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RoboCop throws first pitch at Detroit Tigers game -- VIDEO


RoboCop is programmed to follow certain Prime Directives, including “serve the public trust.” Is that where throwing the first pitch at an MLB game comes in?

The cyborg cop took time off from keeping the mean streets of Detroit safe Tuesday night, when he stopped by Comerica Park as the Tigers hosted the Toronto Blue Jays. The visit was part of a promotion in honor of the DVD release of this year’s RoboCop remake, aka #ROBOCOPDay.

It should come as no surprise that RoboCop threw a pretty decent pitch — one much better than 50 Cent tossed. After all, the new-generation officer has internal robotic zoom capabilities for better aim and tracking. Take a look at his arm in the clip below: READ FULL STORY

'RoboCop' vs. 'RoboCop': How the remake compares to the gory '80s classic


The new RoboCop isn’t terrible, which shouldn’t be an accomplishment. But we live in a world that produced 2012’s Total Recall, not simply a bad movie, but one of the most misbegotten works of popular entertainment in history, “popular” and “entertainment” both used loosely. The Recall remake replaced everything that made the 1990 Recall entertaining with tropes purchased third-hand from a garage sale at Christopher Nolan’s house.

By comparison, there are things to enjoy about neo-RoboCop. The supporting cast is stacked with ringers. Michael Keaton, Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Ehle, and Jay Baruchel all have a blast with ripe parts, while Gary Oldman nicely underplays his compromised-scientist part. Whereas most remakes are work-for-hire hackjobs that only bow to the original for ambient bits of fan service, the new RoboCop actually seems tuned in to what made the original special. The media satire is actually more explicit — although that might just be because the American media has become more obviously idiotic in the last three decades. The first scene of the movie shows a group of suicide bombers planning an attack on American robo-forces in Tehran. The leader gives everyone a mission statement: “The goal is to die on television.” READ FULL STORY

'RoboCop' premiere, On the Scene: 6 epic moments from the black carpet (with bonus Batman!)

The carpet might have been black at the RoboCop reboot’s Los Angeles premiere Monday night, but the festivities were anything but dark. Read on for our favorite moments of the night:

1. Batman shows up dressed as Michael Keaton. That’s right, the caped crusader who’s been in a bit of a cave for the past decade (besides voicing all those Pixar movies) is back and better than ever as the OmniCorp CEO with the fantastic idea of designing a half-man, half-machine police officer to rid Detroit of its criminals. A little robot-making from Mr. Keaton, and the remake of the 1987 sci-fi classic RoboCop is born.

2. Batman meets the new Commissioner Gordon. Gary Oldman rolled onto the carpet at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood with a story about how he and Keaton “pinched each other” when they realized they were both in Batman movies. Oldman said he told Keaton, “You know, I’m Nolan’s last Gordon and you’re Burton’s first Batman.” Keaton played Batman/Bruce Wayne twice, while Oldman played Jim Gordon three times. And oh, Oldman was also Dracula. Pretty awesome.

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