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Tenacious D wants to sell you hard on its music and comedy festival


There are many kinds of supreme worth your attention: Burrito supreme, chicken supreme, Cutlass Supreme… Oh, and let’s not forget a nacho supreme. But Jack Black and Kyle Gass—you know, the guys that formed a band, the likes of which had never been seen, and they called themselves Tenacious D—have concocted a special type of supreme, and it’s called Festival Supreme. READ FULL STORY

SXSW: Val Kilmer to appear in (and Tenacious D to promote) web series 'Ghost Ghirls' -- EXCLUSIVE IMAGE

Think there is no letter “D” in SXSW? Think again. Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ acoustic-metal rockers Tenacious D are set to play a concert in Austin to promote the new Yahoo! Screen web comedy Ghost Ghirls, about a pair of ditzy ghost hunters played by Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci. The concert, and a screening party, will take place on March 13 at Yahoo!’s SXSW venue. The show was co-created by Lund, Blasucci, and series director Jeremy Konner (Funny or Die) and is being co-produced by Black’s Electric Dynamite Productions and Shine America.


Tenacious D returns: New album, new tour, and a video costarring Val Kilmer

I’ve been to Coachella and Lollapalooza and a Ukrainian “punk rock” performance that was just Bon Jovi with more spitting, but the most incredible musical experience of my life was a concert I attended in high school. This was the golden era of the emo kid. The opener was Jimmy Eat World; the headliner was Weezer circa The Green Album. But there were three bands at the concert, and the third one — the midliner? — was a band that has often been called the Greatest Band in the World by members of the band. I’m speaking, of course, of Tenacious D, a.k.a. The D, a.k.a. Tenacious Motherf—ing D Motherf—er, the joke-rock duo composed of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. I say joke rock, but at the D’s millennial peak, when the popular music scene was composed of goony boy bands and even goonier rap-rock mediocrities, there was something remarkably pure about the D’s we-will-rock-you intentions. (EW’s own Ken Tucker gave their debut album an A.) READ FULL STORY

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