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'The Avengers' red carpet premiere: Watch the live-stream here tomorrow!


Will Tony Stark arrive in a limo, or fly in via jet pack? How will Steve Rogers handle the paparazzi? And what brave designer will create the likely-to-be-ripped-to-shreds outfit for Bruce Banner?

Sure, tomorrow’s world premiere of The Avengers at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood would be much cooler if Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo all showed up as their respective characters. But it’s still going to be the most super-heroic red carpet of the year — and you can watch the live-stream of it right here on EW.com starting at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT.


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The 'Looper' trailer teaser got us thinking: Do teasers for trailers actually work?

The teaser for the movie trailer, or “trailer trailers” — this new species of Hollywood marketing — is suddenly everywhere, hyping the first looks at movies like Prometheus, John CarterThe Avengers, Total Recall, and now the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Rian Johnson sci-fi thriller Looper (embedded below). As the Los Angeles Times noted today, movie trailer releases have become massive events in their own right, so studio marketing machines have seized upon the idea of giving them mini-ad campaigns to build up interest for them.

So is this new promotional tool a boon, activating a fan base’s excitement and making general audiences feel more connected to what’s playing at the multiplex? Or is it an invasive strain of artificial hype that threatens to wipe out all other forms of entertainment life until we are left with only a feedback loop of advertising for advertising of advertising featuring commemorative t-shirts that are also advertisements?

Or, to put it in bean-counter terms, are they getting more people to go see movies? READ FULL STORY

AMC Theatres to host six-film Marvel movie marathon, not so 'Incredible Hulk' included

AMC Theatres is encouraging a nation of young geeks to skip school on May 3 by hosting a Marvel movie marathon, leading up to a midnight screening of Joss Whedon’s hotly-anticipated Avengers (or, as it’s known in Anatolia: Super Spin-Off Battalion Squad, Part 6 — Battalion Squad Convene!!!). The fun starts at 11:30 with the beloved Iron Man, at which point fun will take a break for The Incredible Hulk (which is worse than you remember) and Iron Man 2 (which is better than you remember but still worse than it should’ve been.) READ FULL STORY

Did LEGO just reveal the secret villains in the 'Avengers' movie? A few theories...

We all know that Loki is the main villain in the upcoming Avengers movie. We guessed that years ago, because Loki was the original villain Avengers #1 and geeks love it when Hollywood butters them up with canon. Then Tom Hiddleston’s Loki started showing up in every Avengers trailer saying something to the effect of “Grr, I’m the villain in this movie, snarl!” But Loki’s presence has been a cover-up for a surprisingly well-kept mystery: Just who is the mysterious “army” attacking the earth’s population and generally pulling a Roland Emmerich on New York City? Well, LEGO just released some photos of their new Avengers-themed toys, and a couple of the images seem to show members of that attacking army. Unfortunately…well, they look like LEGOs. We’ve got some theories, though. Check out an image after the jump — it might be a spoiler, and at least one of these theories is probably correct, so if you’d prefer to see Avengers totally unaware, then stop reading now. READ FULL STORY

On the scene at the International Toy Fair: Check out Spider-Man's new nemesis


It’s time to embrace your inner child and celebrate toys! The International Toy Fair was in NYC over the weekend showcasing all of the hottest new items to debut later this year. For EW, that means scouring through a sea of playthings looking for hints about several of this year’s blockbuster hits. And even though we have to wait before these movies land in a theater near you, the toys inspired by the movies give us a glimpse at what we have to look forward to. If the toy version is cool, the movie should be cool, too, right? Or so the thinking goes.


Stan Lee hulks out over 'Avengers,' 'Spider-Man,' 'Hulk' storybook apps -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

At first, the Amazing Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and the Avengers appeared only in the pages of Marvel comic books, in part the brainchild of comic legend Stan Lee. Then, slowly, these fantastical superheroes expanded their reach into the pop-culture ether, swinging and smashing their way into TV, movies, videogames, and even Broadway. So why wouldn’t they make the leap to the iPad as storybook apps for children, with Lee himself providing his hale and hearty voice for narration?

The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story is already available for download (for $6.99), and Avengers Origins: Hulk, and Avengers Origins: Assemble! will both hit the iTunes store in April. Last month, I sat down with Lee after he had finished recording his narration for Assemble! to talk about these storybooks — not to mention the mega-budget feature film versions of these superhero stories heading to theaters later this year. Check out our exclusive interview below:  READ FULL STORY

Hasbro 2012: Check out new toys for 'Avengers,' 'Amazing Spider-Man,' and (!) 'Return of the Jedi'

The New York Comic-Con kicks off today, but the festivities got off to an early start last night, when Hasbro hosted a preview of their 2012 slate of toys. Since the manufacturer has the rights to big franchises like Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, we went in expecting some intriguing sneak peeks at next year’s superhero projects. But there was a nice surprise in store — or at least, a nice surprise if you’re the kind of excitable geek fetishist who used to save every issue of Star Wars Insider. (Guilty!) Read on… READ FULL STORY

This Week's Cover: 'The Avengers' -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!

The whole enterprise is falling apart. Egos, tempers, uneasy alliances and bad attitudes are threatening the group, and failure would be catastrophic. Luckily, we’re talking about the actual team of superheroes in the Marvel Studios movie The Avengers, not the cast and crew. In this week’s issue, EW takes a deep dive into the May 4, 2012 movie that will finally unite Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, and Chris Evans’ Captain America — along with Mark Ruffalo’s The Incredible Hulk, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow — on the big screen. We use the word “unite” loosely. “Just because they’re super heroes doesn’t mean they’re super friends,” says Renner. (For some exclusive, on-set pictures of The Avengers‘ superheroes, see our gallery here.)

'The Dark Knight Rises' vs. the Internet: How has a culture of leaks changed the moviegoing experience?


E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial opened in theaters on June 11, 1982. It was still playing in theaters one year later. On one hand, that kind of theatrical run is unthinkable today. Too many things have changed in Hollywood: The rise of home video as a cultural phenomenon and an economic necessity, the frontloaded release schedule that values opening-weekend gross over anything else, the rising ticket prices that have essentially eradicated any incentive to see a film more than once in theaters. But in a sense, the modern moviegoing experience isn’t so different. People saw E.T. one year and were still talking about it one year later. Today, the equation has flipped: First, we talk about movies for a full year in advance; then, we finally see the movie, and the conversation essentially stops. READ FULL STORY

'Captain America' reaction: Do you want more of Marvel's new movie hero? And about that ending...

Where and when will Captain America fight again now that Marvel Studios has launched the super-soldier as a cinematic superhero franchise? We know that Chris Evans’ shield-baring hero will become a charter member of director Joss Whedon’s The Avengers opening next summer. (What did you think of that teaser-trailer?) But think beyond that. With box office pundits currently predicting that Captain America: The First Avenger will generate a bigger opening weekend than Marvel’s sequel-bound summertime smash Thor, another dedicated Captain America adventure would seem inevitable. (The writers of the first film, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, are already working on a script.) But where in the world – and where in history – will the masked marvel find himself in his next big-screen outing?

If you’ve seen Captain America: The First Avenger (and MASSIVE SPOILERS loom ahead for anyone who hasn’t), you know that the movie concluded with the World War II hero crashing the Red Skull’s stealth-winged flying fortress in the Arctic, then waking up in present day New York City. The implication: Steve Rogers was frozen alive and then discovered, thawed and revived by agents of SHIELD, the super-secret espionage outfit run by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. We might assume that future stories will track the time-tossed patriot’s attempts to adjust to the modern world, plus battle other old WWII foes that somehow, someway also managed to cheat death. (I really want to see Toby Jones’ Arnim Zola make this bizarre, life-extending transformation.)

And yet, the movie never gave us the visual that most Marvel fanboys were expecting: A shot of Captain America trapped in ice. We saw his vibranium shield excavated from the Skull’s snow-filled bomber – but no body. All we got was a long beat of black screen between Cap’s crash in the Arctic and NYC wake-up. (Unless I dozed off and missed it; I saw a midnight screening after a long day at Comic-Con.)


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