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'Backstrom' star Rainn Wilson takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test

Rainn Wilson is returning to TV with a nasty ­attitude—and he’s hoping you’ll come along for the ride. The 49-year-old Office alum stars on the Fox drama Backstrom (which premieres tonight at 9 p.m.) as a gifted but maladjusted special-crimes-unit detective who fires his insults with the safety off. Keeping that in mind, let’s do a quick psych eval of the amiable actor. READ FULL STORY

EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

Submitted by CooperJack141: 

Dwight: “I can’t believe you came.”

Michael: “That’s what she said.”

–Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Michael (Steve Carell) on The Office series finale

Check out the rest of your picks from Thursday, May 16 and come back Sunday to share your pick for best bite!

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Sit back, grab a hanky, and prepare to say goodbye to 'The Office' -- VIDEO

In just about 36 hours, The Office — the sitcom that made a star out of Steve Carell, brought mockumentaries and cringe humor to mainstream American TV, and largely defined NBC’s post-Friends identity — will close for good.

Naturally, this is a fairly emotional time for the series’s loyal longtime fans… but we’ve got nothing on Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, and executive producer/Cousin Mose Michael Schur, who let the anecdotes fly and the waterworks flow in this moving, 10-minute-long goodbye video. Also, the guy who played Roy is in there. Remember Roy? READ FULL STORY

'The Office': Adam Scott as 'Jim,' and other awesome casting what-ifs from the original audition list -- PHOTO

Leslie Knope’s one true love, wooing a mousy receptionist played by 24‘s Chloe O’Brian? Bridesmaids‘s secret air marshal explaining to an invisible documentary crew that he wants people to be afraid of how much they love him? A kooky beet farmer/paper salesman who doubles as a founding member of the legendary Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe?

Thanks to Rainn Wilson, we now know that all of them could have been featured on The Office — if casting had gone just a little differently.

“This is the original sign-in sheet for the first day of casting for The Office given to me by Allison Jones, our incredible casting agent,” Wilson explained upon posting this revealing photo on Facebook yesterday. “I was the very first person to audition for the series, 11/06/03.” As you’ll see, Wilson and a certain future Parks and Recreation star arrived at the audition simultaneously — and 12 other notable actors followed in their stead:


'The Office' airs backdoor pilot for aborted Dwight spinoff. Would you have watched it?

Successfully spinning off a beloved TV show is trickier than it seems. For every Frasier or The Jeffersons, there’s an AfterMASH, The Ropers, or — perhaps most infamously of all — Joey.

It makes sense, then, for networks to hedge their bets by airing episodes of existing shows that serve as “backdoor pilots” for potential spinoffs. The Cosby Show did it when the Huxtable clan went to see Denise at Hillman College, setting up A Different WorldGrey’s Anatomy did it when Addison took a trip to California, visiting the Private Practice she’d eventually join. And last night, The Office did it by setting half of the action at Schrute Farms, where audiences were introduced to a few heretofore unseen members of Dwight’s family — including his weed farmer brother Jeb (Thomas Middlemarch), his single mom sister Fannie (Majandra Delfino), and his bearded cousin Zeke (Matt Jones, a.k.a. Badger on Breaking Bad).


Rainn Wilson wants Voting Day to be a national holiday -- VIDEO

Rainn Wilson, whose Office counterpart doesn’t celebrate any major holidays, stars in a new PSA for social media site GOOD supporting a measure to make “Voting Day” — Nov. 6 — a national holiday.

The video pokes fun of the “archaic” practice of voting on Tuesdays, which was instituted to ensure that people traveling to vote wouldn’t miss church on Sundays. It suggests that voting on a weekday is now an inconvenience as people are forced to choose between work and their civic duty.

Watch Wilson spar with a 19th-century sharecropper, who is oddly similar to his character Dwight’s cousin Mose from The Office, about voting below. READ FULL STORY

Instant catch-up: The 10 funniest moments from 'The Office' season 8

Even diehard fans can admit that season 8 wasn’t The Office at its finest. Regardless, the show still knows how to sling a punchline — especially if it’s delivered during the pre-credits cold open or by Ellie Kemper’s Erin Hannon. Those who stopped watching after Michael Scott made his exit missed out on a lot of great gags — which is a shame, especially if they plan to tune in again for the show’s last season.

So, before watching the sitcom’s final premiere tonight, catch up by reading this list of season 8’s funniest moments. Sure, none of them are quite up there with Threat Level Midnight‘s first appearance, but chances are they’ll still leave you satisfied and smiling. (That’s what she… well, you know.)


'False!' Rainn Wilson explains why your inspirational quotes suck -- VIDEO

Rainn Wilson is not Dwight Schrute. He was born in Seattle, not on Schrute Farms, and he almost certainly did not perform his own circumcision; his middle name is Dietrich, not Kurt; and he has a normal relationship with a human woman, something Dwight’s never really managed to accomplish.

Still, there are many similarities between the actor and his most famous character. Both of them, for example, think the inspirational quotes you list as favorites on Facebook are stupid — and neither will hesitate to explain precisely why they’re so wrong.

Thus the following video, an entry in College Humor’s “Malarious” series. (They’re funny clips for a cause!) Watch as Schrute — er, Wilson — mercilessly takes down college students who dare to live for the nights they’ll never remember with the friends they’ll never forget. But try not to laugh — laughter indicates weakness.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets in the back of Rainn Wilson's sweaty van, gets philosophical -- VIDEO

Fair warning: If a man looking like The Office‘s Dwight Schrute attempts to lure you into the back of his van with a bowl full of candy, always, always say no.

But if you’re Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and such entrapment leads to deep philosophical conversations, sitar music, and a promotional plug for your website, well, all’s good. Gordon-Levitt and Rainn Wilson huddled in the back of Soul Pancake‘s sweaty van for this meeting of the minds, where they pondered the existence of original creativity. “My point of view would be that every idea is original… or none of them are,” says Gordon-Levitt, who created the collaborative art site, hitRECORD. “That all of us are completely unique people so anything that you say or do is original in that it’s unique to you. No one’s ever said it like you said it. And in that way, everything’s original. But in another way, you’re a combination of what you’ve heard. You know, Romeo and Juliet? Shakespeare didn’t come up with that.”


Of less existential importance, Gordon-Levitt listed his five favorite things in pop culture: Godard’s Alphaville, the Beatles’ Revolver, Salinger’s Franny and Zooey, The Matrix, and Looney Tunes.

Watch the clip below: READ FULL STORY

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