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E3 Snap Judgment: 'PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale'


The Game: Simply put, it’s Super Smash Bros. with Sony characters. Okay, there are some twists, such as the fact that each level mixes material from at least two dissimilar franchises. But really, this is an excuse to invite some friends over and then beat the crap out of each other — the very foundation of college dorm life. (Available this holiday season for PS3 and PS Vita)

What We Played: At a recent pre-E3 event, we extensively tried out the main four-player battle mode with the six initially announced characters — Kratos (God of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Sly Cooper, Mael Radec (Killzone 2), Fat Princess, and PaRappa the Rapper. (Sony announced Monday that Nathan Drake and Big Daddy will also be a part of the game.) We played four different maps: Metropolis (from Ratchet & Clank), Sandover Village (from Jak and Daxter), Dreamscape (from LittleBigPlanet), and Hades (from God of War).

The Good: The fundamental appeal of the Super Smash Bros. series — fast-paced fighting mayhem with your friends — remains intact here. Many of the characters’ Level 3 special powers, like PaRappa’s “death by rap song” execution move or Fat Princess’ Super Fat Chicken, are hilarious. And the levels themselves are cleverly designed. For instance, there’s a LittleBigPlanet map that, halfway through the match, will be interrupted by a Buzz! trivia question. You must navigate your character over to the correct multiple-choice answer and then defend your turf before the timer runs out. READ FULL STORY

Kim Kardashian, exposed! See her as you definitely have seen her before.

In a controversial ad for their new denim line at Sears, the three eldest Kardashian sisters went topless to put the focus on their jeans — which is, of course, totally what we’re focused on. Check it out below:


'Haywire' gets a D+ CinemaScore grade: What gives?

Well, this is a kick in the pants. (And the face… and pretty much anywhere else Gina Carano could knock you on your butt clear into next week.) In addition to a less-than-impressive opening weekend at the box office, Steven Soderbergh’s well-reviewed action caper Haywire earned a dreadful, if not entirely baffling, D+ grade from CinemaScore.

The film, which has already earned plenty of comparisons to being a female version of the Bourne series, is complete with a knock-out leading lady who knocks out all of her leading men (see left: poor Ewan McGregor), Michael Fassbender (in a towel: A+!), Bill Paxton (with a mustache!), stunning action sequences (the hotel room, the snowy car chase), and a killer last line. So what gives?

Syfy's 'Lost Girl' premiere: Found a new addiction?

Last night, Syfy premiered the new series Lost Girl, which stars Anna Silk (pictured) as a Succubus — a female who feeds off the sexual energy of others — named Bo. Was the acting stellar? No. Was there enough ‘S’ in that TV-MA LSV rating? No. But a lot of exposition is required in a pilot like this, and now that we’ve got the setup, I assume there’ll be a little less conversation and a little more action in future episodes when Bo becomes a private investigator specializing in the paranormal. (Hello, Angel!) By the end of the hour, I was setting my DVR to record new episodes (not at 10 p.m. ET, but the midnight repeats). Here’s why:  READ FULL STORY

'Rob' premiere: Rob Schneider is... an insult!

According to South Park, comic actor Rob Schneider has played an animal, a woman, a carrot, and a stapler. And who could forget his rousing turn in Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpree Dumb? (For the record, Schneider has only played an animal and a woman, so far. Though Da Derp Dee Derp… seems like it has the potential to be a hit, no?)

Now the SNL vet/frequent Adam Sandler collaborator has added another title to his resume: Newlywed OCD Landscape Architect Who Is Also Actually Kinda Racist And Will Accidentally Sexually Harass Your Grandmother. (Stapler doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?) READ FULL STORY

Note to 'Chelsea': Crass jokes don’t become funnier the more you repeat them

For Chelsea Handler fans, Are You There, Chelsea? may be harder to swallow than that first shot of vodka.

You can check out Ken Tucker’s full review of the premiere — he wasn’t impressed either. Much like the show’s lead-in, Whitney, Chelsea tries real hard to shock us with crass jokes. I’m no prude, but the show seemed determined to establish just how edgy it could be. In the process, the humor wound up feeling forced.

A recurring joke from the premiere featured bartender Chelsea (Laura Prepon) explaining why she could never fool around with her cute co-worker Rick, (Jake McDorman): When it came to fooling around, they both liked to be on top. It warranted a smile the first time, but the writers just kept repeating the joke, perhaps under the mistaken impression that it would only get funnier. It didn’t. READ FULL STORY

'Work It': Act like a (completely inaccurate representation of a) lady, think like a (prehistoric) man

There was a slight twinge of panic amongst the ladyfolk when the Twitter and viral video sensation “S— Girls Say” all but took over the Internet. Not out of the fear that it could become too popular for its own good and get its own miserable spin-off like a certain similarly titled CBS sitcom (still a legitimate concern, though), but that a guy had actually cracked some of our not-so-secret code. Because despite its obviously over-the-top re-enactment of, well, the s— girls sometimes say, it was nearly impossible to deny that you hadn’t uttered something pretty close to Graydon Sheppard’s fast-talking gal’s quotables yourself. (I’m guilty of saying both “Sorry, can you just turn it down a little bit?” and “Get these chips away from me!” almost verbatim.) READ FULL STORY

'Revenge': Watch first 10 minutes of new episode. Tyler pulls a gun on (Spoiler Alert!)

It’s the perfect gift to begin to ring in the New Year: The first 10 minutes of the January 4 episode of Revenge are streaming over at ABC.com, and it’s a doozy. Check it out, and meet me after the jump for some spoiler-filled talk. READ FULL STORY

‘Geek Love’ react: Surprisingly awesome?

It’s hard out there for a geek. They may grow up to be super-successful, but the nerds on last night’s TLC special Geek Love proved they still have a ways to go in the dating department.

In the two special episodes that aired (TLC is currently testing the show for a potential series), viewers were treated to the personal tales of a handful of the individuals that make the pilgrimage to Comic Con each year — many of them sadly single. The show centered around a speed-dating event at NY Comic Con, led by Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating. Glitch explained he got inspired to create this event because the typical bar scene doesn’t work for Comic Con folk. When the costumed Trekkies, Potterphiles, and Iron Men came into the convention center, you could see why: It was simply too much fandom for most people to take. But what made the TLC special work — and what separated it from the network’s other recent programs, like Virgin Diaries — was that it didn’t feel like anyone was being exploited or mocked. The show was set up so viewers would root for these socially awkward people to find love — and I did. READ FULL STORY

'Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol': Dubai a ticket to see this great action sequence!

I had a fair number of questions going into my screening of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. Would a 50-year-old Tom Cruise still be able to pull off the action scenes? Would my favorite director, Brad Bird, the man behind the best cartoon that everyone ignored (The Iron Giant), be able to effectively helm a live-action blockbuster? And whoa, when did titles start having colons and hyphens? (A pressing question for an EW blogger!)

Perhaps the biggest question on my mind, though, was simple: Will MI:4 be any good?

The answer, I’m happy to report, is… absolutely! And there’s one particular section that had the whole audience clapping: the much advertised Dubai sequence, because much like Mission: Impossible 3‘s Italy-Vatican arc, Ghost Protocol‘s middle act proves to be its most enthralling. READ FULL STORY

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