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'The Challenge': Let's hand out superlatives from the 'Free Agents' premiere!

MTV’s jacked-up reality competition The Challenge returned for its 25th(!) season on Thursday night, adding one deliciously cruel twist: No one is safe. Now, most times when a show makes that grand claim, it’s all hype. But this season’s Challenge, subtitled Free Agents, really is taking no prisoners. None. Zero. Zip.

Get a load of this: Even after the Challengers — who are all competing as individuals, or “Free Agents,” this season — are forced to stir up internal friction by voting two of their fellow players into an elimination round, the rest of the players are still at risk of fighting for their lives thanks to a giant new ”screw you” from producers called The Draw. Regardless of performance in that week’s Challenge, the Challengers must select cards until both a guy and a girl pick one with a skull and crossbones on it, which signals he or she going into the elimination battle. Consequences? Anyone could go home any week. Some people will probably be a victim of The Draw multiple weeks, maybe consecutively, stronger players can no longer rely on their brute force or wits to keep them on top, and alliances now have essentially no value.

Let that sink in (and stop reading now if you don’t want any SPOILERS)… READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge' announces season 25: We imagine the perfect game

A year can be measured in two periods: time when a season of The Challenge is airing and time when you can speculate what a new season of The Challenge will bring. With the announcement of a 25th season on Wednesday, we have officially entered into the more agonizing latter half.

As I’m sure T.J. Lavin follows my life as closely as I follow his, I think I’ll take this opportunity to draw out what a perfect 25th season of The Challenge might look like, before filming begins this fall. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me by complaining, but I do want that hand to deliver the best season of The Challenge yet. It is it’s Silver Jubilee, after all.

Game + Cast + Competition = Dream 25th Season

I dreamed a dream of the perfect Game:

“The Duel” — The first choice for the next season has to be a Duel. Much like SNL, and probably the government, The Challenge is entering a time of restructuring. Long gone are the days of roaming gangs of vets and cowering rookies. There’s no one Johnny/Evan/Kenny alliance to rule them all. The tension is palpable amongst the community of Challenge contestants, and they want a game they can win on their own merit (well, most of them – I imagine, like, Jasmine doesn’t want that). They want a Duel III. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': On the scene for 'Rivals II' reunion (and that slap!)

There was a chill in the air of a Midtown Manhattan TV studio when taping began for last night’s The Challenge: Rivals II reunion show — and it wasn’t the oncoming fall. Though the winners had just been announced, about 10 minutes into the live reunion, no one was talking about the results. Twitter feuders Frank and Knight — who weren’t technically rivals on the show — sat down to talk to host Jonny Moseley with a palpable tension between them as they discussed sparring online over comments Frank made about Knight’s ex (and Rivals II competitor) Jemmye. Flash-forward a few minutes: Bodyguards were escorting Knight out of the studio as a cluster of Challengers checked to see if Frank was okay. My first response: This has to be fake, right? But what went down in the few minutes after the altercation assured me it was not.

Ten reasons why I'm still obsessed with MTV's 'The Challenge'

So, the Emmy nominations were just announced, and most of you will probably spend the rest of the summer catching up on all the nominees you might’ve missed, like Top of the Lake or Political Animals. Me? I’ll be right here watching MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals II, the reality competition that teams up former Real World cast members with their worst enemies for some totally bananas extreme-sporting challenges.

Yes, it’s young, dumb fun. People get tipsy in swimming pools. They wrestle in sandpits. They jump off high ledges. And they cry. They always cry. But, somehow, all of this makes for the perfect summertime guilty-pleasure show, and I’ve tried to explain why below. When this season is over, maybe my brain will melt into a lake of madness. But then I’ll be able to bungee-jump to the bottom of that lake, do a puzzle underwater, and win a prize for my efforts. So maybe that’s not so bad.

1. You don’t really have to pay attention to what’s happen on screen until someone gets punched in the face
If you need to check your email or take a Mensa quiz or haul a 320-ton ship over a mountain from one Amazonian river to another, you can totally do that while you’re watching The Challenge. You won’t need to worry about losing track of the plot, because the contestants will tell you what’s happening, over and over again, right up until that moment when Boston hothead CT loses his temper and punches someone. (It’s inevitable. As we’ve told you before, this is a guy who once punched a cactus. And when he does punch someone, another contestant will be there to tell us, “CT just punched someone!”) Case in point: The first episode of Rivals II is called “Rumble in the Jungle,” a nod to the fact that it’s set in the jungle of Phuket, Thailand. But just in case you didn’t catch the reference, spacey blonde Paula can spell it out for you: “I’m in a jungle!” she says in the opening montage. “I am actually in a jungle.” Okay, so that’s not just a metaphor? Good to know.

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