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Hear the debut single from 'South Park's' Lorde


South Park already revealed that Lorde is actually the middle-aged father of Stan Marsh. But that doesn’t mean Lorde can’t make great music, as evidenced by “Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday),” which has been released in full. READ FULL STORY

South Park reveals Lorde isn't who you think she is

Lorde fans: You’ve been living a lie. Oh, you thought you were smitten with a darling 17-year-old pop star from New Zealand? Nope. As South Park revealed last night, you’ve been deceived by a middle-aged Colorado man—Stan Marsh’s dad, Randy, to be exact. READ FULL STORY

'South Park' criticizes Washington Redskins owner with scathing promo

Cartman, the central character from Comedy Central’s South Park, took on Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder in a promo for the 18th season of the animated series. Cartman skewers the team’s recent federal trademark debacle, which was rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on the grounds that the team’s name was “disparaging to Native Americans.” In the promo, it’s Snyder who’s ticked off that Cartman is using the team’s name for his own company. But Cartman has a pretty good comeback for that.

“When I named my company Washington Redskins, it was out of deep appreciation for your team, and your people,” Cartman says in the promo. READ FULL STORY

'The Book of Mormon' gets animated in the style of 'South Park' -- VIDEO


What would a Book of Mormon movie look like? Perhaps a little something like this fan’s version, if the blockbuster Broadway musical was animated in the same vein as South Park — and why shouldn’t it be, since Mormon was co-penned by the cartoon’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker?

Simon Chong paid tribute to South Park’s particular animation style with his own nod to The Book of Mormon, using the opening number “Hello!” from the original Broadway cast recording to imagine what the singing elders might look like in that quiet Colorado mountain town.

Although the video bears no affiliation to either show (stage or screen), it’s strikingly well-crafted and surprisingly faithful to South Park’s signature aesthetic. It feels just as natural as any of the songs from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, and even seems to fit with the musical scheme of the season 7 episode “All About Mormons.” Watch Chong’s excellent crossover after the jump: READ FULL STORY

'South Park: The Stick of Truth' review: Funny, gross...and a legitimately great RPG

In 2002, Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers,” an All-Time Hall of Fame South Park episode which effectively retells the whole J.R.R. Tolkien Rings trilogy in half an hour. What makes the episode great was that, somehow, Parker and Stone had it both ways with their Rings parody: It simultaneously lacerates the inherent silliness of the phenomenon while glorifying the high-nerd excess of that silliness. (All this, and they still found time for the immortal line: “Backdoor Sluts 9 makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2!”)

The new videogame South Park: The Stick of Truth begins in the same backyard-fantasy milieu as that episode. You play as the fully-customizable-except-for-gender “new kid,” arriving in South Park under mysterious circumstances. You quickly meet show mascot Cartman, in his Gandalf-y guise of “Grand Wizard,” who is leading one group of kids (the Humans) against another group (the Elves). You can choose one of four classes, three of them familiar (Fighter, Mage, Thief) and one of them unique (Jew.) READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: A 'South Park' redo, the TLC biopic, and 'Masters of Sex'

What’s worthy of PopWatching this week? Let’s start off with some nostalgia, with a Queer Eye reunion and a film about hip-hop power trio TLC. Then come back to the supernatural present with the debut of Ravenswood, followed by the episode that made the South Park creators miss their cartoon curfew. On Sunday, tune in for a “Master” class in “Sex” — for the sake of science!

All times listed are Eastern.

'South Park' spoofs Alec Baldwin's trouble with Twitter -- NSFW VIDEO

Last night, South Park‘s season 17 premiere did what the show does best: It made fun of a high-profile celebrity in a very NSFW way. The celeb in the hot seat? Alec Baldwin.

While on the set of a commercial, “Baldwin” reveals that he sometimes “accidentally tweets things that are homophobic.” But because he doesn’t think that way and only types that way (his “thumbs are homophobic,” he says), he chops off those thumbs. So how does he communicate with the rest of the world? By joining a new form of social media (with a very, er, interesting name) that broadcasts your every thought to all your followers. And let’s just say, Baldwin’s every thought is not about his sugar-free diet or his new baby daughter.

Watch the very NSFW clip below:

Happy Hanukkah! 8 memorable clips for 8 crazy nights


L’chaim, chaverim: Chanukah/Hanukkah/Chhaaannukkahhh is finally here!

Maybe the Jewish Festival of Lights, which begins tonight at sundown, isn’t as culturally dominant as Christmas, or as glitzy as New Year’s Eve, or as charmingly quaint as Boxing Day. Maybe it’s a holiday that nobody even really knows how to spell. (I grew up using no “c” and two “k”s, so that’s what I’m going to stick with for the rest of this post.) Still, it’s impossible not to love an occasion that exalts fried food, present-giving, and the menorah (or hanukiah, if you want to get technical), a celebratory candelabra that can be either sophisticated or silly.

And even though Hanukkah is much less visible in pop culture than other holidays, it’s still been immortalized on screen at least eight notable times — one for each night of the festival. Great miracles happen after the jump:


Blame Canada: The 5 greatest pop culture insults to America's hat


It takes a lot to anger agreeable Canadians — but when Ben Affleck’s Argo premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last month, the movie managed to do just that.

Argo tells the true story of how six American citizens were successfully rescued from Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis. Canucks were mildly upset to find that the film paints the CIA as heroes while downplaying the role of Canadians stationed at their Iranian embassy, which sheltered the Americans for months. Director Affleck took their criticism to heart, adding a new postscript to the film that specifies that the CIA’s involvement in the rescue was a “complement” to the Canadian efforts.

But even though they expressed outrage — affably, I’m sure — our neighbors to the north can’t have been surprised to see their homeland getting the short shrift from Hollywood. Any time the nation is mentioned in an American movie or TV show, stereotype-filled jokes about hockey, beavers, and, er, excessive politeness are sure to follow. So in honor of the Argo kerfuffle, let’s take a look back at some of American pop culture’s greatest insults to Canada. It’s a pretty good list, eh?


Pop culture's best and worst teachers: Who makes the grade? -- POLL

Great teachers are all alike, in a sense — they’re mentors, role models, lifelong inspirations. Terrible teachers, on the other hand, are all awful in different ways. Some are drunken burnouts, while others are obnoxious frauds or sexually amorphous jerks who invite their personal BDSM slaves to perform lewd acts in front of their fourth graders. (Okay, that last one is probably limited to South Park).

Still, TV shows and movies are filled with characters who exemplify both poles. And in honor of back-to-school season, PopWatch wants to know who you think deserves to be at the head of the class — as well as who needs to have their teaching certification revoked, pronto.

The rules: These polls focus on teachers, so school administrators (sorry, Principal Belding), librarians (ditto, Rupert Giles), coaches (adios, Sue Sylvester), headmistresses (good riddance, Matilda‘s Trunchbull) and guidance counselors (you too, Mr. Russo from Freaks and Geeks) weren’t eligible for inclusion. Otherwise, though, it’s anyone’s game. Will you exalt Mr. Feeny and denounce Professor Umbridge, or celebrate Dead Poets Society English teacher Mr. Keating while pooh-poohing Ms. Halsey of Bad Teacher? The choice is yours and yours alone — but here are your options. Don’t worry; we made sure to show our work.


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