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PopWatch poll: Who is TV's best crier?

Last week, my colleague Mandi Bierly wrote a post about TV’s greatest tearjerkers that got me thinking about all my personal favorites, many of which came up in the comments. But as I constructed my list of favorite scenes, I realized that there are some actors who really know how to deliver the waterworks. There are some who, without fail, have the power to reduce me to a sobby mess.

Last night, for example, I was watching the latest Sons of Anarchy and realized that Charlie Hunnam is very much one of those actors. As gruff, strong Jax Teller, it isn’t often that we see Hunnam get to flex that particular emotional muscle. But when he does — man, it’s fantastic. [Sons spoiler ahead...] Two weeks ago, when Opie died in prison, the impact of the moment in itself made me tear up. But it was Jax’s reaction that really got me. And last night, at Opie’s wake, it happened again. I had to rehydrate after that.

So when I really got to thinking about it, I realized that there are only a few actors that have this power over me. My top 5 — in no particular order — are listed below. READ FULL STORY

Season Finale Awards: Vote now!

The polls are officially open in our third annual readers’ choice Season Finale Awards. Now through Monday, vote for your favorites — or least favorites — in 20 categories. We’ll crown the winners Tuesday. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' season finale: What JUST happened?!

previous season, Dean found himself in hell and we had to figure out how he was going to get back from hell next season. This is something like that. It’s going to be interesting how we get back from that.”

Well, I can say a lot of wonderful things about that guy — and I have. Another one I can add to the list? He’s not a liar. Tonight’s season finale did just as he promised, and despite his juicy little tease, I never saw it coming.

[Read spoilery details about the season finale below.]


'Supernatural' react: Sorry

Those Leviathan better watch out — the Winchesters are coming for their gooey butts. And something tells me it’s going to be a good showdown.

After watching last night’s episode, though, I’m not exactly sure Castiel, who we last saw in a catatonic state, is in fighting form. In “Reading is Fundamental,” Meg called the brothers to inform them that Castiel had woken up — but there was a twist. Being Meg, though, she made them drive to see it for themselves: Castiel had lost it. Like, completely and totally not normal.

For his part, after seeing Castiel’s state, Sam seemed incredibly indebted to his angel pal. I was in LOVE with the scene they shared, where Sam promised to help him and make him better. But it broke my heart when Castiel responded with confusion because it showed that he didn’t even realize there was an issue. (Side note: I’d quote it for you, but my DVR failed for the second time in so many weeks. Thank goodness I watched the episode live. But I’m on the verge of a major breakup with Mr. Tivo.)

But patience wasn’t quite what Dean was serving up when interacting with Cas. (Hell, he couldn’t even make it through an ironic game of Sorry without his frustrations getting the better of him.) Dean was still harboring ill feelings about everything Cas did that led them all to this point. Part of me was sad Dean couldn’t forgive and forget, but then after thinking about it, I was glad he wasn’t over it all yet. When you really care about someone, it’s harder to let things go, which is strange since our friends are the ones most deserving of forgiveness. (Life’s funny that way.) So I don’t fault him for being short with Cas — I only hope that we see the in a good place again by the end of the season. These two are buddies — even if one is currently several fruit loops short of full bowl. Though, I have to say, Castiel was in amazing form tonight. Barbed cat penises? “Pull my finger” jokes (with a supernatural twist)? Transformers nods? His dialogue was all sorts of brilliant tonight. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: 'What are the odds this ends well?'

I was excited as anyone about the return of Bobby (Jim Beaver) at the end of the last new episode of Supernatural. But tonight’s episode simply bummed me out — in a good way.

Much of my trouble with certain episodes of Supernatural this season was that I was beginning to feel an emotional disconnect from all that was going on. (Maybe you’ve felt the same way?) But these last few episodes have really given me back the feelings I love having toward these characters and this show. In last night’s episode, for example, as Jim Beaver promised me earlier this week, we saw Bobby struggling with reality being a ghost. The once-capable hunter was now limited in abilities and knowledge of his abilities. So in typical Bobby fashion, he studied up, learned what he could and put it to the test — all with a little help from fellow hunter-turned-specter Annie.

I thought it was clever to pair Bobby’s struggles with this back-to-the-basics ghost hunt the Winchester brothers found themselves on in this episode. I’ve always been a fan of the no-frills cases because that’s often a sign of a much weightier emotional story that’s in play. (And, frankly, that’s the meat and potatoes of what makes Supernatural one of my favorite shows.)

In the end, Bobby was able to help the boys close the case, and also found a way to become visible to the boys again. Because the hour-long build up to this had been pretty much perfect (including, but not limited to, the shower scene where Bobby wrote in the steam), the moment when the boys came face-to-ghost-face with Bobby again was completely on-point, too. (Honorable mention moment: Bobby: “Annie’s here, too, ya know.” Boys: [Look everywhere except where they're supposed to] “Hi, Annie…”) READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Are you intoxicated with glee after tonight's [spoiler]?

I went into this week’s episode of Supernatural expecting a light, fun caper. After all, it was about the boys (and returning guest star DJ Qualls) hunting a monster you could only see while intoxicated. Yay, silly fun!

And while it certainly delivered on that level, it also caught me off guard with some rather sobering moments. (Pun completely intended.) Not the least of which was a final-moment return that had me tearing up a bit. [Don't read on if you haven't seen the episode.]


'Supernatural react: What did you think of Castiel's surprising move?

I was as excited as anyone about the return of Misha Collins on tonight’s Supernatural, and after getting a sneak peek earlier this week (you’re welcome!), my expectations rose to almost impossible levels. The result was anything but disappointing.

His return in tonight’s “Born-Again Identity” was twisty — as promised. But ultimately resulted in a game-changing, self-less act that both saved Sam and — in my eyes, at least — redeemed Castiel. But let me back up.

Sam’s scrambled egg of a brain was still giving him problems and eventually landed him in a psych ward with Lucifer as a roomie. Dean, troubled by the sight of his dying brother (and, yes, not sleeping for five days is life threatening), went on a search for help, scouring Bobby’s contacts for someone who could help. (Very nice call-backs to “Faith” in this ep.) Finally, he got wind of a legit healer named Emmanuel, who, it turned out, was not just an ordinary man.

Castiel apparently had risen from up the water (butt naked!) and came upon a woman named Daphne, who would eventually become his wife! But he had no memory and no name, so bouncybabynames.com stuck him with Emmanuel.

Dean refused to educate Cas about his past wrongdoings and instead opted to simply draft him to help Sam. Even when Meg showed up (MEG!) and encouraged him to share the truth with Cas (erm, Emanuel?), he refused to strip his former friend of his new-found peace of mind. READ FULL STORY

'Glee' winter cliffhanger: Where does it stack up against other [SPOILERS!]?

If you haven’t seen last night’s Glee, then you better put this post aside, lest you stumble upon a SPOILER ALERT! If you already watched the winter finale, “On My Way,” then click through to discuss some other shows that have used a similar plot device to raise the stakes. So what tension-inducing turnabout did the Gleeks endure last night? It was… READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Lucifer returns -- but for once, Sam's not the craziest of them all

I imagine if given any choice, Sam would happily tango with evil clowns instead of Lucifer and his mind games. Unfortunately, Sammy was given no such opportunity, and this week found himself once again grappling with his visions of His Evilness (Mark Pellegrino) as the brothers worked a pretty twisted case.

In seven seasons, there have been less than a handful of times when the Winchesters have worked a case that turned out to have a troubling human element. The first such instance was in “The Benders” from season one, when the cause of a string of missing people turned out to have nothing to do with lore and everything to do with a crazy family of hillbillies. (Why’s it always the hillbillies?) READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' react: Dean's a DAD?! Plus, what's been the biggest loss of the season?

If emotional baggage was bacon cheeseburgers, Dean Winchester’s life would be a lot sweeter. Heck, it’d be downright awesome.

Sadly, it’s not. And as it turns out, his one-time comfort — non-committal sex with attractive women — doesn’t even provide solace any more. In fact, it’s downright dangerous. No, this week’s episode wasn’t about VD (they’ve gotta save something, should there be a season 8). This week, Dean’s escapades (with Vampire Diaries alum Sara Canning) produced a trouble neither brother had encountered before: a monster love child! (The woman Dean slept with was a succubus and they, apparently, go through the entire baby growing process in about 36 hours. Terrifying.) There could have been a lot of humor in this predicament, but a grim air has been hanging over Sam and Dean all season. So even the most outlandish of predicaments and cases hold a deeper meaning. This case certainly did.

As you might recall, earlier this season, Sam tried to give an old monster friend of his, Amy, the benefit of the doubt and let her get away after killing someone, believing she could change. He almost succeeded in giving Amy the second chance she wanted, but then Dean caught up with her and killed her. This week, Dean finally understood Sam’s moral quandary. After all, Dean was tasked with killing something that was, technically, a part of himself. In that moment, as he stood before his three-day-old teenage daughter (only on Supernatural…), contemplating the act he had to do, he hesitated a bit. When Sam entered and saw Dean’s position, he did it for him. I didn’t consider her death a loss as big as some of the others they’ve both suffered this season, but from Dean’s perspective, I’m sure it didn’t help his already broken spirit. READ FULL STORY

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