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'The Dark Knight Rises' will feature over an hour of IMAX footage

Christopher Nolan doesn’t do 3D. That’s probably a good thing: The post-Avatar excitement about 3D filmmaking quickly devolved into cash grabs like Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland, successful mediocrities featuring price-gouging post-production 3D nose jobs. When The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters this summer, it will take advantage of a more respectable technological gimmick. Nolan’s Dark Knight featured about a half hour of footage filmed with IMAX cameras, and according to the Wall Street Journal, Rises will feature about twice as much IMAX material. READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: 'The Dark Knight Rises' headlines our 2012 Summer Movie Preview issue


Christopher Nolan knows that The Dark Knight Rises, his third and final film starring Christian Bale as Batman, is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year. But the spoiler-averse director is reluctant to reveal too much about his work before its July 20 release. “So what can I not tell you about my film,” he says by way of the greeting during a break from editing Rises in Los Angeles.

Even so, Nolan did expand upon our first preview of Rises (which took you to the set and offered some insight into the movie’s story and themes) and shared some intel about Batman’s latest cinematic adversaries. First, there’s Bane (played by Inception alum Tom Hardy), a cunning, hulking terrorist with a menacing respirator-mask and a small army bent on sacking Gotham City. “He represents formidable physical strength, combined with absolute evil of intention,” says Nolan. READ FULL STORY

In honor of 'Dark Knight Rises,' witness the Batmobile parade!

To celebrate the impending arrival of The Dark Knight Rises — Christopher Nolan’s latest exercise in manic-depressive grandeur — Warner Bros. hosted an exhibition last week in Burbank featuring five iterations of the Batmobile. Videographer Josh Turchetta put together an enticing clip from the event. Watch the video: READ FULL STORY

'Dark Knight Rises' food truck debuts in New York with brand-new image from the film

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission… to eat!

As a promotion for the New York Toy Fair, a food truck featuring a new image of The Dark Knight Rises has been spotted around New York City, according to ComingSoon. The truck, which is meant to serve breakfast and lunch to Toy Fair attendees, features a glimpse of Batman’s newest vehicular toy, The Bat, and it’s awesome. READ FULL STORY

2012 is the geekiest year for movies ever. Is that a good thing?

There was a time when Hollywood was not solely in the business of making franchise films with a built-in geek fanbase. In the early ’90s, science-fiction films were mostly low-budget B-movies and Star Trek sequels. The success of Tim Burton’s Batman films didn’t immediately kick-start a superhero renaissance, unless you were a big fan of Steel and The Shadow, you weirdo. And there simply weren’t any epic fantasy films, although an imaginative young Tolkien fan could create a reasonable facsimile of a live-action Lord of the Rings by watching Willow on mute with Glenn Yarbrough’s Hobbit song playing on your tape-deck stereo system. READ FULL STORY

'The Dark Knight Rises,' Johnny Depp, and 'Lost' top IMDb's top-searched lists

It seems like some folks have found a way to pass the time until movie-event The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20: Check the IMDb page for it obsessively.  (Okay, phew, Anne Hathaway is still there.)

Christopher Nolan’s final installment of his Batman saga has topped IMDb.com‘s most-viewed list for Anticipated In-Production Movies. While it’s certainly no big surprise that that particular film tops that list (I wonder how many visitors went to the Quotes section to figure out what Bane is saying), it is somewhat jarring to see other biggies like The Hunger Games and Prometheus being out-searched by the likes of G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Battleship. (Does that mean it will be — forgive me — a hit?)

This Week's Cover: Our 2012 Forecast issue takes you to the set of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

In a year crowded with some of the most anticipated movies in years (The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man, to name just a few), The Dark Knight Rises might be the most anticipated of them all. The third and final installment in Inception director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Bat-flicks — which will once again star Christian Bale as the caped crusader and introduce Thomas Hardy as the brilliant, brutish terrorist Bane and Anne Hathaway as the purrrrfectly mercurial Selina Kyle — will swing into theaters on July 20, four years after The Dark Knight ignited a cultural sensation, grossed $533 million, and earned Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar. The new issue of Entertainment Weekly — our annual Forecast issue, which previews the pop culture year looming ahead — goes to the Rises set and offers some insight into how Team Nolan hopes to match their previous success. “I can tell you the truth because I’m done with it: I felt immense pressure,” Christian Bale tells EW. “And I think it’s a good pressure, because you owe it to the films — and the people’s expectations — to make great work.”  READ FULL STORY

'The Lion King Rises' mash-up: Oh, Simba just can't wait to be Batman! (VIDEO)

Alternatively, you could picture Jonathan Taylor Thomas tearfully ripping up a glamour shot of Christian Bale.

Thanks to this brilliantly edited mash-up by Brad Hansen for revealing to us the first great truth of 2012: It turns out that this summer’s upcoming The Dark Knight Rises is a rather believable allegory for 1994’s The Lion King.

Are you ready for THE STAMPEDE? I don’t think you’re ready for this stampede. Watch the video:


'The Dark Knight Rises' prologue audience reaction: Frantic excitement, followed by the sound of silence


Hardcore Batman fans are legion. 2008’s The Dark Knight was a once-in-a-decade zeitgeist sensation — the rare movie that people actually wanted to see more than once — and expectations are sky-high for next year’s Dark Knight Rises. The prologue for Rises officially debuted ahead of Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol, thus guaranteeing that film an instantaneous Nolan Bump of cultural necessity and there was already a long line two hours before the midnight screening at the Lincoln Square AMC last night. I was secretly hoping that the line would be composed of hardcore Mission: Impossible fans — you know, the kind of people who wear Jon Voight masks and carry cigar cutters autographed by Dougray Scott and engage in the neverending “Short-haired Ethan vs. Long-haired Ethan” debate. But people like that don’t actually exist.


PopWatch Planner: Lindsay Lohan, Bane, and the rest of your week ahead

Stay up late to watch Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live? Did you celebrate New Year’s Eve early with 41 of your closest onscreen celebrity friends? That is all so eight hours ago. PopWatch is already looking ahead to the coming week of must-see water-cooler events, starting with tonight’s season finale of Boardwalk Empire and culminating with Saturday’s much-anticipated SNL homecoming of the season.

Boardwalk Empire finale, 9 p.m., HBO
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put my psyche back together after last week’s episode, which only explained everything about Jimmy (Michael Pitt). (I always suspected something was off between him and his mom, but for the show to go all Grifters was still a shock.) Tonight, season 2 concludes with Jimmy seeking a rapprochement with Nucky, whose legal complications might hinge on his own lady’s heavy Irish conscience. READ FULL STORY

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