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Last Call! Turn the Emmy-snubbed into EWwy winners by voting in all 10 categories here!


Voting for EW’s 5th Annual EWwy Awards — honoring the shows, actors, and actresses readers believe deserved an Emmy nomination but didn’t receive one — ends Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. (Winners will be announced Friday.) For a deep dive into the nominees, click through the Comedy categories and the Drama categories. Or, cast your ballot now by voting in the 10 polls below.

And the Drama nominees are…


EWwy Awards reminder: Voting ends Thursday!


With tonight’s return of Sons of Anarchy, recipient of four nominations in EW’s 5th annual EWwys — a celebration of the Emmy-snubbed — it’s a good time to remind you that voting for the 2012 EWwys ends this Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. Winners will be announced on Friday. View the drama nominees and vote here (there’s a poll after each category). Click here for the comedy nominees.

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EW's 5th Annual EWwy Awards for the Emmy-snubbed: Voting starts now!


It’s September, which means it’s once again time for the EWwys, EW.com’s annual awards honoring the shows, actors, and actresses that should’ve been nominated for an Emmy but weren’t. This year’s nominees are a combination of those who made EW critic Ken Tucker’s Emmy wish list and those who readers felt were most grievously snubbed when the Emmy nominations were announced in July. Check out the nominees in the five EWwy Comedy categories and vote for your favorites hereClick through the nominees in the five EWwy Drama categories and cast your votes here. Polls will remain open through Sept. 13. Winners will be announced Sept. 14. There are trophies involved, to which two-time EWwy winner Courteney Cox can attest: READ FULL STORY

Season Finale Awards: Vote now!

The polls are officially open in our third annual readers’ choice Season Finale Awards. Now through Monday, vote for your favorites — or least favorites — in 20 categories. We’ll crown the winners Tuesday. READ FULL STORY

That 'Revenge' finale: My. Dear. God. Is [SPOILER] really a goner?

Revenge has packed more twists and turns into its first 22 episodes than the most winding Hamptons highway. But in the promotional build-up to tonight’s finale, “Reckoning,” ABC seemed to be setting the bar impossibly high with a series of ads touting it as “mind-blowing,”  “earth-shattering,” and “unbelievable” among their more sedate superlatives. Now it seems like they were underselling it. “Reckoning” featured the deaths of possibly three major castmembers, one wholly unexpected return, a breakup, a showdown with über-villain The White-Haired Man, and a revelation about Emily’s parentage. But not the revelation about Emily’s parentage you thought you saw coming. READ FULL STORY

'Revenge' season finale: Chat live with Gabriel Mann tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET

When we last saw Nolan Ross, the tech-whiz billionaire found himself in extreme peril. After 21 episodes of playing the nuisance to his fellow Hamptonites–hacking into computers, installing his trademark whale-cam into every mansion worth spying on, lending his snark to Emily Thorne’s takedown of the rich and powerful–he got outwitted himself. James Morrison’s villain, The White-Haired Man, broke into Nolan’s house and quickly put him in a sleeper hold. If ever there was a gasp-worthy moment that was it, because actor Gabriel Mann has turned Nolan, a character who’s part Mark Zuckerberg, part Oscar Wilde, into one of the most popular on the show. This can’t possibly be how it ends for him, right?

Well, luckily for all of us we’re going to find out Nolan’s fate tonight in “Reckoning,” the season finale of Revenge. And adding his play-by-play commentary to every twist and turn while you watch the episode? Actor Gabriel Mann himself, who’s joining us for an EW.com live chat at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT. READ FULL STORY

Most popular baby names: 'Twilight' holds top spot for boys' names, is toppled in the girls category

The Social Security Administration has released its list of 2011′s most popular baby names, and Twilight reigns supreme in the boys’ category as Jacob stays in the top spot for the 13th straight year. Isabella, however, has been ousted in favor of Sophia. A surprise resurgence of nostalgia for The Golden Girls? Probably not. Sophia has been gaining popularity over the last decade as a strong, traditional, ends-in-A name with celebrity cachet (Sophia Loren, Sofia Coppola); as with other things, a little Sofia Vergara likely made all the difference.

Celebrity kids continue to have an impact on naming trends across the board as top spots went once again to Ava (daughter or Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe) and Jayden (a name favored by both Will Smith and Britney Spears). The biggest jump went to Mason, a name that wasn’t even on the leaderboard last year. It appears Kourtney Kardashian’s son has spawned a new generation of little guys since it came out of nowhere to take the number 2 spot. It’s a big win for the Kardashian kwest to konquer the world, though there’s still ground to gain as the more traditional spelling of Chloe once again edged out Khloé with a K. Better luck next year, kids!

Beyond those names, it’s the usual suspects. Aiden and Emma — once boosted by hot sitcoms Sex and the City and Friends — have become established faves. With long-time top-10 inhabitants Emily and Daniel suddenly gaining prominence on Revenge, might Sophia and Jacob have some competition for the 2012 titles? Only time — and the fall TV season — will tell. See the full lists below. READ FULL STORY

TV trendlet alert! Older characters are gettin' it on

Poor, poor Sally Draper. As if dealing with Betty “I’ll cut your fingers off!” Francis, Don “benign neglect” Draper, and Bobby “wait, so I shouldn’t lick the stove?” Draper weren’t bad enough, now she’s seen something that will undoubtedly traumatize her for life. At the end of last night’s episode of Mad Menspoiler alert! — Don’s daughter accidentally spied Roger Sterling getting, er, a French lesson from Marie, her stepgrandmother. Sacré bleu!

Roger and Marie’s tryst is more than the event that will drive Sally back to Dr. Edna‘s couch. It’s also the latest example of a mini-trend sweeping through all our favorite TV shows: Old people having sex. Well, old-ish, at least. Mad Men actor John Slattery is 49 in real life; it’s quite possible that he’s a few years younger than the character he plays. Roger’s partner in crime was played by guest star Julia Ormond, who’s 47. Sure, neither one is exactly knocking at death’s door — but they’re both much more seasoned than the bright young things who usually knock boots on TV.

And they aren’t alone. Here’s a brief survey of all the relatively aged couples who hooked up onscreen last week:


PopWatcher Planner: 'Revenge' returns, Zac Efron will have you unhooked, and adorable 'Wild' animals

National Smile Month will come to a close faster than you can imagine, and we PopWatcher Planners are determined to make sure you get your fair share of toothy grins during the latter half of April. From good reads to devilish deeds, we’ve got a week’s worth of ear-to-ear good times, including a season finale, a primetime sudser’s return, some playful baby elephants on DVD, National Record Store Day, and political yuks. Enjoy! READ FULL STORY

'Hunger Games,' Adele, and 'Game of Thrones' references top pop culture baby names

The pop culture babies are coming! Baby naming website Nameberry has made predictions of what the most popular baby names of 2012 will be based on an analysis of almost 3 million page views on their site. The guesses are an eye-opening, pop culture revelation of what is hitting with soon-to-be parents. Highlights below:

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