now that Charlie Sheen is being home-rehabbed, it’s time to check in with CBS’ Two and a Half Men. It’s the same as it ever was, but now that America’s favorite ladies man is halting production indefinitely, the self-aware jabs at Sheen’s real life seem extra poignant. Here’s 10 of ‘em from last night’s episode — and after the break, a bonus money shot entitled “The Least Accurate Depiction of the Charlie Sheen Financial Situation.” It’s so funny! READ FULL STORY

Why were Super Bowl Commercials extra-violent this year?

During this year’s Super Bowl commercial breaks, Roseanne got knocked over by a log for Snickers and Grizzly bears wrecked a car for McDonald’s. Cars.com poisoned one dude, body-scrambled another, and shot an unfortunate cowboy full of arrows. Pepsi had two separate commercials that ended with the same punchline: Someone being hit in the face by a full can of Pepsi Max. (A possible tagline could be, “Pepsi Max: Tasty and Concussive!”) Also, House threw his cane at an adorable child, a pug dog smashed through a door for Doritos, and that terrifying green android apparently stole someone’s thumbs. People, this was violent stuff. Now, I’m no prude. I think violence is hilarious, especially unexpected violence, which is why I’m still laughing about the end of There Will Be Blood. But is anyone else concerned that the most-watched advertising period of the year featured a nonstop array of cartoonish violence? READ FULL STORY

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