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'Drunk History': Lessons learned from 'Detroit'

Oh, God, Comedy Central’s Drunk History is so hilarious if you’re in the right mood, and probably even if you aren’t. “Detroit” featured guest stars Luke and Owen Wilson (pictured, playing the Kellogg brothers) along with Jason Schwartzman as Ralph Nader, Richard Reihele as James Roche, Ken Marino as Houdini, and Alfred Molina as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So, what’d we learn?


The wildly different paths of Ethan Hawke and Owen Wilson

In one version of the world, Ethan Hawke and Owen Wilson could have had nearly identical careers.

Both Texas-born and vets of the Austin indie filmmaking scene of the mid-90s, the two actors have since floated through independent, art house, and mainstream projects to varying degrees of success. Hawke, for the most part, stayed indie while Wilson went big. They are the story of Generation-X: Former malcontents grasping for authenticity and fame in an industry that is designed to make those dual aspirations somewhat impossible.

When observed as a series of choices beginning in 1994, the careers of Hawke and Wilson represent a case study of the ever-present tension between Hollywood, independent films, paychecks and prestige, culminating in this bizarre June 2013 weekend where Hawke’s modest $3 million horror film The Purge slayed Wilson’s glossy, “sure-bet” $58 million comedy, The Internship.

So, what happened?


Worst of 2011: Worst hair in movies and TV?

Ugh, hair. Sometimes you have luscious, deep-conditioned, well-highlighted tresses like Sarah Braverman and the male and female stars of Twilight, and sometimes you look like Bradley Cooper at the beginning of Limitless. We all have our bad days, but sometimes actors must endure entire bad hair seasons. It’s hard out there for a star! Below, our scraggly shortlists for 2011’s Worst Movie and TV Hair. READ FULL STORY

Owen Wilson yearns for chocolate cake: Brought to you by FunnyOrDie

In the mood for shaggy hair, sexual innuendos involving baked goods, and expressive gestures that can only be delivered by Owen Wilson? You’re in luck. In honor of the actor’s new flick, Hall Pass, (opening Friday) the team at FunnyOrDie.com posted this little gem yesterday. In it, Wilson, playing himself, (as he does so well) explains the concept of a “hall pass” to a group of 10-year-olds at an all-boys birthday party. It’s pretty mild-mannered — until the end, when it gets a tad NSFW. Not since Jason Biggs was caught sampling apple pie with his pants down has the pastry been this sexually-charged. Check it out below. READ FULL STORY

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