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'Breaking Bad': The show's 10 most effective F-bombs -- VIDEO

[Spoilers for last night’s Breaking Bad follow — though if you haven’t watched it yet, what exactly are you waiting for?]

As a basic cable drama, Breaking Bad doesn’t get a lot of chances to use everyone’s favorite four-letter word. In a way, that’s a good thing — because their scarcity makes each F-bomb more potent than the last. (Especially when it’s one of the final things a beloved, bald character will ever say.)

After the word made another pivotal appearance last night, we decided it was time to take stock of its greatest guest appearances on Breaking Bad so far. In other words: Time to take the Tour de F—, bitches!

Samuel L. Jackson has tweeted 57 different spellings of 'motherf---.' See the completely unnecessary list here.

He’s admitted it everywhere: legendary bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson has a favorite word, and it rhymes with brother trucker. Ever since Jackson (currently taking names as Nick Fury in the indie arthouse flick The Avengers) joined Twitter in October 2011, the man has eschewed any kind of filter and tweets whatever he wants with no regard for censorship… which is exactly how we like our SLJ.

I could give you some kind of reason why I spent my time prowling through Jackson’s eight-month-old Twitter for the various spellings of his favorite swear word, but there’s really no motivation aside from utter fascination and curiosity. Here is a man who is on such a high tier of cool that he can effectively spell words with no discernible logic and get away with it. Not once, not twice, but a whopping 57 times. Let’s see Noah Webster demonstrate that much creativity.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re going to read this list of variant spellings of a matronly obscenity, I trust that you know exactly what you’re getting into. READ FULL STORY

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