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The 'Simpsons'/'Futurama' crossover: Two great tastes that go pretty well together

How I love Futurama! Matt Groening’s other show never had the audience or the acclaim of The Simpsons. It aired sporadically for four seasons, frequently shifting timeslots in an era when “timeslots” were things that people cared about. But eventually people found Futurama: In reruns on adult swim, on DVD when DVDs were things that people cared about. And what they found was a show that was somehow both darker and sillier than its more famous older sibling. The Simpsons is a family show about characters who fundamentally love each other, living in a vividly drawn cartoon city; Futurama is a workplace sitcom about characters who frequently can’t stand each other, living in a multiverse built on flotsam and jetsam from centuries’ worth of far-flung space fantasy. READ FULL STORY

In case you missed it: 'The Simpsons' pay tribute to David Letterman -- VIDEO

Homer Simpson isn’t the biggest fan of the Big Apple. (“New York is a hellhole. And you know how I feel about hellholes.”) But when a comedy legend announces that he’s retiring after more than 30 consecutive years on late-night TV, it’s important to pay your respects — even if that means facing terrible traffic, street shysters, and haughty gatekeepers in the (animated) city of New York.

That’s exactly what Homer and his family do in the following couch gag, a special online tribute created shortly after Letterman revealed that he’s stepping away from the Late Show in 2015. (Fun fact: It’s actually not the first time the yellow family has crashed Letterman’s set; a less polished gag along these same lines aired before “The Last Temptation of Homer” in 1993.) Sure, The Simpsons and Letterman air on rival networks — but they’re both TV’s elder statesman, and it’s nice to see a venerable comedy franchise honor one of its own.

Now, who’s in the mood for some khlav kalash?


Woohoo! 'Simpsons' fans rejoice! Universal Studios is building Springfield


This could be the greatest news for Simpsons obsessives since those 7-Elevens were converted into Kwik-E-Marts to celebrate the release of the Simpsons movie.

Springfield, home of the three-eyed fish and hometown of Jebediah Springfield, is becoming a reality at Universal Studios’ Orlando amusement park.

While rumors have been floating for a while, Universal Studios officially announced today that they are expanding the area around the Simpsons Ride in Orlando to include an entire area that mimics the streets of Springfield. “And yes – there will be Duff Beer,” a release said.

Some of the attractions will include a Krusty Burger, a Lard Lad donuts, and, of course, Moe’s Tavern. There will also be a new Kang & Kodos-themed attraction. (Personal hope: the gift shop only sells “Bort” license plates.)

I’m thrilled. Also, can I just say it’s about time? I mean, Harry Potter fans have an entire Wizarding World of fun, and while I’m totally happy for them, it brings me great joy to say Simpsons fans will get to enjoy the Krustyest place on earth.

‘The Simpsons': Kristen Wiig to guest as FBI agent — EXCLUSIVE
‘The Simpsons’ finale: Seth MacFarlane sings Sinatra, hits on Marge — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Fox 25 years later: How the network changed the world

Though it actually launched on Oct. 9, 1986, Fox is celebrating its 25th anniversary this weekend with a primetime extravaganza featuring such stars of yesteryear as Calista Flockhart, Gabrielle Carteris, Ian Ziering, and David Faustino. Before tomorrow night’s broadcast, we thought it appropriate to take a look back at how the network has changed the pop culture landscape in the last quarter century. READ FULL STORY

After a quarter century as TV's most beloved clown-prince, Kelsey Grammer gets dark

Since Kelsey Grammer walked into our favorite Boston watering hole in 1984, as Diane Chambers’ pompous new paramour, there has seldom been a time that he hasn’t been a constant presence in our television lives. He originally signed on to play Dr. Frasier Crane for just six episodes, but he ended up sipping drinks — booze in Boston, coffee in Seattle — for the next 20 years (a television record matched only by James Arness, who famously played Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke). America adored Grammer’s portrayal of the egghead shrink; he even was nominated for an Emmy when his character made a single guest appearance on Wings. Throw in his work as the high-brow arch-criminal Sideshow Bob over two decades of The Simpsons (itself a derivation of Grammer’s Frasier character) and you can make the argument that Grammer is the greatest sitcom performer of the last quarter century — even with more recent misfires like Back to You and Hank on his ledger. I think this clip sums it all up: READ FULL STORY

'South Park' is back! So how can the show keep from 'getting old'?

The South Park mid-season finale famously left audiences teetering in limbo, with Stan’s parents divorced, Stan seemingly living somewhere else, and the episode’s critique of the show’s one-crazy-adventure-after-another story structure casting doubt on whether Matt Stone and Trey Parker even wanted to continue making South Park.

But praise Queen Spider, South Park is back, at least through 2013. Tonight’s episode seems like classic South Park shenanigans, too, at least judging from the episode title — “Ass Burgers” — and the preview clip of Eric Cartman going to the school nurse, faking some kind of ailment in his buns, and her finding a hamburger hiding in his pants.  READ FULL STORY

The idea of a future without 'The Simpsons': Woo hoo or Boo-urns?

Before we get into a discussion about the news that after 23 years on the air, the future of The Simpsons is up in the air, let me tell you with full disclosure: I’m on a classic Simpsons trivia team. (Go Team Bake ‘Em Away, Toys!… Go Apple! Go Orange! Go Banana!) Yes, I’m one of those kind of Simpsons nerds. I have special place in my heart for the ’90’s era of The Simpsons, and a place in my brain where basic knowledge should reside, but Simpsons trivia does instead. (Or maybe that’s just a crayon?)

That said, The Simpsons could soon become a part of the past, for all of us. READ FULL STORY

'Entourage' script in the works: What should it be about? And what should they avoid?

You haven’t hugged it out (b*tch) until you’ve hugged it out at the multiplex. Luckily, for fans of Entourage, they’ll likely get to do just that. While there’s been word for some time that the HBO series would be adapted for the big screen — the series’ executive producer/occasional guest star/inspiration Mark Wahlberg told EW back in December that he wanted an Entourage movie to happen — it now seems the show’s writer and producer Doug Ellin is moving in that direction.

Ellin told The Hollywood Reporter at the New York City premiere for the eighth and final season of Entourage that he does, in fact, have a script in the works (Ellin’s reps told EW they had “no comment” regarding the news) while Emmanuelle Chriqui (E’s lady Sloan) revealed to Fox & Friends that, “Nothing is definitive but it’s not just a rumor anymore.” READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy' vs. 'The Simpsons,' Part 2: Is 'South Park' better than both of them?

Tomorrow, EW.com will unveil our list of the 25 greatest animated series ever. We’ll be asking you, beloved readers, to decide which among those choices is the number one TV cartoon ever — a difficult task. To get you in the mood, we asked you to weigh in yesterday on one of the great never-ending conflicts in pop culture: Family Guy or The Simpsons? Some of the responses thoughtfully analyzed the variable nature of comedy: “Family Guy is more uneven,” said Greg Browning, “But when it hits, I belly laugh. Simpsons is consistently chuckle-worthy but I wouldn’t count on it for huge laughs.” Other commenters noted that Simpsons, for all its acclaim, has been in a rather long dry spell; said Glenn, “Simpsons Great Years: 2-7. That’s it, with an occasional good ep since then. Otherwise, completely unwatchable for me.” But there was one rallying cry that swept through the comment boards, starting with Stevie: “This debate is pointless, because South Park is much better than both.”

Chaos! But the Cartman loyalists may have a point. South Park has been on for almost 14 years now, with its 214th episode airing tomorrow night. (That makes the show fifty episodes older than Family Guy.) In a sense, then, South Park is just as much a Grand Old Man of Animation as The Simpsons. And if you ask me, it has also maintained its quality over a significantly longer period than The Simpsons. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' or 'Family Guy': Which is greater? Which is more influential?

On Wednesday, your friends and bitter enemies here at EW.com will unveil our list of the 25 greatest animated series of all time. The list includes classics from the early days of TV animation, sincere kids’ cartoons which taught you important life lessons, surreal kids’ cartoons that your parents didn’t understand, animated satires, animated musical space westerns, animated fantasies, and whatever Aqua Teen Hunger Force is. But here’s the twist: Instead of ranking these shows, we’re going to ask you readers to cast your vote to decide which animated series is the greatest of them all. You’ll be wrestling with some of the great conflicts in animated TV history. Beavis & Butthead or Ren & Stimpy? Aqua Teen Hunger Force or The Venture Brothers? The Flintstones or The Jetsons? (Just kidding on that last one. The Jetsons will never appear on a list of greatest anything, except for Elroy, whose cold dead eyes and slurry hippie voice certainly earn him a place on the list of Greatest Headache You’ve Ever Been Given by a Character on Television.)

Still, no animated feud has ever matched the neverending battle between two apparently-immortal Fox comedies about American families who spend their days deconstructing a broad swath of the history of pop culture. It’s time to revisit the age-old contest, people: Is The Simpsons still better than Family Guy?  READ FULL STORY

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