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'The Bachelorette' episode 4: 'You don't get my competitive juices flowing at all'

When the “ladies” fight on The Bachelor, it’s all “You’re so fake!” and “She’s like a black widow!” and so on. Compare that to how the guys fight on The Bachelorette: Instead of histrionics, thinly-veiled contempt and tears, you get repressed, simmering rage that bubbles up into steely-gazed confrontations and juvenile mockery. It may not be as dramatic as what we rose lovers are used to, but it’s certainly a nice palate-cleanser before we sit down to a heaping serving of the foul-smelling gruel called Bachelor Pad later this summer. The clenched-jaw brigade was out in full force on tonight’s Bermuda-set episode of Bachelorette — SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t yet watched — as Arie and Doug got into it, Doug and Chris got into it (see above quote), and Ryan and the American viewing public got into it. Making the night even more tense was the two-on-one date, though I’m surprised at the guys Emily picked for that specific honor. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Kristen’s full Bachelorette recap is live, along with Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes Bachelorette blog), but in the meantime let me know what you thought of tonight’s episode. Would you watch a season of The Bachelor starring Ryan? Why are all of the guys such wusses when it comes to making the first move? And once again, I ask you, can anyone beat Arie? Post your thoughts below! And if you haven’t seen Alessandro’s vampire hunting footage yet, make haste and click here now.

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 3


I call this week’s episode “Open Mouth, Insert Bachelor.” Over the last ten years I’ve seen all sorts of things, but for some reason, this week, a few of the guys said and did things that you just shouldn’t do when courting a woman.

Chris got the first date this week, and fortunately for him, he wasn’t one of the guys who shot himself in the foot. There aren’t a lot of extreme dates this season but Chris and Emily got a great one. Emily told me later she thought Chris looked a lot like Gerard Butler. I found it amusing how much she gushed over how good-looking she thought he was. It was entertaining to see how uncomfortable it made Chris because he obviously felt the same about her.

Once again I loved how public this date was, right there in the middle of downtown Charlotte. Emily and Chris hit it off immediately and had great chemistry. By the time they got to the Luke Bryan concert (which was awesome, by the way) it was like they had been dating for months. Chris got the first real, legitimate kiss from Emily, but how it happened is very interesting and brings up a recurring theme this season. The guys are so thoughtful of Emily and the fact that she’s a single mom that they’re almost too respectful, if that’s possible. Emily was sending signal after signal for Chris to go for it but he ended up waiting ’til the end of the concert and at that point he still asked her for permission. In the end he got the kiss and definitely got Emily’s interest. The date couldn’t have gone much better.  READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' episode 3: 'He's more of a dainty man and I'm more of a physical guy.'

At long last, conflict! Okay, sure, we’ve only had to wait three episodes for a little drama on The Bachelorette this season, but that’s three weeks longer than it normally takes. The idiocy we witnessed tonight — SPOILER ALERT if you have not yet watched the episode — was definitely worth the wait. It’s like some of the guys took anti-tact medication before going on the dates… though I’m guessing Alessandro is always as cluelessly blunt as he was at the cocktail party. Once you add in tonight’s two non-rose ceremony eliminations and Ryan’s emerging stalker tendencies, it seems like this season might finally be achieving its full trainwreck-TV potential. Stay tuned for my full recap in a few hours, but in the meantime tell me your favorite moment from tonight’s episode. Was it Travis’ send-off for “Shelly”? Sean’s shirtless push-ups? Kalon’s ridiculous glasses? So many choices. Start the debate below!

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' episode 2


There’s no question that the first night of every season is one of the most exciting nights of any Bachelor or Bachelorette’s life, but the next day is where the real journey begins. Anyone can make a great first impression if they really put their minds to it, but when you go on a date and have to really let someone see who you are, inside and out, that’s when real relationships begin to form.

I have to admit it feels a little strange to move into a whole new mansion. Little things feel different and while it takes some getting used to, it’s pretty exciting. For me, little things like calling all the guys into the outdoor courtyard was a challenge. You might have noticed I was screaming like a mad man to get the guys to come outside to join me. I didn’t notice until I watched the show back that I had to yell so loud. Guess it wasn’t a good idea to have all the doors closed but it was so hot that day, the house was locked up.

Right from the get-go, there was a lot of tension around the first date card. I think by now everyone knows that going on the first date of the season is a huge deal, though it can also be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, getting to jump right in and develop a connection with Emily is a great advantage. On the other hand, if you start to develop feelings really early, it can make each passing week in the house harder and harder as you watch a woman you have feelings for date other men. READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' episode 2: 'I wouldn't like me either if I were you, bro'

Thanks, Kalon! So far the aforementioned quote is about all the drama we’ve gotten on this season of The Bachelorette, but that’s okay, right? (Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode.) I’d rather watch the guys get nervous about performing with the Muppets than see them call each other names at the cocktail party — though Doug’s poolside spat with Kalon over what it means to be a dad was pretty entertaining. And though it was probably unnecessary for Emily to make Ryan wear a flowery apron during their one-on-one cookie date, I do prefer these low-key(ish) outings over the over-the-top ridiculata Team Bachelorette normally arranges. What about you — were you surprised about who got sent home? What did you think of Emily’s “mom clothes”? (They sure beat the hell out of my “mom clothes,” which almost all involve elastic waistbands and t-shirts that are about four sizes too big.) And how on earth does that guy with the Tarzan hair keep getting roses? He barely ever speaks! (Maybe that’s his appeal?) Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click to read Kristen’s full Bachelorette episode 2 recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelorette blog), but in the meantime, start the conversation below!

Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' season premiere


It feels like it’s been a while, so I’m excited to say “Welcome to a new season of The Bachelorette.” As you will see in so many ways over the course of this season, this Bachelorette is unlike any you have ever seen before. This goes for both the season and the woman. First of all, we kicked things off in Charlotte, North Carolina, which of course is Emily’s hometown. At first I wasn’t sure I loved the idea of leaving the traditional ‘Bachelor Pad’ in Los Angeles. It’s become such a recognizable starting point and a big part of our show the last several years. But the moment we rolled into Charlotte I quickly realized it was the best way to start Emily’s season.

Emily is so unlike any other Bachelorette we’ve ever had so we really needed to think outside the box to make the show look and feel as special as she is. For me, the best part about shooting in Charlotte was the way we were received by the hometown crowd. The people of Charlotte welcomed us with open arms, and I can’t thank them enough for the hospitality. Not only did we shoot in Emily’s hometown, but for the first time ever, she actually got to live at home. This not only allowed her to keep being the fantastic mother she is to her daughter Ricki, but also allowed her to relax and enjoy a new kind of home-court advantage.  READ FULL STORY

'The Bachelorette' season premiere: 'Emily's fiance, Ricky, died in a plane crash, and so I think she deserves the best'

Nothing but the best for the Tragic Single Mom, right rose lovers? And by “best,” I mean guys who bring one or more of the following to the opening-night cocktail party (SPOILER ALERT if you’ve not yet watched tonight’s episode): a soul patch, a skateboard, a severe brain injury, bobblehead dolls, a beat box, a helicopter, photos of their six (!) kids. Yes, Emily’s Bachelorette “journey” got off to quite a colorful — if somewhat drama-free — start tonight. Stay tuned for my full recap in a few hours (UPDATE: Click here for Kristen’s full Bachelorette season premiere recap), and in the meantime let me know what you thought of the Southern-fried season premiere. Are you liking the new Casa Bachelorette (which will heretofore be known as the Potential Husband Plantation)? Did you agree with Emily’s First Impression Rose choice? And how on earth does Jef get his hair so high? Post your thoughts below!

'The Bachelorette' starts tonight -- will you be ready?


Are you a Bachelorette addict? Well, the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem — and bookmarking EW.com. Emily “Tragic Single Mom” Maynard kicks off her husband-seeking “journey” tonight, and we here at Rose Lovers Central have so much coverage planned, it’s almost embarrassing. (Actually, drop the “almost.”) Here’s a quick rundown of everything you can expect:

Watch The Bachelorette with author Jennifer Weiner — every week! Yes, the best-selling novelist (In Her Shoes, Little Earthquakes, Then Came You) and confessed Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie will be joining EW readers in the ViEWer room to live blog Emily’s “journey” all season. Log on tonight at 9:30 p.m. (EST) right here as Weiner leads a wine-fueled discussion about Emily, her suitors, and all of the rose-seeking shenanigans.

Chris Harrison’s back as EW.com’s exclusive Bachelorette blogger! Everyone’s favorite reality TV host (at least, everyone I know) and blogger extraordinaire will be back to share his behind-the-scenes insights and wry personal take on every episode. Got burning Bachelorette questions? Ask them in the comments — he’ll answer them in his blog (which will post Tuesday mornings all season long) and in Entertainment Weekly.

Need more? Read my weekly recaps! No, seriously, please do. Otherwise, my 10-year love/hate relationship with this godforsaken reality TV franchise has been in vain.

See you tonight, rose lovers! It’s going to be the most dramatic onslaught of online Bachelorette coverage… EVER!

'Bachelorette' producers choosing Emily Maynard's theme song: Speak now, or forever hear Cher's 'Believe'

Bachelor/Bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss is making a decision that will affect us all: choosing the song for Emily Maynard’s season. Earlier today, Fleiss tweeted that they are “closing in” on a song and asked fans what they think of Cher’s “Believe.” (It’s nice of him to ask, since we will be hearing it as often as “This Year’s Love” played during Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s “journey.”) I love that song, too, and see how the chorus — “Do you believe in life after love” — could fit Maynard, who had to pick up the pieces after losing the love of her life in a plane crash days before she learned she was pregnant. But when I think of Maynard, I don’t think of an Auto-Tuned club dance mix. The audience needs to know that she has a new energy, but you want to keep us thinking of her as sweet and genuine.

Let’s offer some other suggestions. Mine: Celine Dion’s “A New Day Has Come.” Watch the video below. Read the lyrics here. Two key passages: “Let the rain come down and wash away my tears/Let it fill my soul and drown my fears/Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun/A new day has come” and “Where it was dark now there’s light/Where there was pain now there’s joy/Where there was weakness, I found my strength/All in the eyes of a boy.” (Also, “I can’t believe I’ve been touched by an angel with love” — I’m just saying.)  READ FULL STORY

Attention, single men with no shame: ABC wants YOU to be 'The Bachelor'

The Bachelor‘s past four seasons have featured debatably eligible men with familiar well-chiseled faces — three of the rose givers first appeared as suitors on The Bachelorette, while repeat offender Brad Womack came back to the show for a second time in Season 15. But for the reality juggernaut’s 17th (!) season, ABC and Warner Horizon want to go back to the drawing board. Get ready to watch women sob at the most…dramatic…rose ceremonies…ever, starring a guy who has no connection to the franchise.

Yesterday, the studio and the network sent out a call for single dudes who want to significantly increase their hot tub exposure. It invites “those who feel they possess the charm, style, class and charisma to become America’s next leading man” to apply online to be on the show. (Masochists are also welcome to apply for Bachelor Pad 3, a “quest for love or $250,000.” You’re making my job too easy, ABC.) READ FULL STORY

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