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Sarah Palin could be eyeing one of the open spots on 'The View'

Sarah Palin knows a job opportunity when she sees one, whether that’s a place on a ticket as Vice Presidential candidate or space next to Whoopi Goldberg around a talk show table.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the pickup of the second season of her Amazing America with Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor said she doesn’t really approve of doing a political talk show, largely because today’s politics are “incorrigibly disastrous.” But, she said, “I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.”


Barbara Walters and David Letterman don't want to retire, make 'suicide pact' -- VIDEO

Barbara Walters and David Letterman are pretty good at what they do. You might even call them icons in their respective fields. (You most definitely should, actually.)

So it’s no real surprise that when this pair of retiring television legends sat down for an interview on Late Show on Wednesday, they both admitted they’re having a hard time accepting that their jobs are coming to an end.

You’re retiring,” Walters said. “I do not want you to retire.”

“I don’t want to retire now either,” Letterman responded to applause. “I’ve changed my mind.” But, he conceded, “that ship has sailed.” The network’s already planning on repainting, after all.

Walters admitted that she feels the same way: “I said yes, I wanted to go; I’m not ready. Let’s walk into the sunset together,” she suggested, and they shook on it. READ FULL STORY

Whoopi Goldberg: Jay Z had the right to hit Solange Knowles back -- VIDEO

So it seems everyone has now seen that infamous post-Met Gala video of Solange Knowles allegedly giving brother-in-law Jay Z a beatdown in a hotel elevator while her sister/his wife Beyonce idly stands by. And everyone has an opinion on it.

The ladies of The View chose to share their theories on Tuesday, with Whoopi Goldberg causing a minor controversy of her own.

“I think Solange was quite ready for [Jay Z] to do whatever he was gonna do,” Goldberg said. “If anybody hits you, you have the right [to hit back]. I know that many people are raised in a very different way, but if a woman hits you, to me, you have the right to hit her back. If I slap a man, he has every right to slap me back. Every right.”

Remember: The only people who really know what went down in that elevator are Solange, Jay Z, Beyonce, and that security guard who prevented all hell from really breaking loose. Still, you can watch the View co-hosts’ full array of hypotheses about the incident here: READ FULL STORY

Barbara Walters to 'Vanity Fair': 'Do I see myself as a feminist idol? No'

We know Barbara Walters as an intense broadcast journalist who knows how to ask tough questions. But in Vanity Fair‘s new profile of the View co-host, we learn that she’s not very into being on the other side of an interview; in fact, the magazine says that she even offered to write the story herself.

Still, VF did manage to get a few personal tidbits out of Walters, including why the View ladies don’t take pee breaks and the one time Walters broke during a interview.Check out a few highlights below:


'The View': A seating chart for a drama-free co-host reunion

When all 11 past and present co-hosts of The View unite on May 15 to bid farewell to the talk show’s creator Barbara Walters, we expect each lady to be on her best behavior. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of bad feelings and some tongue-biting when these gals come face-to-face.

While The View was created as a platform for women with varying opinions to talk openly and frankly about the day’s topics, it turned into a powder keg for clashing personalities.  We don’t envy the person tasked with creating the seating chart that day. Over the 17 seasons, there have been a number of high-profile feuds among the cast, some involving Walters herself.

To keep the peace — just as a precaution, of course — here are our suggestions for co-host placement on Walters’ second-to-last day.

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd go topless on 'The View' -- VIDEO

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd boldly went where no host of The View has gone before – though plenty of Girls have. READ FULL STORY

Rosie O'Donnell returns to 'The View' for first time since 2007: Here's what you missed

Rosie O’Donnell left The View before her contract was up in 2007 and hasn’t been back since. Today, the former host returned to the show as a guest. Sadly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her exit this past summer, so we missed out on a reunion between the two — and by “reunion,” we mean a fierce argument of the kind that led to O’Donnell leaving the show in the first place. Still, O’Donnell brought her sometimes-controversial opinions and tried to be more, er, agreeable than usual. “It’s my first time back, I’m afraid I’ll be exiled!” she joked.

Barbara Walters introduced O’Donnell by saying how this time of the year — near Valentine’s Day — is a perfect time for O’Donnell to return. It didn’t make much sense, but okay! The ladies all wore red in honor of National Wear Red Day, which promotes heart disease awareness, and O’Donnell was no exception: Once she made her way to the couches, she pulled her black shirt down to reveal a lacy red bra. Way to make an entrance, Rosie.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets a surprise visitor for her first day on 'Fox & Friends'

You can take Elisabeth Hasselbeck off The View, but you can’t take The View women away from Elisabeth.

Hasselbeck made her debut as the new co-host of Fox & Friends this morning, and — after getting some (not gluten-free) cake to welcome her, the newbie got a special guest: View co-host and friend Sherri Shepherd dropped by the set to congratulate her friend on the new job. Hard-hitting!

“You guys don’t know what you’re getting over here,” Shepherd enthused after presenting Hasselbeck with gifts. “Trouble!” Hasselbeck finished with a laugh. Shepherd shared her tips on how to keep Hasselbeck happy, while, for her part, Hasselbeck sat back and happily stroked the couch. She was home.

Check out a clip from Hasselbeck’s first show below:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck exits 'The View': Who should replace her?

The search is on for a new co-host at The View.

Today marked Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s last day on the weekday gabfest and so far, according to the rumor mill, former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy and actress Brooke Shields are among those in the running to fill the former Survivor contestant’s seat. But are either of them the best choice to fill Hasselbeck’s small but fire-filled shoes? The answer depends on whether or not The View wants to use this opportunity to re-invent itself.

Hasselbeck, who famously represented the conservative point of view on the show, spent much her decade on the show fighting. Fighting her co-stars. Fighting critics. Fighting for her political views. Regardless of your opinions about Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she was often the center of The View‘s watercooler moments.

On this point, both McCarthy and Shields, whose name has been in the mix since March, have both had their share of headline-making. These days, McCarthy is known as much for her controversial anti-vaccine stance as she is for her career. And Shields once took criticism from actor Tom Cruise for her use of antidepressants to treat her postpartum depression. These women are not afraid of a debate, which could make them both good fits for the show. (Personally, I’d give the edge to Shields for her Princeton education and incredible star-power.)

All that said, are either of these women the right mix for The View, politically speaking?

I won’t pretend to precisely know how either McCarthy or Shields lean, but the absence of that knowledge in my pop culture-filled brain in a way makes a point. Some say neither McCarthy nor Shields would be a good fit because the show needs a strong (and loud?) conservative Republican voice or else the The View could turn into a table of synchronized nodding heads. So with that in mind, should someone like Meghan McCain be thrown into the running? Or even former Clueless star Stacy Dash, who took a lot of heat during the presidential election for backing Mitt Romney?

Again, it all comes down to The View‘s view of the future. Should they be looking for Elisabeth 2.0? Or give peace a chance? Your opinion is welcome.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's greatest hits on 'The View'

In the past 12 years, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has matured (?) from the poster child for abs and pigtail buns (seriously so cute) on Survivor to one of the most outspoken yet least informed clangy kitchen utensils on the planet. Now that she’s officially leaving The View for Fox News, here’s a roundup of some of her most memorable and controversial moments. Consider it the worst greatest hits album of all time. READ FULL STORY

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