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Royal wedding cake is round... frustrating those who think the corners taste best

Let them eat cake! Or something. William and Kate are enjoying two royal wedding cakes today: this eight-tiered delight topped by their new royal cipher; and a chocolate-cookie cake specially requested by the groom. Am I disqualified from discussing the Joseph Lambeth cake technique and the 900 floral touches because I can’t look at the cake and not wonder what The Office‘s Deangelo Vickers would do if he got within an arm’s length of it. Yes? Good. “Why did I just do that? It’s not even that good! I had cake for lunch!… No!” READ FULL STORY

Kate Middleton's dress: Most perfect wedding gown ever?

The countdown to the dress of the century has been relentless — which designer will Kate Middleton pick for her wedding day, what will it look like, will it bring about world peace? And when Kate, or HRH Duchess of Cambridge as she will now be known, stepped out of the car and into Westminster Abbey, she did not disappoint. READ FULL STORY

The Royal Wedding: We're live-blogging it!


Set your alarm clocks, PopWatchers! EW is live-blogging the wedding of Wills and Kate, starting at the not-so-jolly-old hour of 5:15 a.m. ET Friday. In addition to the colorful commentary you’ve come to expect from our live blogs, we’ll be featuring a live video feed direct from Westminster Abbey. Huzzah!

Our own Hillary Busis and Christian Blauvelt will be your hosts for the joyous occasion, along with some friends from our sister publication, InStyle. Put the kettle on and join us, won’t you? The live blog is after the jump! READ FULL STORY

Royal Wedding poll: Will you get up to watch Wills and Kate tie the knot?

In less than 16 hours, Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally getting married. The event is going to be exciting, extravagant, and — if you live in the U.S. of A. — really freakin’ early in the morning. Networks will air coverage of the melee in London starting at 4 a.m. ET; EW’s own liveblog will begin at 5:15 (we’ll give you more information on that later); and the marriage service itself starts at 6 a.m.. Since the highlights of the ceremony and the procession will no doubt be played ad nauseum throughout the rest of the day and the weekend, even those who elect to sleep through it will have plenty of opportunities to see the prince and his bride say “I do.” (Also, DVRs exist. The wonders of modern technology!) But there’s still something to be said for watching the events unfold live — even if you’ll have to wake up before any roosters are even thinking about crowing in order to do so.

Riddle me this, PopWatchers: Are you planning to drag yourself out of bed at an ungodly hour to see the royal wedding? Vote in our poll below to let us know. READ FULL STORY

Royal Wedding poll: Whose commentary are you most looking forward to?

Today, TLC announced that Rupert Everett and Ivana Trump will join What Not to Wear‘s Clinton Kelly, Say Yes the Dress: Atlanta‘s Monte Durham, and former Paradise Hotel/The Swan host Amanda Byram in London to offer commentary on Friday’s Royal Wedding. (Say Yes the Dress‘ Randy Fenoli will handle on-air coverage of the network’s five-hour Times Square viewing party, which will include a live performance by Colbie Caillat.) Truth be told, I’d have preferred to see Everett sitting alongside Kathy Griffin, Joan Collins, and company over on the TV Guide Channel — or “deputized” by E! for Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police special instead of Tori Spelling — but not all of us get our fairytale ending. But with all these commentators commentating on the royal nuptials, who are you most looking forward to hearing talk dresses, crowns, and boutineers? Vote in our poll below!  READ FULL STORY

Royal Wedding poll: Prince Harry is the U.K.'s most eligible bachelor. So would you watch him on 'The Bachelor'?

You know what? Enough about William. Sure, he’s the Windsor who will be taken off the market this Friday — but that’s precisely why we should all start shifting our focus to his brother, ginger-haired, ruddy-cheeked Prince Harry. Though rumors have been circulating that Diana and Charles’s younger son is planning to bring his on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy to William and Kate’s wedding, Prince Harry hasn’t been seriously linked to a permanent ladyfriend in quite some time; he and Davy officially split in 2009. That makes “the spare” the U.K.’s most eligible bachelor. And we all know the best way for an eligible bachelor to ideally find his soulmate: The Bachelor!

So let’s engage in a silly thought experiment, PopWatchers. If Chris Harrison could somehow convince Harry to step into Brad Womack’s carefully polished shoes, would you be there to watch what happened? Or does the idea of a royal appearing regularly on a reality show somehow not sit well with you? Vote in our poll and let us know. READ FULL STORY

Royal Wedding poll: Which plot point from Lifetime's 'William & Kate' do you most wish was true?

It happened: Just six days ahead of Friday’s Royal Wedding, I found myself flipping channels Saturday night at my parents’ house, landing on Lifetime’s William & Kate right as Kate Middleton fled Prince William’s 21st birthday party. (He had invited another young woman up to help him blow out the candles.) “I’m the girl he hangs out with, not the one he brings home,” Kate said to her trailing friends, echoing the snooty mean girl who’d just assured her that William wouldn’t have time to socialize with his flatmate (who he was secretly sleeping with) at this public event. And with that, I was sucked in — not only to the rest of the movie but also to the repeat so I could see what I’d missed. You can watch William & Kate, “inspired by true events,” online now. SPOILER ALERT! The most ridiculous plot points make our poll below.  READ FULL STORY

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