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'Silicon Valley' finale: A fitting climax

Office Space: 2014 Edition — or HBO’s Silicon Valley — concluded its far-too-brief eight-episode debut season Sunday night, incorporating all the elements that make a Mike Judge creation great. Namely, the balance of high-brow wit and middle school humor was in full effect, with an epic debate about just how efficiently Erlich (T.J. Miller) could pleasure the TechCrunch Disrupt audience leading to a technological breakthrough. READ FULL STORY

'Silicon Valley' star Thomas Middleditch is champion of his video game league (and other confessions) -- VIDEO


The first season of HBO’s hilarious Silicon Valley comes to a close this weekend (June 1 at 10 p.m. ET, to be precise). While you wait for season 2, just keep replaying star Thomas Middleditch taking EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test.

Watch the video below for his most unconventional first celebrity crush, a spirited impression of Nic Nolte, and the self-flagellation of a 32-year-old man in a video game league. Does this officially mean he’s as nerdy as Richard? READ FULL STORY

HBO's 'Silicon Valley': Fake company from the show has a great fake website


Are you watching Silicon Valley, HBO’s pitch-perfect sendup of the tech world? (Well, pitch perfect besides its near total lack of female characters. Wait, what’s that you say? This is what Silicon Valley is actually like? Never mind!)

If you are, you’ll be pleased to note that Pied Piper — the fledgling startup at the center of the series — just got its own spiffy website. Hell, even if you don’t already watch the show, give this page a whirl; if incredible strings of technological gobbledygook (“Pied Piper is a multi-platform technology based on a proprietary universal compression algorithm that has consistently fielded high Weisman Scores™ that are not merely competitive, but approach the theoretical limit of lossless compression”) can’t convince you to check it out, nothing will.

Scroll around, and you’ll find awkward shots of the show’s cast, an “About Us” section that details fun facts about each of Pied Piper’s main players, and more than a few lines of text that prove just how much care was put into PiedPiper.com. (Wait, which real-life irrigation company did HBO have to pay off to get the rights to that domain name?) A brief sampling:


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