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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: 'Things are gonna get bloody, brother.' Check.

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now. Before the season 5 premiere, Kim Coates (Tig) told EW that because SOA creator Kurt Sutter is planning for seven seasons, the show doesn’t have to pull any punches now. “It’s just all in. We’re all in. We’re all f—ed,” Coates said. He wasn’t lying. Each episode, they’ve all been f—ed a little more, in ways we may or may not have seen coming. Tara’s always been the character we’re supposed to relate to, and her words in that final scene, as she sat shell-shocked after realizing that she could be facing an accessory to murder charge, resonated:

Jax: Babe, I’m not gonna let that happen. Okay. We’re gonna get through this like we do everything else.

Tara: [She leans in.] That’s what scares me the most. [They kiss.]

Let’s dig in. READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Jax smells a rat (and other developments that make us uncomfortable)

There’s something so satisfying about the “Previously on” intro being this long. It reminds us how deep we are into this story and puts the proper amount of weight back on our shoulders. If you haven’t watched this week’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now. Let’s break it down by story line: READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Jax has a new plan

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now. Charlie Hunnam has perfected that stone-cold glare, and he got to use it a lot in this episode as the heat was turned back on Clay and Gemma became a pawn. Let’s break it down, starting with the accident. READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Another wild ride

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now. Let’s break it down.

• The Joel McHale cameo: Gemma woke up in bed with Warren (McHale), who, it turns out, seduces women so he can steal their cars. When Gemma realized she’d been robbed, she called Nero, who told Jax and the boys. You’d think Nero could have handled this alone with his crew in exchange for Gemma having arranged for Carla’s body to disappear, but then we wouldn’t have seen Nero scold Jax for the way he was judging Gemma (“Since when do you drink banana vodka?”). Nero told Jax that Gemma’s still his mother and he should respect her: She’s caught between a husband she hates and a son she thinks hates her. Jax took it to heart and had a tender scene with Gemma in which she apologized for wanting Jax to make up for the love his dead brother Thomas would never be able to give her, and Jax admitted he felt bad after Thomas died because he was happy having Gemma to himself. Bottom line: He loves her and they’ll get through all this, he said. Once again, Jax proved he is the best hugger in Charming.  READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The table's divided, and it's a small world after all

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched this week’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now. The levity of Walton Goggins’ Venus Van Dam cameo was nowhere to be found. Unless, of course, you count setting a murder to a glitter globe version of “It’s a Small World.” Was that more, less, or equally as brilliantly twisted as setting multiple homicides to “What a Wonderful World” in the season 4 premiere? Shall we call it a tie? Let’s break it down. READ FULL STORY

Still sexy and we know it -- TV hotties over 55

Tuesday nights bring a double-dose of pentagenerian sexiness with Ellen Barkin on The New Normal and Dennis Quaid on Vegas. But these two aren’t the only sexy stars over the age of 55. Read more to see the hottest stars on television who still rock our world after all these years.


'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The hilarious business of blackmail (and the best guest spot ever?)

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now. There’s a guest spot that should remain a surprise. Now, let’s dig in. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch poll: Who is TV's best crier?

Last week, my colleague Mandi Bierly wrote a post about TV’s greatest tearjerkers that got me thinking about all my personal favorites, many of which came up in the comments. But as I constructed my list of favorite scenes, I realized that there are some actors who really know how to deliver the waterworks. There are some who, without fail, have the power to reduce me to a sobby mess.

Last night, for example, I was watching the latest Sons of Anarchy and realized that Charlie Hunnam is very much one of those actors. As gruff, strong Jax Teller, it isn’t often that we see Hunnam get to flex that particular emotional muscle. But when he does — man, it’s fantastic. [Sons spoiler ahead...] Two weeks ago, when Opie died in prison, the impact of the moment in itself made me tear up. But it was Jax’s reaction that really got me. And last night, at Opie’s wake, it happened again. I had to rehydrate after that.

So when I really got to thinking about it, I realized that there are only a few actors that have this power over me. My top 5 — in no particular order — are listed below. READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The Lost Boy

First things first, that song you want to download, the one played over Opie’s wake, is Greg Holden’s “The Lost Boy.” I got chills when the procession started behind Jax as more voices were added to the repeating chorus: “I will not be commanded/ I will not be controlled/ And I will not let my future go on/ Without the help of my soul.” And then it went back to one voice again, as Jax slammed the door shut on the hearse with a flash of anger on his face. What I liked about that: Jax is holding it together now, making smart decisions, and thinking long-term. It was a reminder of what an effort that is, and how much fight is still in him (for better or worse).

What Jax did right this hour: READ FULL STORY

Sad TV: Has rubbernecking ever turned you into a new fan?

In our annual reader-voted Season Finale Awards, we include the special category Biggest Regret That I Didn’t See It, I Just Heard or Read About It. Two of the three years, the winner has involved a death. This week, after Sons of Anarchy killed off a fan favorite, the reaction reached that level. Our recap has more than 1,000 comments. More than one person has said they’ve never seen the show before, but they had to read it to find out what happened because their Twitter and Facebook timelines lit up with people talking about the episode. Last night’s emotional Grey’s Anatomy premiere set off another blaze. (Read our recap. Watch that episode on Hulu.)

We’ve talked about the TV moments that made us cry and left scars. But we’ve never discussed the moments of rubbernecking that turned us into new (or returning) fans of shows. Have you ever searched for a recap or clip of a sad moment on a show you weren’t currently watching and then decided to start? (I’ve had at least one person tell me she’s now given Sons of Anarchy a season pass.) Or do you always turn your head around and simply stay tuned to your regularly scheduled programs?

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