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The 4 emotional stages of watching 'The Purge'

On Friday night, I stepped into a crowded theater to watch The Purge, and I was both impressed and bewildered by what I saw. The film, which has a killer premise about a single night during which all crime (including murder) is legal, definitely got my audience riled up, eliciting six separate moments of spontaneous applause… followed by nervous laughter.

In fact, watching the film — which starts off like The Hunger Games, then transforms into Panic Room, then morphs again into Taken — sends you on an emotional roller coaster as you try to grapple with the twisted plot. My ride felt something like this (SPOILERS abound from this point):

The Purge begins with eerie radio broadcasts and television segments breathlessly previewing the evening’s coming purge, when citizens can go “hunting” for people they hate as a way of purging themselves of their hatred. The whole tradition is presented with an unsettling amount of excited anticipation and patriotic reverence — a creepy mentality that the annual purge truly improves American society. READ FULL STORY

The wildly different paths of Ethan Hawke and Owen Wilson

In one version of the world, Ethan Hawke and Owen Wilson could have had nearly identical careers.

Both Texas-born and vets of the Austin indie filmmaking scene of the mid-90s, the two actors have since floated through independent, art house, and mainstream projects to varying degrees of success. Hawke, for the most part, stayed indie while Wilson went big. They are the story of Generation-X: Former malcontents grasping for authenticity and fame in an industry that is designed to make those dual aspirations somewhat impossible.

When observed as a series of choices beginning in 1994, the careers of Hawke and Wilson represent a case study of the ever-present tension between Hollywood, independent films, paychecks and prestige, culminating in this bizarre June 2013 weekend where Hawke’s modest $3 million horror film The Purge slayed Wilson’s glossy, “sure-bet” $58 million comedy, The Internship.

So, what happened?


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