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Pop Culture Pet Peeve: TV shows with bad special effects

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Special effects can be awesome. They can transport us to space with a stranded Battlestar or the USS Enterprise, take us everywhere from Metropolis to Middle Earth, make mythical creatures like dragons or sphinxes or three-headed dogs come alive — oh, I could go on forever. I love them, and I love what hardworking VFX teams are able to pull off.

But I’m not in love with unnecessary effects, especially when it comes to TV shows. When the special effects teams for certain shows are already tirelessly working away on a tight schedule (and often a tight budget), there’s no need to squeeze in elaborate shots that require green-screen heavy lifting. Fake backgrounds and awkward-looking scenes just take me out of what I’m watching. (Unless it’s Sharknado, of course.)

Exhibit A: Ringer. (Side note: Does anyone remember Ringer? …Bueller? Bueller?) The Sarah Michelle Gellar-helmed CW drama was axed after airing its first season, but aside from giving us plenty of groan-worthy lines between Gellar’s twin sister characters, it also gave us the following green-screened-to-death scene:

Fox 25 years later: How the network changed the world

Though it actually launched on Oct. 9, 1986, Fox is celebrating its 25th anniversary this weekend with a primetime extravaganza featuring such stars of yesteryear as Calista Flockhart, Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering, and David Faustino. Before tomorrow night’s broadcast, we thought it appropriate to take a look back at how the network has changed the pop culture landscape in the last quarter century. READ FULL STORY

The happy demise of 'Terra Nova': Why big movie-style budgets don't work on television

Terra Nova was usually described as an ambitious TV series. But it wasn’t, really. The main narrative combined a C-grade time travel story that would make Ray Bradbury chortle dismissively, a D-grade gritty reboot of Lost in Space that couldn’t even find space for a funny robot, and a Z-grade conspiracy plotline written specifically for people who thought FlashForward could’ve used more conspiracy plotlines. However, Terra Nova cost an insane amount of money, so I guess you could say that it was “ambitious,” in the sense that it’s ambitious to try to build an elevator to the moon using styrofoam and Elmer’s glue. READ FULL STORY

Fall TV Poll: What show should be shown the door next?

Look at that face. Could you cancel that face? Well, if you’re Fox… maybe. Allen Gregory is still standing for the moment, thanks to a plum time-slot between The Simpsons and Family Guy, but can the freshman show hang on after so-so ratings? As one of several shows to premiere this past week, Gregory‘s fate hasn’t been decided yet. Add its name to the purgatorial list that includes high-profile newcomers Pan Am, Terra Nova, Once Upon a Time, and Last Man Standing. Keep reading to see which shows are in danger as we slide into November, and cast your vote for which should be canceled next.


But seriously, the 'Terra Nova' dinosaurs look terrible

The Terra Nova pilot was an infamously lavish production. It was filmed in Australia. It required the kind of post-production work that cost-conscious television executives usually leave to their siblings on the Motion Picture side of Hollywood. It’s one of the most expensive series premieres in TV history — some reports indicate the budget may have reached $20 million, which is still less than Boardwalk Empire but significantly more than Lost. There were a lot of interesting things circulating through the Terra Nova premiere — check out Ken Tucker’s review and James Hibberd’s recap of the show if you don’t believe me. But in one respect, the Terra Nova pilot was a truly laughable failure. Because this is a show about dinosaurs — a show whose whole entire marketing campaign rests on the awesomeness of dinosaurs — and the dinosaurs on Terra Nova looked absolutely awful. READ FULL STORY

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