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What was your favorite MTV Movie Awards moment? Poll!

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Another MTV Movie Awards, another chance for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to pretend they’re not dating.

What was your favorite moment from last night? If you’re going to be coy, you have to be clever, like Pattinson laying his celebratory Best Kiss pucker on Taylor Lautner instead of Stewart. It gets my vote. Poll below!  READ FULL STORY

MTV Movie Awards 2011: Tell us what you think!


The MTV Movie Awards air tonight, and to keep track of all the popcorn trophy shenanigans MTV is famous for (see: Bruno-Eminem fiasco of 2009), check in here when the show kicks off at 9 p.m. ET for a recap on all the festivities. Reese! Rob Pattinson! Potter! Kids, we have a big night ahead of us. (This post is written in real time; refresh for updates.)

Host Jason Sudeikis opened the show in typical MTV fashion—with a good ol’ movie spoof. This time around, Jason, and Hollywood hotties like Taylor Lautner and Eva Mendes joined forces for their own spin on The Hangover, weaving in clips from The Social Network, 127 Hours and the girl-on-girl scene from Black Swan. Oh, MTV. Some things never change.

For his opening monologue, Sudeikis broke out with riffs on Arnold Schwarzenegger, MTV programming and Twilight. “My heart says Jacob but my wiener says Edward. My balls are indifferent.” Brownie points for mentioning the weird, wacky and utterly disgusting film Human Centipede. “How did Human Centipede not get nominated for Best Kiss?”

A few awards down the line—and one flawless Ryan Gosling later—Jim Carrey took to the stage in a green screen suit to introduce the Foo Fighters, who rocked the crowd, and in particular, Emma Watson and a super glittery Brooklyn Decker, who both clapped and swayed their way through the set. The new arbiters of rock ‘n’ roll?

And then…Bieber alert! The follicilly gifted pop star surprised presenters Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson along with, ya know, thousands of screaming girls, by appearing on stage to accept an award for best jaw-dropping moment. Seriously, would the Biebs miss an opportunity to wear blazers and high-tops?

In the second Twilight moment of the night (the first being Pattinson’s Best Actor win), Pattinson, Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard took home the popcorn trophy for Best Fight and managed to beat the gravity-defying brawl scene in Inception. Adding salt to the wound, Pattinson accepted his trophy, saying “I won!” only to follow by telling the expectant Howard, “I ripped your head off, and now you’re pregnant!” Even Kristen Stewart thought that one was awkward.

But this being the MTV generation, those weren’t the only Twilight moments. Pattinson and Stewart of course won for Best Kiss, making all those Twi-Hards, which apparently includes Selena Gomez, positively giddy with delight hoping the camera-shy real-life couple would seal the deal on stage for millions to see. Shocker! They didn’t. Instead, Pattinson ran off stage to give a (faux?) smooch to category loser Taylor Lautner. Not sure how Team Edward and Team Jacob are going to take that one.

As a side note, I’m totally loving these Google Chrome commercials, and the Lady Gaga one playing during the breaks is no exception. How does ad for a search engine manage to make me well up with tears?

Awkward Pattinson moment #2 came so quickly whilst honoring Witherspoon with this year’s Generation Award.” It’s probably best to just erase the whole mess from your memory, but to recap, Pattinson rehashed playing Witherspoon’s son in Vanity Fair—the scene later got cut—and then said he “f—–” her in Water for Elephants. He actually messed up the punchline, which Witherspoon later corrected with much better timing when she took to the stage, and in more Reese-related awesomeness, she stuck it to MTV with some advice for young girls, who think scandal is the route to success. “It’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show.”

To round out Twilight‘s utter (and expected) domination, Stewart picked up a Best Female Performance award, and, to match her beau, gave us an equally awkward acceptance speech, proclaiming to fellow nominee Natalie Portman that the popcorn was hers. I’m sure Nat is just fine with her Oscar, thanks.

And the show’s oddest pairing award goes to the stars of Monte Carlo—Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester—who introduced Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz. I love hearing Gomez talk about a rapper’s “flow.”

Finally, Twilight takes home Best Movie, confirming MTV’s position as the Jersey Shore-pregnant teen-Twilight network. Also, Gary Busey in a bubble!

What did you guys think of the ceremony? Did the winners pan out the way you expected? How about Sudeikis in his first-time hosting gig? And what was with that Fern Gully-themed set?

Happy 25th birthday, Rob Pattinson! Here are 25 things that endeared you to me.


Ready to feel old? Today, Twilight star Robert Pattinson is 25 years old. That’s right: Though I’m still sticking by my theory that the guy has existed since the days of Easter Island (they have the same profile, guys!), Pattinson apparently just today turned a quarter-century years old. So, to celebrate this holiday, I’m going to slap on my beanie and list 25 things that endeared the coiffed-one to me. Without further ado:

25. As you see above, he can pull off the same jacket as Ron Burgundy.

24. He writes his own music, but doesn’t shove his music career down our throats like other actors-turned-musicians.

23. In 2009, even he looked like he wasn’t sure why he was at the Academy Awards. READ FULL STORY

Betty White talks Robert Pattinson and her successful career at TimesTalk event

Betty White’s new memoir, If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t), hit shelves Tuesday. And considering the 89-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down, it wasn’t a surprise that she stopped by The Times Center last night for the TimesTalk event “A Conversation with Betty White.” The seven-time Emmy award-winning actress, interviewed by Frank Bruni, talked about her career, her new book, and shared several stories that kept the audience laughing. White summed up her seven-decade career simply, “I’m the luckiest old broad on two feet.” Here are a few highlights from last night’s chat:

On Robert Pattinson:
The back cover of her book features this praise from Twilight star Robert Pattinson: READ FULL STORY

'Water for Elephants' ending: Was it what you were expecting?

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Water for Elephants (or read the novel it’s based on), stop reading now. As the headline suggests, we’re discussing the ending.


'Water for Elephants' premiere: Robert and Reese talk sex scene (and mucus)

At last night’s New York premiere of their new movie Water for Elephants, Reese Witherspoon cleared up a comment she reportedly made about being disappointed with her sex scene with Robert Pattinson because he was suffering from a horrible cold. “Let’s just get something straight: It’s still a sex scene with Rob Pattinson. I was havin’ a very good time,” she told Access Hollywood. Pattinson joked that Witherspoon had a better answer prepared for that question. “I only texted you that, I wasn’t gonna say that out loud,” she said. Asked if Witherspoon’s comment had hurt his feelings, Pattinson quipped, “No, I know she secretly likes it. I mean, she likes it a little bit dirty. I shouldn’t have said that on TV either … Green mucus, that’s our thing.” Watch the interview below. Witherspoon saves the conversation by insisting regardless, the sex scene is “really sexy.” They seem to have good chemistry. I’ll buy that.  READ FULL STORY

Rob Pattinson tackles alligator, talks Charlie Sheen in 'Vanity Fair' cover story: 'I like crazy people'

Wow. Based on Rob Pattinson’s April Annie Leibovitz-shot Vanity Fair cover (on stands March 3), I’d say Lacoste is getting really aggressive with brand recognition in their latest collection. No, I keed. The alligator draped around Pattinson’s neck appears to be there to represent how hard it is to break away from teen-targeted entertainment’s choke-hold, a Hollywood trap that is only made more difficult to escape by the unflinching reptilian claws of 15-year-old fan girls in need of more — I say more! — Twilight. (Or something like that?)

But we learn much more from the cover story than just how jaunty and handsome alligator-wrangling can be: Most notably, that the actor watches the kind of TV that you only watch when your remote runs out of batteries and you can’t change the channel, or after a misguided, drunken night when you feel like finding a reason to despise yourself even more. READ FULL STORY

'Water for Elephants' poster convincing me it's actually 'Moulin Rouge'

In my mind, Water for Elephants is really just a sequel to Moulin Rouge. But only because I’m looking at their very similar posters side-by-side. (See an even more similar-looking poster here.) Bright lights! Female Oscar winners! Getting cozy with accented romantics! Also: Water for Elephant‘s poster features (fittingly, of course) an elephant. (“Elephant Love Medley,” guys!) And the tagline: “Life is the most spectacular show on Earth.” (“Spectacular, spectacular,” guys!) All that’s missing is a Narcoleptic Argentinian. Hey, I only speak the truth.

Read more:
‘Water for Elephants’ trailer: Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon under the Big Top

Vanity Fair's Top 40 Hollywood earners include zero of this year's Oscar acting nominees: Are we surprised?

Johnny-Depp-CameronImage Credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images; Juan Naharro GimeneJames Cameron tops Vanity Fair‘s carefully calculated list of Hollywood’s Top 40 earners in 2010, with an estimated $257 million (all but $4 million of it tied to Avatar, and that does not include $50 million of Avatar money from 2009). Johnny Depp comes in at No. 2 with an estimated $100 million comprised primarily of his paychecks for Alice in Wonderland, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, and The Tourist. Check out the full list — limited to creative types (stars, directors, and producers) and the money they earned from movies — and tell us what you find interesting. It’s not really a surprise — we all know Oscar noms don’t typically align with blockbusters — but none of this year’s Oscar acting nominees make the cut.

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