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Sci-fi's coming true: First designer babies, then...robot apocalypse?

With each passing day comes some new technological advance, some gadget, breakthrough, or quantum leap that makes real something that had previously been the domain of science fiction. Japan keeps bringing us one step closer to the inevitable robot apocalypse with simulacrums like ASIMO, I’m pretty sure Europe was trying to rip the space-time continuum apart with that Large Hadron Collider thingie, and now, according to The Today Show, geneticists are a potty-break away from delivering designer babies.

Which, given that I’m a huge sci-fi wonk, would bring us one step closer to this:

Provided that progress doesn’t hasten the arrival of Judgment Day — wishful thinking, I know — I’m all for the science fiction I dig coming true. Everyone always asks, "Where’s my jet pack?" I don’t want a jet pack, I want a time-traveling DeLorean, or a dinosaur theme park, or a Cherry 2000 (not for me, but, um, for a friend…yeah, totally a buddy).

Given that sci-fi is coming true, what up-until-now-fictional innovation do you want next? (And, no, you can’t have the three-breasted woman from Total Recall.)

Jeremy Piven quits Broadway to focus on strict regimen of not eating sushi all day

Piven_lJeremy Piven, who still registers in my head as "Ellen’s cousin Spence" instead of "Ari Gold," has backed out of David Mamet’s Speed the Plow, saying he’s been feeling ill due to a high mercury count. This seems vaguely ridiculous, but it turns out I don’t need to find some bitchy way to make fun of a possibly serious condition, as Mamet himself has done it already. "My understanding is that [Piven] is leaving showbusiness to pursue a career as a thermometer," Mamet told Variety. Amusing quote! Especially when you listen to it delivered by E! News correspondent Holly Hannula in her UBER-EARNEST E! News voice! Do that at your own risk.

So, PopWatchers, does this mercury-level excuse sound plausible, or is Piven just being a diva? Do you think Piven would make a believable thermometer?

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Clip du Jour: Meteor!

A meteor hurtling out of the sky, as captured by the dashboard camera of a police car in Edmonton, Canada. I think this looks cooler than anything a Hollywood f/x shop could’ve produced.

Clip du jour: Chimpanzee rides Segway

Japanese television: The gift that keeps on giving.

Clip du jour: Robot head...dancing...to 'Mambo No. 5'

"A little bit of Twiki in my life, a little bit of freaky by my side…"

Clip du jour: Landslide!

Yikes! This happened in Japan’s Nara Prefecture in August 2004.

Clip du jour: Something doesn't add up

Math: the Ma and Pa Kettle way. And, it would seem, the Wall Street way.

Clip du jour: Could this really be a ghost?

I don’t believe in ghosts, but this footage — captured on a security camera in a London dungeon — almost makes me want to rethink my position. Look for some movement in the upper-right panel around the 0:43 mark. This is pretty scary stuff — those easily frightened should probably not watch. You’ve been warned. Oh — and Happy Halloween!

Site of the Day: Live stream from Pop!Tech

Poptechlogo_lFounded eight years ago as the Camden Technology Conference (after the small Maine town that is home to several of its forward-thinking organizers), Poptech has turned into an annual gathering of mass-media and technology leaders — a place to witness "powerful ideas and innovative projects that are changing the world." This year’s conference is underway (it closes today) — but it’s not to late to watch and listen to some of our generation’s brightest minds engage in lively discussions about how to make this planet a smaller and better place

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