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Hey girl: Ryan Gosling brings luckiest audience member ever onstage with him -- VIDEO

You may not know Linda, the luckiest lady of all time, but you’re certainly going to be insanely jealous of her after watching video of Ryan Gosling’s appearance on Conan last night.

Gosling, after sharing that at one point in the late nineties he was in the audience for a talk show (Internet: Find the video!), decided to bring someone up on stage, because he said every audience member is secretly hoping to be on camera. Cue massive audience shrieks. And then — just as you pictured it in your dreams – Gosling walked into the audience, locked eyes with you, and brought you up on stage with him. You know, if you’re Lucky Linda.

He then proceeded to whisper quips into her ear for her to say to O’Brien for the remainder of the interview. Linda: Form a club with the girls who witnessed Gosling break up a street fight and the woman Gosling saved from traffic. There’s no coming back from this high.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel rudely interrupts Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling's QVC show -- VIDEO

Everybody, absolutely everybody, knows that at 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights, Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling come to Hollywood Boulevard’s El Capitan Theatre to shoot their QVC slice-and-sell show Knife Guys.

Well, everybody except Jimmy Kimmel, whose own show — also shot at the El Capitan — began airing 25 minutes earlier this week. Kimmel didn’t even have the decency to check the theater’s sign-in sheet before he began recording last night’s installment — which led to a pretty awkward encounter with Ferrell and Gosling, all done up in their finest Knife Guys t-shirts (and some really excellent facial hair). But hey, look on the bright side: Maybe this means that every Wednesday, Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling are going to show up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

See the sparks — as well as Ferrell’s Stabmaster 2200 samurai sword — fly in the video below:


'Only God Forgives' teaser: Ryan Gosling reteams with his 'Drive' director

The last time Danish auteur Nicolas Winding Refn collaborated with hipster dreamboat Ryan Gosling, the result was Drive, a movie that you either loved or hated, unless you thought it was just okay. Speaking as a Drive obsessive who still regularly pumps the soundtrack in my office, I’m excited about the duo’s next film, Only God Forgives, a.k.a. The Movie Where Gosling’s Face Gets SmashedA tantalizingly short clip from the movie has just hit the internet. It looks like what would happen if ’80s John Woo directed ’80s Van Damme in a muay thai remake of the first scene from Temple of Doom. Examine the evidence below: READ FULL STORY

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling looks hot even when his face is totally busted -- PHOTO

In 2011, the Internet nearly revolted when Ryan Gosling lost the title of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive to Bradley Cooper — a star whose French language skills beat out Gosling’s Tumblr dominance and his smoking performances in Drive, The Ides of March, and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

But things might change next year. While he took a break from the spotlight in 2012, Gosling will return to theaters in 2013 with four movies — including Only God Forgives. And as this new poster for that Nicolas Winding Refn film proves, Gosling somehow manages to be sexy even when his eye is swollen shut and half of his beautiful face has been bloodied. If this doesn’t make a statement about Gosling’s hotness quotient, nothing will. Here’s the poster:


Hey girl, watch Mario channel Ryan Gosling in 'Mario Kart'/'Drive' mashup -- VIDEO

Mario Kart characters have taken over Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. The video may be a year too late, Mario’s mustache is no match for Ryan Gosling’s five o’clock shadow, and Kavinsky is nowhere to be heard, but the faux trailer is still good.

Kart also stars Princess Peach (as Carey Mulligan’s Irene), Luigi (Bryan Cranston’s Shannon), Wario (Albert Brooks’ Bernie Rose), and Waluigi (Oscar Isaac’s Standard Gabriel). “Did you have any idea that there’d be a Yoshi?” Mario asks Daisy (Christina Hendricks’ Blanche). “They said there’d be another cart to lighting us,” she responds. That exchange and the elevator makeout/Bowser knockout scene are pure gold (in the form of coins, that is). Maybe this film will actually receive an Oscar nod.

Let’s-a go! Watch the video below: READ FULL STORY

Happy Birthday, Emma Stone!

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Just 24 short years ago, eminent comedienne and Hollywood muse Emma Stone came into the world. Since then, the sometimes-blonde, sometimes-redhead, always-adorable starlet has consistently graced the movie world with her impeccable comic timing and that irresistibly smoky voice.


Oh, Canada! Justin Bieber is reportedly a cousin of Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion

Breaking news: All of our neighbors to the north are apparently related to each other. At least, the famous ones are. Ancestry.com’s genealogical genies have discovered that Justin Bieber shares blood with a cadre of Canadian stars including Belleville, Ontario native Avril Lavigne, Québécois Celine Dion, and Ryan Gosling — who, like Bieber, was born in London. No, not that London.

The links are distant, but they’re there. As the Associated Press summarizes, Bieber and the Crazy, Stupid, Love star are 11th cousins once removed. He and the sk8er grrrl are 12th cousins. All three share two common relatives — a pair of French-born Quebec settlers who were born in the early 1600s. The man, Mathurin Roy, was a twinkly-eyed heartthrob who found himself the subject of the first hand-drawn memes. (“Salut, mademoiselle.) The woman, Marguerite Bire, bought all her clothes at the 17th century version of Hot Topic and died when her proto-flatiron burst into flames.


Simon Cowell saves people from sinking ship

Hey Girl – Simon Cowell wants to be a hero too.

Following in the celebrity footsteps of Ryan Gosling, Patrick Dempsey, and Cory Booker, Simon Cowell is the latest famous do-gooder.

According to his ex-girlfriend Sinitta, who E! reports is currently vacationing with Cowell, Cowell helped rescue nine passengers on a sinking ship off the south coast of France.

“OMG!! Just had a May Day message” she tweeted. “”35ft boat sinking.. SC has sent us to help and rescue 9 people on board! Slipstream look alike boat.”

According to London’s Daily Mail, Cowell, “told his captain and crew to redirect his impressive boat to assist the struggling vessel called Slipstream. When they came nearer to the boat he sent out a smaller boat to rescue the passengers on board and bring them back to his vessel.”

So he wasn’t exactly pulling people from the ocean with his bare hands, but it’s still commendable.

Your move, Gosling.

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Welcome Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Craig. Who else do you want to join the 'Saturday Night Live' host club?

As we learned again last year, hosting Saturday Night Live is the ultimate test for a performer. It’s live television with no place to hide. But if you can make it there, as the Sinatra song goes, you can make it just about anywhere, and it’s always fascinating to witness a performer take that leap for the first time. Melissa McCarthy, fresh off an Emmy win and a scene-stealing turn in Bridesmaids, knocked it out of the park when she hosted last October. Similarly, Jason Segel and Daniel Radcliffe felt like part of the cast, like they belonged. (Channing Tatum and Charlie Day? We still like you, but better luck next time.)

And as much as I hope there is a next time — for McCarthy and even Tatum, as well as sure-things like Alec Baldwin and Mr. Saturday Night Live 2012 Jimmy Fallon — I’m already anticipating who will headline this season’s crop of first-timers. This morning, NBC announced that Seth MacFarlane will host the season premiere and Daniel Craig will parachute in — figuratively, I assume — on Oct. 6, marking their SNL hosting debuts.

But who else is on your first-timer wishlist? I’ve got a few ideas… READ FULL STORY

PopWatch Confessional: What's your ringtone?

We’ve come a long way from the days of candybar phones pre-programmed with monophonic versions of “The Entertainer.” These days, anything can be a ringtone — which comes in handy when you’re as pop culture-obsessed as EW’s staff.

Assistant News Director Denise Warner has her phone play the Downton Abbey theme song whenever she gets a call; before that, her cell rang to the tune of Warren G’s “Regulate.” EW.com producer Nika Vagner uses Ryan Gosling reading “Hey girl” memes aloud as her ringtone. (And you can too!) My own ringtone isn’t particularly pop culture-y — it’s a snippet from a Guster song I’ve been using since I was 19 — but my mom programmed her own so that when I call her, it plays “Mambo” from West Side Story. This explains why I turned out the way I did.

So, what’s your own custom ringtone? Read how other EW staffers answered this question, then add your response in the comments. Bonus points for anyone who uses a Stefon quote; points deducted for anything including the word “trampire.”


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