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Style Hunter: 'Bunheads' Michelle's off-duty shoes

What does a ballet dancer wear when she’s not en pointe? We looked to ABC Family’s Bunheads for a tip-off. This week, Vegas showgirl-turned-teacher Michelle (Sutton Foster) gave her arches a rest in a pair of subtle nude Canvas Classics from Toms ($44). It’s not the first time the brand has popped up on the show. Michelle also slipped into a pair of stand-out red Canvas Classics during a previous episode. READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: Jordana Brewster on Elena's go-to 'Dallas' denim

During the 21 years that passed between the end of the original Dallas series and the premiere of version 2.0, countless fashion trends have come and gone…and come back again. We’re still hoping to see Sue Ellen pull a few ’80s outfits out of her closet — if she held on to the clothes she wore back then, she’s got a treasure trove of vintage Armani! — but when it comes to the next generation of South Fork women, skinny jeans are the new shoulder pads.

“[Elena] is drilling for oil most of the time, so her style is pretty low maintenance,” says Jordana Brewster, whose character spends as much time chasing alternative energy sources as she does causing tension between Christopher and John Ross. “She does the jeans and boots look.”  READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: 'Gossip Girl' Ed Westwick's Adult Onesie

AUGUST 1, UPDATE: Westwick might be in character after all! Chuck Bass wore the One Piece Slim Fit jumpsuit during an episode in season 5 of Gossip Girl.

Spotted: Ed Westwick wearing what can only be described as an adult onesie on the set of Gossip Girl.

Does season 6 kick off with a Chuck Bass extreme makeunder? Considering that the actor was later seen sporting a gray chalk-stripe suit, wingtips, and Bass’ signature bow tie, I’m assuming this was a personal style choice.

Westwick, who made his runway debut at Milan Men’s Fashion Week and posed for designer Philipp Plein’s Spring 2013 ad campaign while on hiatus from the CW series this summer, returned to work in a jersey jumpsuit — (strategically?) unzipped to reveal a patchy thicket of chest hair — from leisurewear company One Piece.

According to the company website; “In 2007 three hung-over Norwegians had the idea to sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants, connecting the two with a giant zipper to create the ORIGINAL One Piece.”

Could you pull off the “lifestyle leisurewear?” If you answered yes I strongly encourage you to think again before you click here to buy one.

Dying to find something you spotted on TV or in a movie? Email bronwyn_barnes@ew.com.

Follow Bronwyn on Twitter: @BronwynBarnes

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Style Hunter: ‘Gossip Girl’ makeup tutorial 

Style Hunter: Steal Pam's Wal-Mart look from the 'True Blood' premiere

On the season 5 premiere of True Blood, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) tossed her usual bold colors and skimpy skirts to slip into something a little more comfortable — a buttery yellow sweatsuit adorned with kittens, butterflies and pretty flowers. In other words, things you would never associate with Pam. Halloween may be more than four months away, but we just found our costume.

“I am wearing a Wal-Mart sweatsuit for y’all. If that’s not a demonstration of team spirit, I don’t know what is,” she told Sookie (Anna Paquin), who lent her the outfit. In fact, the sweatsuit isn’t from Wal-Mart (aren’t you glad we saved you from rummaging through the racks?).

We checked in with True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher, who told EW via e-mail that she found the top half of the ensemble online (it’s no longer available on the site but this version comes pretty close) and then altered “the heck out of it to fit Kristin.” Fisher also said she shortened the sleeves so they seemed a little too small, though she certainly didn’t do it to make the piece look slapstick. “That costume is funny enough on its own,” says Fisher.


Style Hunter: Get Rachel Berry's Big Apple necklace as seen on the 'Glee' finale

What better way to bounce back from last night’s bittersweet Glee finale than with a little retail therapy?

From her rising star and diamond chain to her Finn nameplate charm, Rachel’s necklaces have always stood out on the series. But her latest accessory — a pendant in the shape of an apple — made quite a statement as she bid farewell to her friends at McKinley High and set out for New York City. (No need to shed too many tears though, she’ll still be around when the series returns.)

“This season was all about Rachel going to New York to start her Broadway career, so Lea and I had a conversation about what the necklace should be. We decided that a little apple, like taking a famous bite out of the Big Apple, would be appropriate,” says costume designer Lou Eyrich, who commissioned go-to jeweler Ryan Ryan to create the piece. READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: 'Gossip Girl' makeup tutorial

I know we don’t usually do makeup tutorials on Style Hunter, but when I got this exclusive Gossip Girl how-to gem I just couldn’t resist. After all, who wouldn’t want to spruce up à la Blair Waldorf before heading out for a night on the town with their very own Chuck Bass. (Or would it be Dan? I just can’t decide anymore).

Though the show has been long lauded for its designer apparel, it takes a skilled hand and an even sharper eye to make sure the makeup stays on par with the ever-changing styles. That credit goes to GG head-makeup artist, Amy Tagliamonti, who recently teamed up with the beauty company, Birchbox, to curate a set of products inspired by the show.

In the video below, Tagliamonti demonstrates how to create a day-to-night look worthy of a Waldorf or a van der Woodsen, with a little help from resident GG mean girl Alice Callaghan (who plays Jessica on the show).

Seems easy enough right? Now, BRB while I totally botch recreate what she did in time for tonight’s episode. READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: Sheldon's Green Lantern T-shirt on 'The Big Bang Theory' -- EXCLUSIVE

Well, talk about progress.

On last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon acknowledged he might have romantic feelings for Amy (about time!). While I was endlessly amused watching him struggle with that realization during his 3-D chess game with Leonard, I was simultaneously distracted by his geektastic Green Lantern T-shirt.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Sheldon and style don’t go hand-in-hand — this is the same guy who wore long underwear at the tux shop to ward off germs. But when it comes to T-shirts, he’s always been a trendsetter.

The superhero-inspired tee, designed by DC Entertainment for the show,  is available for purchase online. The best part? You can get it exclusively at Stuart’s not-so-fictional shop, The Comic Center. Yes, that’s right. Not only can you dress like Sheldon (and for only $24.95!), but you can help Stuart’s business while you’re at it. Win-win, right?

Dying to find something you spotted on TV or in a movie? Email nuzhat_naoreen@ew.com and visit the Pop Style area of EW.com to see what we’ve found.

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Style Hunter: Alex's hot pink blouse and Penny's pillows on 'Happy Endings'

Confession: I still haven’t watched the season two finale of Happy Endings. I know, I know! But before you judge me, it’s not because I don’t love the series! I’m just trying to delay the summer separation with my favorite new Friends for as long as I possibly can.

The only good thing about this break? It gives me plenty of time to respond to your questions (I received quite a few after last week’s Style Hunter post on Alex’s graphic-tee) about various looks on the show. See my finds below… READ FULL STORY

Style Hunter: Alex's graphic tank on 'Happy Endings'

As we’ve seen over and over again on Happy Endings, Alex isn’t the sharpest of the bunch, but as a boutique owner she’s definitely one of the most fashionable. I mean, unless you count the time she tried to design a dress for Jane — that was a disaster.

In Wednesday night’s episode, she wore a couple of pieces that caught my eye, including a Haute Hippie Southwestern Graphic Tank ($85, nordstrom.com), which she topped with a white tuxedo jacket (in case you’re wondering, the jacket is from Zara and should be available in stores). Another item I’d love to sneak into my own closet was her mint dress ($59, available in tan at zara.com) and her beige-and-black Lodis ‘Brooklyn Deco Buckle’ belt ($31.90, nordstrom.com).

The best part about her wardrobe? At less than $100 per piece, it’s relatively affordable. Well…at least compared to anything in Blair Waldorf’s closet.

Dying to find something you spotted on TV or in a movie? Email nuzhat_naoreen@ew.com and visit the Pop Style area of EW.com to see what we’ve found.

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'Jane By Design' star Erica Dasher shares her personal style rules

Style is, rightfully so, important for any young actress. And that’s doubly the case when said actress is starring in a super-fashion-conscious show like ABC Family’s Jane By Design. The dramedy finds the young Erica Dasher (pictured here) playing high schooler Jane Quimby, the naive, yet oddly competent, underage assistant to Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell), a fashion maven fierce enough to give The Devil Wears Prada‘s Miranda Priestly a run for her money.

In celebration of all that fashion and in anticipation of tonight’s new episode of Jane at 9 p.m., “The Finger Bowl” — which guest stars fashion designer Nanette Lepore and finds our leading lady presenting a new fashion line — EW caught up with Dasher to talk about her own style, which isn’t exactly the same as that of her on-screen counterpart. READ FULL STORY

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