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Superman's 1938 debut comic book sells for $3.21 million on eBay

Some comic book fans may consider prices for a single comic to be too high in 2014, but those same readers would likely faint at the several million-dollar price tag “Action Comics” No. 1, the 1938 comic featuring Superman’s debut, raked in over the weekend.

A copy of the issue, which first sold for only 10 cents in 1938, garnered $3,207,852 in an eBay auction that concluded on Sunday night. This final price tag was a huge leap from the initial asking price of $0.99 when the auction began on Aug. 14. READ FULL STORY

'Sherlock' goes 'Man of Steel': Should heroes have a license to kill?

The Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch is the most brilliant problem solver on television. The Sherlock Holmes played by Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary comes pretty close, but I give the edge to the “high functioning” sociopath with the “mind palace” in his head. (Now that’s some Intelligence.) The third and final installment of Sherlock’s third season challenged the master detective with a most vexing conundrum, a test of both imagination and morality, one that has become increasingly popular in our hero fiction of late: To kill or not to kill. READ FULL STORY

Ohio State's marching band performs awesome tribute to Hollywood blockbusters -- VIDEO

Why can’t every halftime show be performed by the Best Damn Band in the Land?

Earlier this month, The Ohio State University’s resident ambulatory geniuses wowed the world with an intricate tribute to Michael Jackson. Just one week later, they pulled off another stunning feat — a blockbuster-themed show in which band members formed shapes including Superman in flight, dueling pirate ships, a nail-biter of a Quidditch game, and even Jurassic Park‘s resident T-rex devouring a Michigan football player… then spitting out his helmet.

In short: The Super Bowl could stand to learn a thing or two from the NCAA. Are you listening, Bruno Mars?

'Batman vs. Superman': Check out this footage of a football game from the 'Man of Steel' sequel

The Batman-powered Man of Steel sequel isn’t hitting theaters until 2015, and essentially everything about the movie besides the presence of Ben Affleck is shrouded in mystery. Last week, however, we learned that the movie would apparently feature a football game, since director Zack Snyder took his crew to film a showdown between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University. Video has emerged of the filming. There’s no Henry Cavill, no Affleck, definitely no Cranston-ized Lex Luthor, and indeed no indication that this scene will last longer than maybe 20 seconds in the movie.

Still, the member of the crew directing the crowd does offer some tantalizing hints. “The first play, you guys are all really happy about. The second play is gonna be all at that end, and you’re gonna hate it.” So we know it’s not a blowout, even though Gotham was heavily-favored in my fantasy football league. (That’s what fantasy football is, right?) READ FULL STORY

Opinion: How Ben Affleck can be a good Batman, and what the 'Man of Steel' sequel needs to do to be great

Besides an abiding interest in men who wear masks or spandex (see: Daredevil and Hollywoodland), Ben Affleck shares one more thing in common with Batman: Their big screen careers look exactly alike. There was the sensational start. (Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns; Affleck’s acting breakout with and Oscar-winning script for Good Will Hunting.) There was the embarrassing implosion. (Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin; Affleck in Gigli and the aptly titled Paycheck.) There was the brilliant reboot. (Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy; Affleck’s rightly praised work as actor and director in The Town and the Oscar-winning Argo). Now, their paths converge as they enter the fourth acts of their movie lives: Affleck will play Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, and star opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman in the untitled sequel of Man of Steel, which Warner Bros. intends to release on July 17, 2015. READ FULL STORY

The 10 movies, TV shows, and brands that ruled Comic-Con on social media

The buzziest project at the four-day geekfest known as Comic-Con must have been something with elaborate costumes, breathtaking special effects, and an epic battle between good and evil… right?

Interestingly, not so much.

EW has partnered with General Sentiment to develop aggregate scores that record not just what’s trending on social media, but also what users are actually saying about those topics. And according to our analysis, the most talked-about thing on social media at the Con wasn’t superhero, sci-fi, or fantasy-related — it was CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom entering its ninth and final season this fall.

Those who feel that TV has taken over the Comic-Con crown from movies in recent years have reason to feel validated in this data as well: four of the top five topics trending this year were TV shows (X-Men being the lone movie in that short list).

Check the list below to see which other TV shows, movies, and brands made the top 10 list.


Did DC beat Marvel at Comic-Con this year?

At Marvel Studios’ annual state-of-the-studio presentation in Comic-Con’s Hall H, the superhero production company looked like it was doing great. Really great. Hilariously great. Iron Man 3 has grossed over a billion dollars — which means that, for right now, Marvel can brag that it is in the business of annually releasing billion-dollar movies. The panel took a long look at three projects the studio will release in the next year: A Thor sequel, a Captain America sequel, and the space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy. Your opinions may vary: I thought Thor 2 looked potentially terrible, Cap 2 looked potentially great, and Guardians of the Galaxy looked like a hilariously eccentric spaced-out mash-up of Spaceball and The Dirty Dozen. One of those movies could flop, and it wouldn’t matter. Marvel has four franchises, at least. READ FULL STORY

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco split after 12 days

You hear that sound, PopWatchers? It’s the sound of doves crying over the breakup between “wait-they’re-dating-huh?” couple Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco. After news broke that the two were in “the beginning stages of a relationship,” the tabloids couldn’t get enough of them. Alas, true love between Kal-El and Penny was not meant to be, and the couple quietly called it quits, according to People. Thankfully, their careers seem to be doing just fine.

The tabloids only caught wind of the relationship on July 1st, so we’ll never really know how long they actually dated. But let’s celebrate the 12 days that we were aware of it, with a by the numbers look at Cavill and Cuoco. READ FULL STORY

'Mass Murderer of Steel': Browser game offers scathing satire of new Superman movie


Hey, remember that time that Hollywood made a Superman movie that ended with a fifty-hour marathon of skyscraper-toppling punches? Yes, Man of Steel is tearing up the box office just as surely as the film’s Superman tears up the Metropolis infrastructure during his final showdown with General Zod. You can relive the wonder of that closing scene in Mass Murderer of Steel, a hilariously low-fi flash game created by Eisner-award-winning cartoonist/animator Kyle Ryan. The game’s description says it all: READ FULL STORY

Happy 30th anniversary to the worst Superman movie ever made: 'Superman III'

That was a pretty super weekend for Superman. Man of Steel opened in theaters, and took in $125 million in its first few days of business. That’s leaps and bounds better than what happened exactly 30 years ago today on June 17, 1983 when the crime-fighting alien suffered his darkest hour. I’m speaking, of course, about the release of Superman III, which is not only the worst Superman movie, but could also be considered the worst threequel, and arguably the worst superhero movie of all-time (although the 1990 version of Captain America with Ned Beatty might have something to say about that).

How horrific is Superman III? Allow me to describe the movie’s first scene: Some perv walks into a pole while staring at a hot blonde. Which is immediately followed by a rollerskater stumbling into a hot dog cart and pushing said cart into three telephone booths which topple like dominoes. Then a blind guy mistakes a road marking machine for his seeing eye dog and starts painting yellow circles all over the street before knocking someone into a hole and then stepping on his head, Mr. Magoo style. Oh, and then he runs face first into a tree. A paint bucket then falls onto the head of a bald man who in turn spills a gumball machine, with the escaped gumballs causing a mime—yes, a mime—to wipeout multiple times. At this point the blind guy returns and walks through a painting. How does this whole incident end? Exactly how you would expect it to end: with Clark Kent (poor Christopher Reeve) shoving a pie into some dude’s face. It’s quite possibly the most horrendous opening to any movie ever. And, yet, the best part about Superman III. READ FULL STORY

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