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'The Tomorrow People': The highs and lows of season 1

The premise of The Tomorrow People‘s first season was simple: A superior species called The Tomorrow People is the next step in evolution. They have three powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. Those powers make some people see them as a threat, which is why Ultra, a government organization, is hunting them.

But as the season went on, we started to explore this world and question who was good, who was evil, and who was even a Tomorrow Person. We found out that this “shadow war” had been going on for years and involved life-threatening experiments, a machine that endangered all humans, limbo, and more. Before we knew it, we were losing people we loved, discovering new layers to the story, and meeting characters we’d been hearing about all season. READ FULL STORY

Does 'The Tomorrow People' deserve a second season? -- POLL

Last night, The Tomorrow People ended its first season with a complete shift in the world we’ve come to know. But with its renewal status still up in the air, one question remains: Does it deserve a season 2?

In my opinion, the answer’s simple one: Yes. Tomorrow had me semi-hooked from the pilot. I enjoyed its first few episodes, but I wasn’t immediately convinced that I couldn’t live without it. But every time I started to think I might skip an episode or two, the show would throw a new twist my way — and I’d be hooked once more.


PopWatch Planner: 'Mindy Project,' 'Revenge' finales, 'Neighbors,' 'Chef' in theaters, and more

April showers bring May finales! OK, so that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it is true. May is a month full of memorable goodbyes, and for this week, that includes The Tomorrow People, The Mindy Project, and Revenge. However, with Neighbors and Chef in theaters, there will be very little time for mourning.

Here’s how your week is looking: READ FULL STORY

'The Tomorrow People': How one twist got me hooked

I’ve watched The Tomorrow People from day one, and I’ve always enjoyed it. I think the world is intriguing, dangerous, sexy, and most importantly, entertaining. But Wednesday night’s episode was something special. It involved a twist that changed how I’ll watch the show moving forward. After Marla’s big reveal, my relationship with The Tomorrow People is no longer a matter of enjoyment or entertainment. I’m hooked. I’m in. I’ll see you all at the finale.


PopWatch Planner: The Super Bowl, the Sochi Olympics, 'The Monuments Men', and more

Yes, this week is a little heavy on the sporting events. Between the Super Bowl and the kick-off of the Sochi Olympics, it’s simply something we can’t ignore. However, the good news for non-sports fans is that there are plenty of other entertainment options to go around. Some of your favorite shows are returning, some of your favorite reality shows just keep getting better, and did I mention that George Clooney will be hitting the big screen? Here’s what this week has in store:


'The Tomorrow People' react: Tying up loose ends

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the mid-season finale of The Tomorrow People, stop reading now!

Stephen’s okay! Aldus Crick is not! Jedekiah has a heart! John has a super sexy smirk! I have so many feelings right now, I’m not even sure where to begin. Each week I’ve become more invested in these Tomorrow People and their foes, and in the mid-season finale, I got everything I could’ve asked for: There was action. There was mystery. There was love. There was intrigue. And, of course, there was a shirtless Stephen. Let’s dig in!

Mark Pellegrino reveals why he's so good at being bad

Mark Pellegrino is a bad guy. He has lied. He has killed. He’s literally been sent to Hell. Most recently, he threatened his own nephew’s life. What kind of person does that? Well, for starters, an actor who is way too good at being oh so bad.

Odds are, if you’re a television fan, you’ve seen Pellegrino before. And if you’ve seen him, there’s a good chance he was playing a villain of some sort. From his roles on Dexter and Supernatural, to Lost, Being Human, Revolution, and now, as Jedekiah Price on The Tomorrow People, Pellegrino is not the hero of the story. Nor does he want to be.

“I think knowing nothing about the story from a writing point of view, only from an acting point of view, for me, the antagonist kind of is the story in the sense that he is the one, or she, pursuing an end passionately to the point even of death. That’s how passionately they want what they want,” Pellegrino said. “And they force the other characters in the story to either rise up and meet them with contrary values or physical force. The antagonist is the one who brings out the heroic nature in the hero, I think. So I like that. I like being proactive, even more proactive than I may be in life. I get to not only believe in a cause being the antagonist, but to wholeheartedly throw myself behind the cause.”

'The Tomorrow People': What exactly is John's special power? PopWatch Investigates!

The Tomorrow People are the next step in evolution. I get that. They are graced with the powers of telepathy, teleportation, and telekineses. I sort of get that. But when the show throws more powers my way, I get a little lost. Yes, superpowers are awesome, and I love them, but that doesn’t mean I always understand what’s happening.

Example A) When John and Stephen took on Killian earlier this season, the duo found themselves in a quite literally explosive situation. In order to stop a bomb, John and Stephen somehow had to cut six wires at exactly the same time. The trick: The wires were all in different locations within the room.

Why I'm still watching 'The Tomorrow People'

This summer, I took it upon myself to binge-watch a number of new shows. It’s not a choice I regret, but it’s one that has made life this fall even busier than normal. Instead of having one show a night and three on Thursdays, I have multiple shows each night and five on Thursdays. It’s a beautiful, very time-consuming addiction. So when I went to plan out my DVR schedule, I didn’t originally include The Tomorrow People. My Wednesdays were already full with Arrow, Modern Family, and Nashville. Luckily enough, however, there weren’t any conflicts with me recording The Tomorrow People and considering it already came on right after Arrow, what was the big deal, right? Right. So I gave the pilot a chance. READ FULL STORY

'The Tomorrow People' premiere: A little of everything, with just a bit of something

The Tomorrow People is based on a ’70s British sci-fi series which is probably fondly remembered by people who are definitely not in the CW’s target demographic. Not having been alive in the ’70s, I can remember — fondly, albeit very vaguely — the ’90s reboot of The Tomorrow People, which aired in the US Nickelodeon and starred future-Moneypenny Naomie Harris. The ’90s Tomorrow People had the advantage of being a a science-fiction show at a time when science-fiction was not everywhere. It had a serialized mystery involving an alien spaceship. In the context of early-’90s television, everything I just wrote was mindbending. It also had a lead character whose nickname was “Megabyte.” Few things age worse than mediocre science-fiction. READ FULL STORY

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