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'SYTYCD': Two eliminated from Top 16 are...

SPOILERS ahead. Two more dancers have left the competition after tonight’s performance show, which was guest-judged by renowned dance expert Carly Rae Jepsen. She specializes in the esteemed genre “Pop Carwash.”

I’ll post my full recap of tonight’s performances later on; in the meantime, discuss! READ FULL STORY

'SYTYCD': How did Paula Abdul know Fik-Shun? -- VIDEO

If you’re wondering how last night‘s guest judge Paula Abdul knew 18-year-old animator Fik-Shun, it’s not because she saw him executing the Usher Slide while tiptoeing along a rainbow made out of poems in one of her better dreams (though she probably did). It’s because he tried out for her short-lived CBS reality show Live to Dance!

Check out the clips below of DuShaunt Stegall (his real name) getting three brutal “NO” buzzes at age 16 before landing a spot in So You Think You Can Dance‘s season 10 top 20.

'SYTYCD': Two eliminated from Top 18 are...

SPOILERS ahead. Two more dancers have left the competition — at the end of the show, this time. (Our disgust re: last week’s format was “noted”!) I’ll post my recap of tonight’s performances later on; in the meantime, discuss! READ FULL STORY

'SYTYCD': Two eliminated from Top 20 are...

I don’t think Nigel will be happy until someone LITERALLY DIES onstage while dahhhncing for his or her life. These people simply aren’t tottering far enough off the edge of the cliff for him! They don’t care enough about still being alive… for the next 30 seconds!

The judges will be eliminating one guy and one girl at the top of the shows this season, so we already know who’s out: SPOILERS ahead. The two dancers will still perform with their partners later on tonight. Crazy! I’ll post my recap of tonight’s performances later on…. in the meantime, discuss this week’s harsh and sudden goodbyes. READ FULL STORY

'SYTYCD' Nappytabs opening number: Best ever?

sytycd opening number june 25 2013

That is certainly a bold claim, but the opening number from Tuesday’s Top 20 performance show (full recap here) was such a treat. I still can’t type the moniker “Nappytabs” (or walk by Tabitha and Napoleon’s urban dancewear store in North Hollywood) without feeling weird about it, but anyway, the duo choreographed a superbly shot (in seemingly one take! …but not) behind-the-scenes routine, set to the perfect snazzy song — “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Herb Alpert feat. Lani Hall. The judges, SYTYCD All-Stars, and some choreographers make cameos.

It has a very Xanadu/”All Over the World”-esque vibe, which I know is like the opposite of a ringing endorsement, for sane people. But I promise, it’s so good: READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance': Nigel Lythgoe claims BluPrint 'didn't grow up in a jungle'

Supercringe! Nigel Lythgoe’s general buffoonery can make for some pretty awkward critiques on SYTYCD, but tonight he outdid himself while raving about Dorian “BluPrint” Hector’s prowess in an Afro Jazz routine. “People say, ‘This is your ethnicity, your heritage.’ But it isn’t! You didn’t grow up in a jungle!” the old white man exclaimed to the young black dancer. Say what?! At least BluPrint (pictured, center) put on a brave grin following the comment. As you can see, host Cat Deeley took a bit longer for her “WTF, man?” face to catch up to the contestant’s.

Sorry to dwell on that, but it was so weird and sadly typical, and really took me out of the show. Still — there were some fabulous dances tonight to distract from the judging panel. I’ll post my recap of the Top 20 performances later on; in the meantime, here’s my ranked list* of tonight’s routines — updated with song selections! READ FULL STORY

'So You Think You Can Dance': The Top 20!

The harsh audition spotlights have gone down and it’s finally time for carefully orchestrated four-person pose sessions with better, sexier mood lighting. Cue music!

I’ll post my recap of the SYTYCD Top 20 performance show later on (update: here it is!); in the meantime, here’s the list of the Top 10 Guys and Top 10 ‘Gulls’ (Cat Deeley speak) for season 10 — separated by dance styles. READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Planner: 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' TV finales, and more

TV finale season is in full swing this week, with endings served up on ScandalGrey’s Anatomy, and The Vampire Diaries, among others. But the most important entertainment event is arguably the box office bow of a new Star Trek movie — especially when the newest one is called Star Trek Into Darkness and comes studio-sealed in secrecy and trench coats in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch’s deep-voiced baddie.

That and oh-so-much more for the week ahead, below.


'Stars in Danger: The High Dive': tWitch and Shout with Antonio Sabato Jr. in a speedo

My esteemed colleague Mandi Bierly and I just sat through two hours of “celebrity” diving and can officially break this staggering news: Stephen “tWitch” Boss wore way too many clothes on So You Think You Can Dance. Nice shot, Fox! Well done. It’s a hit. READ FULL STORY

Mary Murphy on 'SYTYCD' finale: Chehon and Eliana -- The big winners!

In the first time in SYTYCD history, two ballet dancers take top honors!

In the closest race ever to be America’s favorite dancers, we were in such suspense to find out the answer. I had no idea how America was going to vote, especially since Tiffany and Cyrus were never in danger the entire season. So it took me by surprise who came out on top.

I stayed in my dressing room the night before. That’s right – I whipped out my blow-up bed and reflected on the whole season and which dances were highlights for me! I tried to keep it to two dances per show. We started this season with eight contemporary, three ballroom, three ballet, two jazz, one stepper, one belly dancer, one popper, and one martial arts fusion dancer.


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