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'Real Housewives': How fame became part of the franchise

When The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered in 2006, the show was nothing more than a harmless look at the lives of wealthy women living in a gated community in Southern California with their families. The show was a response to the popular ABC series Desperate Housewives and America’s growing love of reality TV at the time. People became so invested in the scripted TV characters that it was easy to get invested in their real-life counterparts because they were so similar (you know, aside from all the murder on Wisteria Lane).

But as the years went on, the series expanded to different cities across the country and grew in popularity, and the housewives became household names. And the fame that has resulted from being a cast member on the show has gone from a nice perk to part of the plot. READ FULL STORY

Entertained or ashamed: What is happening with violence on reality TV?

When we go to see an action movie or play certain video games, we expect the violence that usually comes with those genres of entertainment. But while watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta? It seems that reality shows today have become more violent and central to a show’s plotline, making it a part of the story.

When Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom punched Jax in the face to see if he “could actually feel anything” after sleeping with his girlfriend Kristen and lying about it for months, you almost expected the blow. That’s what the story arc of the season had been leading to all along. That’s the ending we wanted and committed to the show to see. Why? Because that’s what makes good TV.

These aren’t just your random drunken Jersey Shore bar brawls, but full-on sparring battles with pent-up anger and tension and sometimes even personal betrayal. The second season of Vanderpump Rules, about Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR and its staff, ended with a literal bang when two violent outbursts (one female-to-female slap, one man-to-man punch) resulted after a season filled with lies. As Lisa herself said, you can understand some of this behavior but never condone it. So why should we have to watch it then? READ FULL STORY

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' episode 2: 5 memorable moments

It’s another night of Atlanta drama as our six favorite peaches have returned for episode two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha’s taking the Waiting to Exhale route — channeling Angela Bassett’s character Bernadine — sporting a new chopped hairdo during her divorce (temporarily, in between scenes), Kandi’s fighting for love, Phaedra’s fighting her love (Apollo), Cynthia’s got a real health issue, and NeNe’s not for the drama, especially with Kenya.  Here are five memorable moments from tonight’s episode.

1. Porsha and Diane’s shocking revelations Part II

The  secrets didn’t stop after the season premiere as Porsha and mother Diane still had more tidbits to reveal about estranged ex-husband to be Kordell.  Spilling more of the tea about her marriage to the NFL star, Porsha revealed the harsh reality of living rich but being broke by recalling memories of having to ask her mother for $500. Wow, guess you can’t really judge a book by it’s cover. But Kordell wasn’t that harsh of a guy. He did at least give her a spousal support check for $5,000.


'Real Housewives of Atlanta' season 6 premiere: 6 highlights

They’re back! The Real Housewives of Atlanta has returned with a premiere that gives just a peek of what’s been going on. NeNe’s married (again), Phaedra’s got a new house and baby, Cynthia’s all about her business, Kenya’s back in town causing havoc, Kandi’s trying to make it work between family and love, and Porsha’s striking out on her own.

What were the most memorable moments from Atlanta’s favorite housewives? Here are six highlights from the season premiere:

'Real Housewives': Pleading not guilty to guilty pleasures

I resent the term guilty pleasure. My girlfriends in particular have a way of dismissing their cruder entertainment indulgences, sheepishly admitting that they whipped through the Fifty Shades books or have seen all of Katherine Heigl’s movies. My feeling is, Hey, whatever gets you through a plane ride. I don’t hear guys apologizing for obsessing over their fantasy-football lineups or for fussing online about whether Ben Affleck will make a proper Batman.

So I was surprised by the guilt I felt when my 5-year-old daughter caught me watching a rerun of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I’d long since put her to bed and was staring dumbly at a scene of a horrible blond woman in a one-shoulder sateen dress lashing out at another horrible blond woman in a similarly cut jewel-tone dress. “Is this a grown-up show?” my child whispered from the hallway. I fumbled for the pause button, freezing the ridiculous action just before the contents of a wineglass splattered on the rival’s sun-freckled silicone cleavage.

'I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding': 5 things we learned from the reunited NeNe and Gregg Leakes

With a second chance at love, Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes shows that once you’ve found The One, you should hold onto him — even if you’re not rich and famous and he’s your ex-husband.

In her spin-off series I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, reality TV’s favorite platinum blonde welcomed the cameras back into her world as she chronicles her days leading up to saying “I do” (again) to ex-husband Gregg Leakes. We’ve seen the couple rise, fall, and rise up again, and now we can use this show as a good guide for any couple looking to tie the knot.

Here are five facts we’ve learned so far from the Leakes on their journey to becoming man and wife once more:

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