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'Supernatural': What did you think of the midseason premiere?

[If you haven't seen the midseason premiere of Supernatural, don't read on! Go watch. Then come back. Deal?] Call me an optimist, but I really did hope that Bobby Singer was going to live to see the second half of this Supernatural season — despite the overwhelming amount of indications to the contrary. I mean, it’s BOBBY! And yes, he may have been shot in the head, but death, wounds, ailments, they aren’t always a big deal on this show. Well, usually they aren’t.

But positive thinking wasn’t enough to save Bobby from the doom that, in my stomach, I knew would happen. And it was revealed, though it took the boys a while to say it, that Bobby died. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Did you find yourself hoping Becky would die in the 'wedding episode'?

So, can we all agree that last night’s episode, perhaps, wasn’t the best episode of Supernatural ever? Understatement, you say? Maybe. But I think that’s because I went into it with pretty high expectations, only to walk away with a mere three high-points: the awesome cake explosion in the opening credits, the brief appearance of (fully bearded!) Crowley, and Dean in a sweater vest.

The rest of the episode was less than impressive and found us having to tolerate one of the show’s most unbearable characters: Becky, who spent much of the hour married to none other than Sam Winchester.


'Supernatural' react: Were you satisfied by the 'make up' scene?

My friend, Adam, and I usually have similar opinions about Supernatural episodes. But in a rare occurrence, the final scene of last night’s episode, which took the brothers to the psychic capital of the United States, had us split. I liked it; he didn’t. Let me explain.

After “breaking up” at the end of last week’s episode, Sam and Dean crossed paths in this episode after, apparently, being apart for ten days. I was so glad we didn’t have to watch anything from those ten days. As we’ve all learned (and, I guess, Supernatural writers have learned, too) the brothers belong side-by-side, even if they spend the whole time giving each other the stink eye.

They met up in Lily Dale, where psychics were biting the dust in mysterious ways. (It turned out to be at the hands of a psycho ghost sister who was being controlled by a jealousy-ridden, creepy pawn shop owner.) The storyline, while fun in its own right, also left Sam and Dean, the masters of secret keeping, to contend with an entire town of people who can see right through BS. Clever! READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Dean and Sam's doubles get brutal. Plus, did you enjoy Bobby's mini-romance?

It’s been a long time since the first few minutes of a Supernatural episode left me as horrified as I was last night. Going into the episode, we knew that Dean and Sam would be going up against their Leviathan doppelgangers, but even with that in the back of my mind, my stomach fell just a little at the sight of Dean and Sam executing a room of people at the bank in the episode teaser. Even if it wasn’t human Sam and Dean committing the act, that was awfully brutal, I thought.

The episode continued in a similarly unnerving way, and at one point — probably sometime after we saw Dean and Sam shoot up a diner of people — I wondered if the show had laid on the crazy a little too thick. And for me to say that about a show like Supernatural, which has pushed the envelope when it comes to all things disturbing, that’s saying a lot.  READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Spike saves the Winchesters -- twice! Was the 'Buffy' reunion everything you'd hoped it'd be?

What struck me most about the anticipation around tonight’s episode of Supernatural — which featured an on-screen reunion between Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel alums James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter — was the number of people who claimed they were going to watch Supernatural tonight specifically for these very special guest stars.

But now that the episode has aired, I have to ask, regular and visiting viewers, was the episode worth the hype? READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Were you hoping Dean would confess to Sam?

Order in the court!

This week’s episode of Supernatural took us to the trial of Dean Winchester, where the brother was forced by the Egyptian god Osiris to confront the guilt he’s constantly battling. The punishment for being found guilty? Death by appropriate means. (The “Michael Vick” victim was mauled by ghost doggie and the man who killed people 30 years ago in a convenience store robbery was shot by the ghosts of the people he killed.) So, in order to avoid the harsh sentence, Sam stepped up and called upon his pre-law skills (key word: pre) and his knowledge of The Good Wife to help Dean out of his predicament. But Osiris came to the trial well armed. His first witness? A blast from supernatural past… READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural': Did Dean go too far?

Dean Winchester, you’re breaking my heart.

After last week’s nail-biter episode left us with a monster of a cliffhanger, we picked up this week’s Supernatural just moments later. But what unfolded was nothing like what I’d expected from this episode, which, by the way, was directed by Jensen Ackles. [Don't read any further if you haven't watched Friday's Supernatural.] READ FULL STORY

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