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Kaley Cuoco shares leg-breaking story (says 'Big Bang Theory' won't write in injury)

kaley-cuoco-legDespite our best efforts to help The Big Bang Theory producers brainstorm ideas for how to incorporate Kaley Cuoco’s cast, they’ve decided not to write her broken leg into the show. Instead, waitress Penny will become a bartender so she can be shot from the waist up, Cuoco told Ellen DeGeneres yesterday. The decision surprised her, too, she admitted. But we concede it’s the simplest fix.

Cuoco also shared the story of how she broke her leg during a Saturday horse-riding lesson. Watch the interview here. She obviously tells it best, and it involves sound effects. In short, her horse spooked, she fell off, and laughed, because she was totally fine. Only her horse wasn’t done. He tried to leap over her and landed on her left leg. (Cue the crackling she thought was him landing in leaves.) She didn’t feel anything at first. “Then I looked, and I’m like, wow, my foot’s facing me… And I was like, that’s not normal.” She was in shock, and tried to pick it up and it just dangled. The paramedics needed to cut off her boot and “all the bones were sticking out.” At the hospital, the doctor told her she had three options — the first was amputation. In the full interview, embedded below, she says they were worried about infection and told her she might come out of the emergency surgery with only one foot. Instead, they put two giant metal bars in her leg during her two-week hospital stay, which caused her to be written out of two episodes entirely. She says she thinks the horse, “the love of my life,” feels bad and she can’t wait to ride him again. Perhaps Penny’s job change should be permanent, just in case. READ FULL STORY

Timeslot war going to be fun to watch unfold on Twitter, too

thursday-shows-KingImage Credit: Art Streiber/NBC; Robert Voets/CBS; Bob Mahoney/The CWLast week, we wrote an item about Thursday at 8 p.m. being one of the fall’s fiercest timeslots with The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Community, The Vampire Diaries, and 30 Rock — veteran shows with loyal fanbases who’d need at least two DVRs to see them all on the night they air. People who follow exec producers Hart Hanson (Bones), Bill Prady (TBBT), Dan Harmon (Community), and Julie Plec (TVD) on Twitter know it’s a civil war — and that this week, which finds them all facing each other for the first time this season, is going to be highly entertaining. Below, the Twitter exchange that started last Thursday and continues this morning…. Any other showrunners mobilizing and preparing for battle on Twitter? We want to watch…

Hart Hanson: This is the kind of thing that sends chills. RT/ @billprady Hey @wilw — we’re going to try to get #bigbangtheory to trend next week for the premiere.

Hart Hanson: This is the kind of thing that sends chills: RT @EW If you could only watch one show on Thursdays at 8 pm …? http://bit.ly/c2HhCE

Julie Plec: @HartHanson Oh, it’s ON!!!!

Hart Hanson: @julieplec Fists up! Bobbing …. weaving … jab, jab, jab … shuffle/shuffle … and that’s just a sample baby. An amuse-bouche.

Julie Plec: @HartHanson You have “Angel”. You’ve already won. (fan-girl sigh….)

Hart Hanson: @julieplec (He doesn’t like it if you call him that …) READ FULL STORY

Fall TV timeslot wars: What's your fiercest battle?

thursday-showsImage Credit: Art Streiber/NBC; Robert Voets/CBS; Bob Mahoney/The CW; Richard Foreman/Fox; Trae Patton/NBCIt should have hit me sooner, but I didn’t grasp the gravity of my situation Thursdays at 8 p.m. this fall until both Community creator Dan Harmon and Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady permanently changed their Twitter pictures to graphics plugging their mutual timeslot. Fortunately, Bones creator Hart Hanson and The Vampire Diaries exec producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec haven’t followed suit, or I would seriously hyperventilate every time I sign in. (Update: Hanson has now acquired a graphic.) Now that you have perused your Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue and set your DVR (sad if I get a second one for my one-bedroom apartment?), which timeslot is going to tear your TV-loving heart out on a weekly basis — and what is your plan?*

I recap The Vampire Diaries — the second season premiered last week — so its season pass is guaranteed. But then things get sticky come Sept. 23, a.k.a. the day Bones, Community, The Big Bang Theory, and 30 Rock all return. I’ve seen every episode of Bones and have no intention of stopping, but I’ve just confirmed with Hulu that it will once again be available on the site Friday morning, as will Community. That means I can tape The Big Bang Theory at 8 p.m. and 30 Rock at 8:30 p.m. (breathe!).

Your turn. Get your timeslot war frustrations out below. Maybe another reader will be able to offer a battle plan. And yes, they really do need to figure out a way to add Hulu views into ratings. I’m sure show creators cringe when they hear how that availability can factor into a fan’s decision. If you could only watch one show in the Thursday 8 p.m. hour, period, what would it be? Poll below! READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory': How should they write in Kaley Cuoco's broken leg?

BIG-BANG-THEORYImage Credit: Robert Voets/CBSAs Michael Ausiello reported, Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, broke her leg last weekend in a horseback-riding mishap. She’s been written out of one episode, and the cast and crew are now on a pre-planned week-long hiatus, which, no doubt, is suddenly being used to determine how to incorporate her cast — or her prolonged absence — into the show.

Let’s assume we all want Penny back as soon as Kaley has recovered enough to hobble onto a set, and go from there. From photos I’m seeing on CBS’s press site, Penny and Sheldon (Emmy winner Jim Parsons) continue their unlikely bonding — one of the best parts of the show — in season 4’s first episodes. In the Sept. 23 season premiere, “The Robotic Manipulation,” Penny finds herself along for the ride when Sheldon goes on the first date of his life (with guest star Mayim Bialik). In the Sept. 30 episode, “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification,” Sheldon realizes he won’t live long enough to download his consciousness into a robot body and attempts to extend his lifespan — which apparently involves working out with Penny (pictured). My thought: The writers should use the injury to explore that friendship more by having Penny become a captive, immobile audience (unlike when she dislocated her shoulder in the shower and Sheldon cared for her). READ FULL STORY

Emmy Awards 2010: What you didn't see on TV

Rickey-Gervais-EmmysImage Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBCAs I arrived at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles for the 2010 Emmy Awards, the first thing I saw stepping out of the car was Dr. Horrible. There he was, bigger than life, soundlessly sermonizing above the Emmys red carpet on one of the several dozen jumbo-screens populating the L.A. Live complex that plays home to the Nokia. The moment turned out not to be a fortuitous prognostication of Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy fortunes; it was simply part of a replay of last year’s Emmys, when Dr. Horrible (NPH) and Capt. Hammer (Nathan Fillion) did a little sketch on the emergence of web-only content. But it was a welcome sight anyhow, and presaged a (mostly) enjoyable Emmys evening inside the Nokia. The immense, cavernous, two-humpback-whales-could-fit-inside-of-it-comfortably-and-still-have-enough-room-for-a-small-fleet-of-school-buses Nokia.

The Nokia is so gargantuan, in fact, that this on-the-scene, what-you-didn’t-see-on-TV recap simply won’t be quite as detail-drenched as our American Idol on-the-scene recaps in the spring. Even the Idol finale at the Nokia nets more juicy detail for the simple fact that the judges are on a raised platform and a semi-conscious monkey could make them out with no difficulty. But despite the fact that even my most excellent seat in the Orchestra section of the Nokia (row BB!) still put me a good 12 parsecs away from the stage and all the commingling A-listers in the front rows, I’ve still gots a heaping helping of fun/revealing/foolish on-the-scenery for you to chew on. READ FULL STORY

TV's top earners: What surprises you?

graham-parsonsImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Sonja Flemming/CBSCharlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Hugh Laurie are the small screen’s highest-paid actors, according to TV Guide‘s roundup of TV’s top earners. The magazine breaks its sampling of paychecks down by category, so Two and a Half Men‘s Sheen tops the comedy side with a reported $1.25 million an episode (followed by Cryer with $550,000), and House‘s Laurie leads the dramas with $400,000+ per episode. Peruse the list and tell us what catches your eye. For dramas: I was pleasantly surprised to find Parenthood‘s Lauren Graham making $150,000 per episode, which puts her only $25K behind The Good Wife‘s Julianna Margulies, on-par with Outlaw‘s Jimmy Smits, and $25K ahead of NCIS‘s Michael Weatherly and Blue Bloods‘ Tom Selleck. Also noteworthy: I’ve got a definite type, and it’s set at $100,000: White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, Castle‘s Nathan Fillion, Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, Hawaii Five-0‘s Alex O’Loughlin, and Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant.

As for comedies: READ FULL STORY

This 'Big Bang Theory' shirt is awesome

Uh, I need this shirt to get made, and then I need to buy it:

(If you’re a member of the Threadless community, vote for the shirt!)

I like a Bazinga tee, but this one takes the cake. Is it September yet, PopWatchers?

Betty White will guest star on 'Community' premiere

Betty-White-on-communityImage Credit: Harper Smith/NBC; Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosPin-up calendar It Gal Betty White will guest star on the second season premiere of NBC’s Community as Professor June Bauer, “an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor.” Perfect. She is kind of already that anyway. Aren’t we all anthropology professors, in a way? Maybe, but most of us don’t have the pressure to beat the life out of CBS’ Big Bang Theory weighing on our 88-year-old anthropology professor shoulders.

Community and Big Bang will go up against each other on Thursday nights. Can Betty ‘n’ Chevy win? And is anyone else even more excited about the near-certainty of Betty White making a cameo on The Soup? [The Live Feed]

Annie on Twitter: @EWAnnieBarrett

Which season finales are still on your DVR?

season-finalesImage Credit: David M. Russell/CBS; Sonja Flemming/CBS; ABCFor the second time this summer, I’ve left my apartment for a week, returned home, and discovered that my DVR had room to record all the shows I’m watching. I should be happy, because there’s nothing worse than your DVR running out of room and not taping the episode you were dying to watch, but it’s making me a little sad. I mean, not only do I have enough room to tape the multiple reruns of Three’s Company that air daily on TV Land (I want to know if season 6’s “Some of that Jazz” still makes me cry), but I also have the space to keep storing some season finales. I’ve got:

The Good Wife I sometimes find it comforting after getting sucked into Wipeout to be reminded that I do appreciate quality television for adults.

The Big Bang Theory Frankly, I should probably delete this because I felt a little too much for a Best Buy Geek Squad agent working on my laptop last week because he reminded me of Jim Parsons.

Lost I hadn’t watch the show for seasons (post-traumatic stress from fact-checking a few Doc Jensen features for the magazine), but taped the series finale. I had no idea what was going on, so I just fast-forwarded. (Still sobbed at the moment pictured.) I guess I’m hoping I’ll give it another try.

Your turn. Which of this year’s season finales have you yet to delete from your DVR?*

* I also still have Boston Legal‘s 2008 series finale, because I miss the balcony scenes.

Ted Danson winner at Emmy roundtable

emmy-roundtableThe Hollywood Reporter‘s annual roundtables with potential Emmy nominees are always a fun watch. This year’s chat with “the comics”Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell, Bored to Death‘s Ted Danson, The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons, The Office‘s Ed Helms, How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris, and Parks and Recreation‘s Aziz Ansari — is no exception. A few of my favorite moments: READ FULL STORY

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