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Doritos wins the 2012 BrandBowl: Did pregame buzz help?

The New York Giants didn’t need to slingshot any babies or cover up the whereabouts of a cat to earn their thrilling Super Bowl victory. (That down-to-the-last-second fourth quarter was crazy enough as is.) But that strategy certainly worked for Doritos as commercials featuring those very scenarios helped them win the 2012 BrandBowl.

For the second year in a row, Doritos had the most-talked-about ads on Twitter. Doritos Super Bowl commercials generated 48,687 tweets, which was up from 34,063 tweets last year. Even sentiment was up significantly from last year when Doritos earned just a plus-6 percent Sentiment Rating — which differentiates between positive and negative tweets. This year, they received a solid plus-29 percent. Still, there was something America loved even more than cat murder and child endangerment… M&Ms! According to MarketWatch.com, the candy, which introduced their new brown M&M earned plus-41 percent positive feedback on Twitter. (Unsurprisingly, GoDaddy.com was the least liked of the evening with minus-10 percent Sentiment.)

Only in Nebraska: Will Ferrell goes classic, understated in Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ad

While most Super Bowl advertisers were gunning to cast a wide net with their commercials last night, Old Milwaukee decided to keep it local. The beer company snapped up ad time for a 30-second spot that aired only in North Platte, Neb. It featured Will Ferrell and… well, that’s about it. The commercial is stunning in its simplicity. Just make sure to stick around for the very end…


Why did M.I.A. flip the bird during the Super Bowl? -- POLL

We may never know why pharaoh bitch goddess M.I.A. gave us the middle finger while performing Madonna’s new single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” during the Super Bowl half-time show. It’s probably Gisele Bundchen’s fault. But we’ve got to get to the bottom of this. If you don’t agree with our educated guesses, tell us your own theories in the comments. READ FULL STORY

Twitter reacts to Madonna's half-time show, M.I.A.'s middle finger, and those boots!

Madge killed it in her halftime show, even earning love from the hard-to-please and often overly critical social media madding crowd. She looked amazing and belted out classics “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer” alongside her new song “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and 2000’s “Music.” Okay, so she tripped on the bleachers (who wouldn’t in those sky-high boots?), and maybe M.I.A. gave her the finger mid-song (did she or didn’t she?) — and there is a dispute over whether she was lip syncing (was she or wasn’t she?). But Madonna certainly proved her prowess as a professional and a performer, with a clean, solid show featuring old favorites and a new song that has her classic, catchy persona written all over it.

There are hundreds of results when you search Twitter for Madonna right now. Some are questioning the performance’s legitimacy, but most are praising Madonna for her incredible show and commenting on a certain finger lifting. So here are some of the best tweets from around the web, including thoughts from celebs like Eva Longoria, Steve Martin, and Denise Richards on the Material Girl’s show. Read theirs and share your thoughts below or tweet us @EW! READ FULL STORY

Super Bowl 2012: Best and Worst Commercials

What is…football? Is it that thing where polar bears try to maul each other to death while figure skating, all for the sake of a bottle of Coca-Cola even though we all know by this point that polar bears subsist ONLY on Coke and have a seemingly endless supply? Sports are amazing.

Anyway, you know I just tune in for the commercials. I’ve seen a bunch of them, but obviously I’m not as sensitive as EW’s morality maven Adam B. Vary, who thinks that seeing Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl is wrong and possibly also un-American. Whoa. Get in the game, Adam! Pour a bowl of queso on your head and look alive! These are the most exciting commercials of the YEAR! We might get a better glimpse of David Beckham’s bulge!

You can watch all the commercials HERE.


PopWatch Planner: 'Smash' premieres, movies to see with your sweetie, and gearing up for Grammys

Today’s PopWatch planner is bookended with major events — the Super Bowl today (obviously!) and next Sunday the week kicks off with the Grammy Awards. But in between, there are some major TV premieres and a special DVD release for all the Twi-hards. Have a great week!

Super Bowl XLVI, 6:30 p.m. ET/ 3:30 p.m. PT, NBC
It’s all football all the time today, especially since you’ve probably already seen most of the commercials! But it’s worth staying tuned for Madonna’s halftime show, and after the game, for the premiere of The Voice and Jimmy Fallon’s last late night special from Indianapolis. If you’re not watching the game, here are a few other optionsREAD FULL STORY

Seeing Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl: Wrong? Or wrong and un-American?

For people who do not love football — or only care about football when their team or teams are playing, and their team or teams didn’t even make the playoffs this year — the only reason to watch the Super Bowl is to watch the ads. We’ve shushed our friends and loved ones as the Super Bowl logo has swooshed across the screen ushering in a new ad break. We’ve laughed, cried, and jeered as each 30-to-60 second spot played, instantly debating its humor and effectiveness: “I loved the part when Betty White got tackled!” “Ed McMahon shilling for gold-related websites makes me sad.” “Wazzzzuuuuuuuuup!” We’ve talked far more about animated polar bears and honorable Clydesdales and adorable mini-Darth Vaders the next day than practically any touchdown pass or option play. This is all such an integral part of what it means to be an American — nay, to be a citizen of this planet we call Earth — that I think it was retroactively written into the Constitution, Magna Carta, and Plato’s Republic.

Of course, I have been spending the last week or so quivering with outrage, so I could be exaggerating just a twinge. Because, as of this writing, at least 38 Super Bowl ads have already been released on the Internet, either as they’ll air tonight, as a quick snippet teaser, or in an extended form. And. That. Is. Just. WRONG. READ FULL STORY

Super Bowl Counterprogramming: Our Best-Of Guide

NBC will has already started its coverage of Super Bowl XLVI (it started at noon ET, but the actual game doesn’t start until 6:30pm). How are other channels trying to lure you away? Here’s a quick look:

Downton AbbeyI know at least one person staying home from a Super Bowl party so she can watch the new episode (PBS, check local listings). Here’s hoping Violet’s “cold” is better.

Chick flicks: TBS is betting on The Wedding Date (6:15 p.m. ET) and Hitch (8 p.m. ET), while AMC is following a 2:30 p.m. ET showing of Ghost with Sleepless in Seattle (5:30 p.m.) and an inspired E.T. chaser (8 p.m and 10:30 p.m. ET). I’d give the edge to AMC (and appreciate them branching out, which is less patronizing), but HBO has programmed the mothership, Titanic, at 5:40 p.m. ET.

Chick TV: E! has an eight-hour Sex and the City marathon starting at 3 p.m. ET.

All day Nora Roberts movie marathon: Lifetime will take that eight hours of sex and raise you: Carnal Innocence, starring Gabrielle Anwar and Colin Egglesfield (10 a.m. ET); Blue Smoke, starring Alicia Witt and Matthew Settle (noon ET); Angels Fall, starring Heather Locklear and Johnathon Schaech (2 p.m. ET); Northern Lights, starring LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian (4 p.m.ET); High Noon, starring Emilie de Ravin and Ivan Sergei (6 p.m. ET); Tribute, starring Brittany Murphy and Jason Lewis (8 p.m. ET); and Montana Sky, starring Ashley Williams and John Corbett (10 p.m. ET). READ FULL STORY

Super Bowl commercials 2012: Your complete guide

Why wait until Sunday to check out the game-day commercials when they’re online now? From Pepsi to H&M, several high-profile brands are milking every last cent they spent on game-day airtime (30-second spots start at $3.5 million apiece for Super Bowl XLVI). Below, we’ve compiled the commercials that have been released so far, and we’ll continue to update the list throughout the week, so keep checking back — especially on Sunday when we’ll be posting real-time updates during the game itself. READ FULL STORY

Donald Trump deserves to be fired in Century 21 Super Bowl spot

Century 21’s Super Bowl commercial finally sheds some light on why Donald Trump’s Atlantic City hotels and casinos are so disappointing — he’s actually quite terrible at his job! In the spot, Mitt Romney’s biggest fan is bested by a beautiful ginger Century 21 agent at the negotiation table. Hopefully Clay Aiken won’t make the same mistake on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, because I totally want him to win.

But Trump shouldn’t feel too bad — this superhuman Jill-of-all-trades also out-skates Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno, and throws a better house party than former Super Bowl champion Deion Sanders. And you thought it was impossible!


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