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'Supernatural' recap: Game Over

Last night’s Supernatural gave me all the feels, people. And I doubt I was alone.

My assumption going into the hour was that the audience was in store for LARPing Part II: The Video Game Edition. (For the record, that would have been fine.) Instead, we got an episode that turned guest star Felicia Day’s Charlie into much more than a plucky nerd with a sharp wit. Oh, and then there was the hug… READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by Ollie:


Bobby (Jim Beaver) to Sam (Jared Padalecki) after Sam tells him they’re in purgatory on Supernatural

Read the rest of your submissions from Wednesday April 3 and come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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'Supernatural' recap: Thank you for being a friend

This is a recap, so if you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of Supernatural, you best be on your way! (But do come back after you’ve watched!)

On Supernatural, goodbye rarely means goodbye forever. And in keeping with that idea, tonight’s episode saw one major return that brought a huge smile to face…

'Supernatural' recap: Tales from the Crypt

As longtime Supernatural fans know by now, when an episode’s cold open doesn’t involve a case-of-the-week, you know stuff’s about to go down.

So when this week’s episode opened with Castiel brutally beating and killing Dean in some sort of simulated reality created by Naomi, I went cold — and got very excited about the hour to come.

Did I expected Dean to get killed, like Naomi wanted? No. But I was curious to see how close Cas would get. The answer: Pretty damn close. But before I get to that, a lot of other things happened…


'Supernatural' does the Harlem Shake

SPN Harlem Shake

And the Harlem Shake craze lives on.

The latest YouTube fad has made its way across the border to Vancouver, Canada, to the set of the CW’s Supernatural. A video with the cast and crew’s take on the viral video phenomenon is now on the Interwebs for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, depending on how sick you are of Harlem Shake videos).

The Supernatural gang is rather late to the Harlem Shake party, but they may have the distinction of being the first to make a Harlem Shake vid with a crane shot. Yes, we get a bird’s eye view of the proceedings — crossroads, demon trap, Impala and all. Kicking things off in the solo dance of the first 15 seconds is, naturally, Mr. Eye of the Tiger himself, Jensen Ackles. See if you can pick out Jared Padalecki, Osric Chau, director Guy Norman Bee and other cast and crew members in the video below: READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Of gods and men

Hey, Supernatural fans, your Winchester Wednesday report will be brought to you by yours truly this week while your fearless leader Sandra Gonzalez is in the midst of making the big move to the City of Angels (kind of appropriate, don’t you think?).

This week’s episode, “Remember the Titans,” isn’t about football but of course, this being Supernatural, is about the actual Titans. Or one in particular, Prometheus. While Sam and Dean wait to hear back from Kevin about the next translation of the demon tablet, they take on a case of what appears to be a zombie (“boys, aim for the head”) but turns out to be a god.

Read on for my picks for the five best moments of the episode. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Last week’s episode of Supernatural was always going to be a hard act to follow. I mean, it’s not easy to beat an hour filled with major brotherly love and hellhounds. So I was not surprised that this week’s episode, which was about a witch with a scrambled noggin, felt a little less exciting than the last few episodes.

That said, it wasn’t without its great moments.

One such moment came right at the top of the episode, right after the Stooge conversation (see below). Sam and Dean had arrived at a motel after a long drive, and we got the sense that Dean still wasn’t quite ok with Sam taking on the trials on his own. It was just a small moment, but I liked that we tackled this right off the top of the episode, because it set a tone for the rest of their interactions in the episode… READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is ...

Submitted by Brittany: 

“Memory foam; it remembers me.”

 Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) on Supernatural

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Wednesday Feb.  13  and come back tonight to share your pick for best sound bite!

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'Supernatural' recap: 'Believe in me, too'

After a season that started off pretty rocky for the Winchester brothers, tonight’s episode of Supernatural proved that they’re more bonded together than ever — and reaffirmed everything I love about these two crazy dudes.

As has been the trend with Supernatural lately, this episode saw yet another big mythology development: After weeks of headaches, nosebleeds, sleepless nights, and a diet of “ground-up hooves and pig anuses” (hot dogs), Kevin finally finished decoding the tablet. So Dean and Sam interrupted their homemade dinner (courtesy of Chef Dean!) to rush over and learn the details he’d uncovered.

Unfortunately for Sam and Dean, the instructions were a little complicated. But what else would you expect? We’re closing the gates of Hell, people, not cooking a Hot Pocket. Their new goal, as Kevin explained, was to pass a series of dangerous tests and earn the ability to close the gates. The catch? He’d only decoded one of three tests so far — and this couldn’t be a team effort. One person must complete all the tasks, he said. READ FULL STORY

'Supernatural' recap: Everybody loves Golems

Guys, I want a golem!!!

In fact, I think Sam and Dean should get in the market for one. Because the (approx.) 7-foot clay man proved to be quite the asset last night when the Winchester brothers found themselves going up against some Nazi necromancers in a really fantastic episode written by Ben Edlund, called “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

They were certainly not monsters we’ve seen before on the show, so in a rare event, the brothers (and the audience) found themselves on a fact-finding mission. What kills these things? (A shot to the head and immediate torching.) How strong were they? (Not stronger than a Golem.) And what did these necromancers want?

The latter question in particular was a captivating part of the episode. Sam had actually stumbled upon the case thanks to the Men of Letter’s treasure of info, which brought the story of a spontaneously combusting Rabbi to Sam’s attention. That Rabbi, it turned out, had a book filled with the secrets of something called the Thule Society — who were essentially a bunch of necromancers who helped start the Nazi Party. Jerks. The necromancers who chased the Rabbi wanted this book back. READ FULL STORY

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