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Michelle Duggar records audio letter for late daughter Jubilee: 'You were not loved any less because you were baby No. 21'

Earlier this month, Michelle and Jim Duggar — stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Countingannounced the sad news that Michelle had lost their 21st child to miscarriage. (She previously lost another child to miscarriage, in her second pregnancy.) Days later, the couple also announced they would hold a memorial for the child, who was to be named Jubilee Shalom Duggar. But the couple continues to remember their late daughter.

Michelle has released an audio letter dedicated to Jubilee, in which she tells her miscarried daughter that she “will not forget you. I will look forward to meeting you one day.” But Michelle also uses the letter as an opportunity to touch upon societal views regarding her large brood: “So often in society, babies are looked upon as a problem trial or responsibility,” she says in the tape. “But God says babies are a blessing. We do not believe that babies are a bother, a headache, or a financial drain or a crareer interrupter. We love babies. Your siblings did not view you as the competition. They are truly saddened and disappointed to not have really known you … You were not loved any less because you were baby No. 21.”

Michelle continues on to speak about the miscarriage itself, “It’s an awesome thought to me that you fulfilled your life’s purpose in such a short time … From now on, when I’m asked how many children I have, the answer will be 21 — 19 here and two in heaven. You are precious to me, Jubilee. Mommy loves you.” Listen to the audio after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Cheeta, chimpanzee and Tarzan movie star, dies at 'roughly 80'

Cheeta the chimpanzee, who starred in Tarzan movies alongside Olympic swimmer-turned-actor Johnny Weissmuller in the 1930s and ranked #1 on EW.com’s list of the 10 Best Monkeys at the Movies, died of kidney failure Saturday. According to the Suncoast Primary Sanctuary’s outrach director, Cheeta was “roughly 80 years old, loved fingerpainting and football and was soothed by nondenominational Christian music.”

Roughly 80?! Way to live, chimp! That’s amazing! (Cheeta was an anomaly; the average zoo chimp dies around age 35-45.) I sure hope my favorite chimp lives that long.

The similarities between Cheeta the chimp and your average human don’t stop there: Cheeta loved to see people laugh, abandoned art projects as soon as he got bored with them, enjoyed standing up nice and tall, and “when he didn’t like somebody or something that was going on, he would pick up some poop and throw it at them.”

Primates: They’re just like us!

RIP, Cheeta.

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Lunchtime Poll: Would any of you blockheads buy Charlie Brown's sad little Christmas tree?

For our final Lunchtime Poll before the holiday weekend, I thought we’d check in with Charlie Brown — the only person Linus knows who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem. “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Browniest.”

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, after Lucy tasked him with getting the biggest aluminum Christmas tree he could find for the kids’ play, Charlie Brown instead picked a funny-looking hidden gem that was just like him: barely viable in a sea of brightly colored commercialism, sprouting just a few tufts of foliage in random directions, and in desperate need of a little love.

“Gee, do they still make wooden Christmas trees?” wondered Linus. “It doesn’t seem to fit the modern spirit.”

I’m sitting three inches away from my parents’ glorious so-fake-it’s-real Christmas tree right now and must admit I find it very alluring. (DANCMSTR Dee and Barnacle Bill have always understood the importance of maintaining a modern spirit.) But I think I would buy a sad little Charlie Brown tree for my own sad little apartment. I’d call it a “statement piece” and decorate it with lightweight tinsel fringe, a single strand of sequined caramel corn, and a gem-encrusted Dancing With the Stars bangle to support the “trunk” like Linus adorably did with his blanket.

“Everything Annie touches turns into a disaster,” my regretful visitors would say, and I’d nod solemnly and then press play on Dragonette’s modern-day Charlie Brown anthem on my iTunes. They may be right, but those commercial dogs are not going to ruin my Christmas.


Kris Humphries named NBA's most disliked player; booed by New York crowd

Kris Humphries isn’t exactly a big star in an NBA galaxy full of LeBrons and Kobes, but he’s being treated like one because of his off-the-court profile. When the New Jersey Nets forward took the court last night to face the New York Knicks in an exhibition game, the Madison Square Garden crowd greeted him with boos and heckled him every time he touched the ball. The crowd had so much fun taunting him that when he sat on the bench, they pleaded for more, chanting, “We want Humphries! We want Humphries!”

This wasn’t an isolated incident. According to a new Forbes.com fan poll, Humphries has surpassed LeBron James as the most disliked player in the league, a somewhat surprising showing for a non-superstar like Humphries. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011 (or is that Worst?): The year in reality TV meltdowns

No reality TV show can really call itself worthy of the name without at least one tear-streaked, red-faced, expletive-laden meltdown — the more out of left field, the better. And 2011 was chockablock with them, from Snooki on Jersey Shore to Taylor Armstrong on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, from Meat Loaf on Celebrity Apprentice to Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Dancing With the Stars. Let us count the ways:  READ FULL STORY

Lindsay Lohan's 'Ellen' drop out: What does it mean in the bigger picture?

Yesterday was a great day for Paris Jackson, who dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss her late father, quirks and all. The interview provided insight into the life of a young girl who’s suffered great tragedy and somehow managed to maintain a sense of normalcy. Also scheduled for the program that day was Lindsay Lohan, who dropped out of the taping at the last minute. The missed interview was yet another down in a long string of ups and downs for Lohan, who found fame (in 1998’s The Parent Trap) around the same age Jackson is now. In that light, it’s a sad thing to consider what has become of the once promising actress in the last 13 years. How did she go from poised preteen to a Playboy bunny grasping for (and once again bobbling) her last chance at relevance? And what was the point of it all? READ FULL STORY

Demi Moore says changing Twitter name 'isn't a top priority' (seeing 'New Year's Eve' probably isn't either)

Seeing as some would do everything in their power to not be associated with Ashton Kutcher, especially on Twitter, some folks are perplexed as to why the Two and a Half Men star’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Demi Moore has kept her long-standing Twitter handle @mrskutcher. So is it a sentimental attachment to better times or even just the Twitter name itself? Or the fact that possible new name candidate @mrsexkutcher reads as “Mr. Sex Kutcher”? Moore responded to the onslaught of curious and judgmental followers with the update, “changing my twitter name isn’t a top priority right now. sorry it bothers so many of u. should I not tweet until I do? does it really matter?” To RT and respond to that we can only say, “No, we’re sorry/No, we’re sorry/That’s a loaded question.”

What do you think Demi Moore should change her Twitter name to? (My personal vote: @SamWheat4ever. Or @MollyYouInDangerGirl would also work. I really like Ghost, you guys.) Have you, like Demi, ever been faced with having to change your Twitter handle post-split? Share in the comments section below!

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'Community': Could this really be the end?

Ever since news broke that Community was being temporarily benched from the NBC schedule to make way for newer, hopefully-more-audience-attracting programming, I’ve been living in denial. I can’t imagine a world without Star Burns, Ring-a-Ding-Dean and Magnitude — Pop Pop! The Greendale gang have been good sports about the whole affair, tweeting their support (#SixSeasonsAndAMovie) and invading Joel McHale’s other show The Soup en masse to show us a happy, quirky family.

Bud sadly, today I am forced to face the music. Tonight’s Christmas-themed episode “Regional Holiday Music,” which finds the gang filling in for the GCC Glee Club, is the final episode before the Hiatus of Possible Doom. READ FULL STORY

Mindy McCready defends herself to ABC News -- WATCH

Country singer and Celebrity Rehab star Mindy McCready sat down with ABC News’ Andrea Canning for an interview to tell her side of her ongoing custody saga. McCready, who recently violated a court order when she took her five-year-old son, Zander, out of the care of her mother, Gayle Inge, (who she filed a libel suit against back in August, according to the Associated Press) and brought him to Arkansas with her. The two were found hiding in a closet by the authorities, after it they were initially reported as missing.

The troubled star, who according to her website “suffers from severe depression” (she attempted suicide in 2008) and has continued to find herself in trouble with the law over the years, told Canning “[I did] not ever think that me taking my own child, that I carried for nine months, that I gave birth to in the hospital by myself would ever be breaking the law. What I did was to protect my child, and there’s not a person in the world that’s going to tell me that that is wrong.” Watch a clip below: READ FULL STORY

Celebs who have quit Twitter: Alec Baldwin joins the club


Alec Baldwin has plenty of prestigious titles in Hollywood (Emmy winner, Oscar nominee, the good Baldwin brother), but he added two more (arguably less prestigious) bragging rights to his resume this week: Celebrity booted from a plane and a Twitter quitter.

One day after Baldwin was kicked off of an American Airlines flights after refusing to stop playing his Words with Friends game and went on a Twitter rampage about the incident (one tweet read, “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt”), the 30 Rock star deactivated his account from the social networking site in light of the controversy. READ FULL STORY

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